Americans…are, for the most part, averse to negativity, equating it with learning to function in your dysfunction.

The USA’s Dilemma

The candidacy of Donald Trump implies that either the electorate makes him president, or it elects a person funded by individuals and corporate entities.

Trump can pay his way in a presidential election. His competitors must rely on many wealthy donors — some of whom include people who are eager to buy influence.

To various groups of angry voters, the current funding of political campaigns means turning many of government’s regulatory powers over to the Koch brothers, Monsanto, the arms industry, Big Oil, the coal industry, Big Pharma — name your favorite villains. Some doctrinaire collectivists simply refer to “the rich” as the corrupting conglomerate that squats obscenely outside government and manipulates the legislative and executive branches.

Consider the Federal Reserve as a cautionary example. It is only reasonable to assume that the bankers who promoted its inception included wealthy families who supported Woodrow Wilson. Well, the truth is, Wilson did not need to be bribed; he was an ideologue, a fascist who wanted to control many apparently disordered aspects of society. He believed that the economy had to be bent to the will of The Enlightened. He scolded and lectured other nations, and approached some areas of governance with military hauteur. His authoritarian fervor inspired the adoption of a war mentality in domestic policy. The current absurdity that is The War On Drugs is just one example of Wilson’s seminal influence on the politicians’ (evil, unnecessary, and enervating) autocratic mindset.

Like Wilson, Trump is monumentally self-confident that he can restore the prosperity, confidence, and strength of the United States. His tacit claim is that because he will not be beholden to the sources of money that traditionally support political campaigns, he can act in the best interests of the polity.

Yes, of course it would be a good idea to break the links between the unethical wealthy and the power of government. Is that an adequate policy, or are there greater concerns?

Certainly the USA needs better administrative governance. The One Leader has failed to improve race relations, failed to combat the enemies of Western Civilization effectively, failed to understand the potential of a free economy, failed the USA’s allies, made a hideous mockery of the federal Department of Justice, failed to oversee immigration policy wisely, empowered the IRS rather than improve it, overseen the increased nationalization of the educational system, incompetently conducted relations with other nations, and in general demonstrated a naive, wildly collectivist intent to re-invent the USA.

So the nation needs…what, exactly?

Trump says he knows, and he asks the electorate to give him the power to do the Right Things. Well, those who seek a savior must serve him….

That is exactly why the founders of the USA created a constitutional government. They had no faith in the glib promises of political saviors.

Then too, perhaps it is true that the worse the crisis, the worse its cure might be. Consider the example provided by the drastic circumstances that savaged Germany in the 1920’s. Most people do not know that Germany fought a civil war following its defeat in WWI. The German economy was in shockingly desperate straits, and Germans starved in the millions.

And then….

Planned Parenthood’s Practices And The Press

A “progressive”, infuriated by the GOP’s attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, attacks her perennial enemies. Then a “wingnut” outfit calls her a liar. The arguments are here. This newsletter declares the entire dispute ghastly.

Nothing is more contentious and unlikely to be resolved than the debate over abortion. That explains, but does not excuse, Planned Parenthood’s statistical distortion of its activities. Moreover, Commentary observes:

The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway noted with palpable exasperation: ‘Democrats are particularly uninformed on the videos, with more than three out of four reporting they have heard little to nothing about the videos.’ According to a recentYouGov survey, seven in ten Americans have heard little or nothing at all about the undercover videos. ‘The revelations from the videos have led to federal and state investigations, calls to end the $530 million a year in taxpayer funding, and questions from human rights activists about the propriety of the practice,’…Hemingway noted with palpable exasperation. ‘Democrats are particularly uninformed on the videos, with more than three out of four reporting they have heard little to nothing about the videos’.

An uninformed public can hardly be expected to guide its elected officials. It is clear that a curtain of silence — well, call it what it is, censorship — has descended on this issue. That allows Planned Parenthood to damn the videos as “edited”, when there is excellent reason to believe they are representative of the complete record: after all, the full videos have been released.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

How Berlin has ruined living anywhere else in the world. (Ed.: Yes.)

Bang, bang, bang, and you’re out. For good, in every sense of the word. If this happens frequently, the ISIS may choose to do their dirty work inside buildings. Unfortunately.

A public warning to Obama — from someone who knows. (Here is perhaps the best English version of the warning.) The BBC provides aprofile of The Supreme Leader, including a snippet from his nephew.

Wo flie├čen denn meine Steuern hin? (Where do my taxes really go?) English language article. Its probable source. Well, at least they don’t have dumbed-down “debates” by presidential candidates. Oh wait, they have started doing this too….

For would-be philologists: here are nineteen English words you don’t hear or read these days.

Ordinary Links

This thirteen minute video is essential. Yes, some of the material in the video will be familiar. Do not let that deter you from clicking on the link! This video is a candidate for transmission to your correspondents.

AGW: this has to be “piling on“.

Rand Paul addresses Trump madness. (Tip: avoid pestiferous advertisements by ignoring the video; just read the text.)

Big investors are betting on decades of cold, wet weather — and a massive change in current desert conditions. Give it some serious thought.

Reader JY directs your attention to the second book that dismantles Mann’s ludicrous “hockey stick” graph. This new volume ought to be both easier to understand and much more entertaining than The Hockey Stick Illusion.

This outfit — U.S. PIRG — appears to be a very good organization (look at this, too) for those who live in the USA.

Trump just might have slit his own throat: he implied that a female reporter/commentator was suffering from the effects of menstruation when she appeared — to Trump — to be unsympathetic to his cause. That’s a revealing slip.

Here’s a fascinating video for automobile enthusiasts.

There is evidence that the sun has an influence on earthquakes; it’s well summarized in this recommended twelve minute video.

No Link, but noteworthy: reader JY advises this newsletter that in the recent GOP candidates’ debate, the media representatives took up almost exactly one-third of the time with their palaver. That’s an indication that the press considers itself an unelected but significant partner in governance.

This secrecy makes sense — to Iranian religious fanatics, UN officials, and Obamites.

Global climate change is real, and it’s happening now.

Anonymous appears to be enraged by the highly questionable death of Sandra Bland. This newsletter first alerted you to that in its Nr. 395. Law enforcement in Waller County, Texas just might have its hands full.

Everyone should listen to this commentary on belief and credulity. The mere fact that Alex Jones won’t like it makes it universally helpful.

Richard Fernandez wants to know why so much secrecy obscures the USA’s treaty with Iran. The answer: if the full story were known, the US Senate would not endorse the pact. The One Leader and the Iranians know that.

Wow! Here’s a huge surprise, Iranian-style!