…the honest and the powerless have a vested interest in a politician who cannot be bought, whereas the powerful and the dishonest have already begun to haggle over the tab while the acceptance speech is still being written. And, even in a political system renowned worldwide for its venality, Bill Clinton seemed anxious to be bought, and willing if not indeed eager to advertise the fact in advance.

Ethics, The Elite, The Common Weal, And Hillary

Privilege has always accompanied power, and there is virtually no rational way to promote Liberty without tacitly encouraging license. Use a good search engine to get links related to the “Lolita express”, and you will see that those in the Ruling Elite cope with the sensationalist press by disdainfully ignoring it.

Hillary Clinton’s husband, Slick Willy, is a perfect example of the libidinous leader who shrugs off accusations both genuine and fabulous, and carries on regardless. But…aren’t his unsavory past and present actions inimical to Hillary’s current political aspirations?

Probably not, according to her partisans, who believe expedient voters will be willing to disregard Hillary’s mindset (remember, she tolerates Slick’s contemptuous serial betrayals). The fact that Hillary’s marital partner is incorrigible is to be ignored as just peripheral fodder for a salacious press.

The corollary is not to be entertained. One must not mention the hope that credulous souls who can set the lurid issues aside will also ignore the careless security breaches allegedly committed by Hillary when she was secretary of state.

That could be asking a great deal of the voters.

Consider: either Hillary is fastidiously correct and demanding, or she is…easy-going and disinclined to insist on propriety. Her attitude, her tolerance for bad behavior, matters. In fact consistency is important if one wishes to be presidential.

This newsletter suggests that Hillary’s election strategy must be breathtakingly clever, even magical, if it is to work at all.

Her problems begin with questions: why in the world would the voters feel nostalgic about Clintonian lies, shady financial transactions, influence peddling, dysfunctional family life, and the intimidation of sundry exploited females? Is it true that everybody loves a winner, and that swordsmen and mountebanks like Slick, though unresponsive to the public’s claimed ideals, are tolerated as hugely entertaining?

Really now, is the best metaphor for US politics professional wrestling?

No. Harsh reality intrudes. In fact there are things that the government must not mention openly; keeping secrets is a vital aspect of good governance. It certainly appears that Hillary paid little attention to the strict protocols required (and how!); that laxity should concern the electorate. Perhaps even more important are her lack of devotion to the truth (remember the “sniper fire” that she claimed greeted her in Bosnia) and her propensity to be angrily dismissive of those who note her blunders. She’s oddly mercurial.

Those flaws might be exacerbated by domestic problems provided by her husband. That excuses nothing: she has always had the option of dismissing him, and she remains in his orbit for reasons that involve monumental greed. He earns his keep, and then some.

(Here’s a history of the security mess that explains how it became a problem for Hillary.)

Indeed, one has to wonder whether the would-be president is principled and disciplined enough to impose common sense in her personal and professional lives. Rose Law Firm — Whitewater — Benghazi — “Travelgate” — stunning profits from an “investment” in commodities — a “charitable” foundation….

As the net begins to tighten around Hillary’s current errors regarding the proper handling of government secrets, it appears to some observers that she might be contemplating an explanation that will reveal a villain or villains. It is openly suggested that she might be planning to order one or more of her advisers to “fall on her (or his) sword”.

That stratagem is a fetid mix of cowardice and claims of noble entitlement. Ethically it is beneath contempt.

The honest and principled approach requires confession of egregious errors. Hillary believes that would validate the view that she is unsuited to the presidency. For her, weakness, not wrongdoing, is the greatest sin: she simply cannot conceive of stepping aside as Petraeus did.

How Hillary attempts to resolve her problems will tell the interested observer a great deal about her character. Pay attention, Pilgrims, for Hillary’s commitment to the obvious ethical imperatives of a constitutional democracy should be in plain view.

This just in: oops — Hillary’s decisions might be beside the point.


Skeptics of this newsletter’s claims that the Clintons are toxic charlatans who must be prevented from re-inhabiting the White House should read Christopher Hitchens’s small book No One Left To Lie To (ISBN 1-85984-736-6). A quote: “The vacuous language of uplift and therapy, commingled with the tawdry pieties of Baptist and Methodist hypocrisy, clings to both Clintons like B.O. It was suggested by the First Lady herself that her husband’s off-the-record meetings with a female intern were a form of ‘ministry.'”

An Important Global Warming Note

You have heard that 2015 has broken heat records. The implication is that humans caused that event by burning too much carbon and thereby burdening the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. The facts are otherwise. Call up this video, and watch the portion from one minute and thirty-two seconds to two minutes and thirty-one seconds. The fact is, in that one minute, the video shows that mass media reports of observational data promote exactly the wrong conclusions. The truth — that El Niño is responsible for the heat — is typically ignored.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

This video illuminates the sometimes contradictory mosaic of Turkey. This street dance was recorded in İzmir, a port city on the Aegean Sea that previously had a large Greek and Armenian population, and continues to be rather liberal and Western-oriented. It is a stronghold of the Republican People’s Party, established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. It is said that women from İzmir will go alone without a male companion into a street cafe or bar, order a beer (or rakı), read a newspaper or book and/or just watch the pedestrians walk by. The current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, allegedly refers to the populace of İzmir as “infidels”, perhaps believing that many people still have Greek or Armenian Christian roots, even if they are nominally Muslim. It is said that he has never visited İzmir and swears not to go there until the AK Parti wins an election in İzmir. Given his rhetoric, it is believable. (Ed.: Wow, that’s some dance!)

Here you have some interesting statistics regarding the USA’s involvement in the politics of Vietnam. (Ed.: Recommended.)

Anyone who works for the government is taught — no, indoctrinated — to handle classified information properly. I speculate: Hillary missed that briefing. Hmmm. So: the spin doctors are at work, though it was obvious that her story would not hold up. Yes, sometimes it seems all the members of the political elite have skeletons in their closets…but consider this: Colin Powell could have done the same as Hillary did — but as a military man, he probably had a much better sense of how to handle classified information.

Here you have colorful but forgotten words that need to be returned to the English vocabulary. Then there are these antique imprecations whose charm should endear them to today’s cognoscenti.

Related, sort of: Fluchen wie ein Deutscher (Cuss like a German): learn how here.

If this is true, then there is proof of idiocy at the highest levels in government, both in the US and in Europe.

Only in Turkey, and only in Istanbul.

A better deal might look like this.

Well, now. It looks as if these are genuine pocket computers: One and Two. And here’s a Linux version.

Ordinary Links

What do Arabs in the “West Bank”, in Jerusalem, and in Gaza think of the “two-state” solution, and of living in Israel? You probably won’t guess the answers, so do have a look.

There are too many secrets, and some of them are dangerous. Those that relate to Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons are catastrophically lethal.

What should a university president do? Here’s one answer…that is unlikely to be popular.

This speculation does not quite rate the status of an “Item” in the parlance employed here — but it deserves your attention: if Trump becomes the USA’s president, he will probably not behave like a politician. After all, he isn’t one, now is he? Recommended reading — oh, yes.

The UFO community is girding for yet another attempt to get the US government to admit that extraterrestrials are real. It’s called “the Rockefeller Initiative“, and the federal authorities are about as likely to go along with it as they are to declare themselves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Never mind; the cause is holy. Sooner or later, the Pentagon will have to admit that mankind is not alone in the universe, and is, in fact, a very minor player. That’s the orthodox counter-cultural claim, in any event. Fun, eh?

This is fascism. If you live in the USA, you need to understand what the Obamites — including faux Squaw Warren — have done to harm the nation’s economy.

Here’s a shock: the US government does not play fair in the economic area. Yes, The One Leader is in the vanguard, as the nation forges — er, stumbles….

All right: you like the idea of a path to citizenship for “undocumented” aliens in the USA, and you think the nation benefits from all sorts of immigration, legal and illegal. Fine. Now read this. Finally, send this newsletter your written responses to the linked commentary, and…make them germane and convincing.