…the will of the people can be said, albeit it disingenuously, to be reflected in the action of those for whom they voted — “the people get the government they deserve” — although the truth is otherwise, for the people know little of the actions taken by their members of Congress and still less of the the regulatory maze engineered by the administrative state.

Constitutional Governance In The USA Is Once Again Mocked

The facts are few but damning: first, the egregious agreement that gives Iran a clear path to nuclear weaponry is a treaty, but it’s not recognized as such. If it were called a treaty, the number of Senate votes required to ratify it would be sixty-seven. Instead, the Senate’s non-constitutional rules have been employed to permit the pact to be legitimated in a type of vote that is supposed to be used to end a filibuster. That means the Senate can make the pact part of US policy with forty-one votes.

By all appearances, the Obamites have the votes they need to evade proper constitutional procedure.

Second, The One Leader has nothing but contempt for public opinion, as the polls indicate. The Quinnipiac people say twenty-five percent of the US public favors the pact.

Third, that means that The One Leader has imposed on a number of Senators who are likely to lose their lofty positions in US politics when the public is asked to re-elect them. So mote it be.

Germany And The Refugees

Editor’s note: The Tramp Abroad has kindly provided the following information on dramatic events occurring in eastern and central Europe.

The Federal Republic of Germany has reintroduced border controls, effective Sunday, 13 September 2015, to curb the influx of refugees seeking asylum in Germany. At the risk of mixing metaphors, it may be a case of closing the chicken coop door after the fox has entered.

Google translation, with a few quick tweaks by a human (me, The Tramp):

Germany introduces temporary border controls — the entire statement by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière:

“Germany is re-introducing temporary border control at its internal borders. The initial focus will be on the border with Austria. The aim of this measure is to limit the current flow to Germany and to return to an orderly process at the border. This is imperative for security, and it is expressly cognizant of the Schengen Borders Code.

“Germany will continue to comply with the applicable European and national guidelines for the protection of refugees. Under current European law Germany is not responsible for the vast majority of asylum seekers. The Dublin procedure and the rules on registration shall remain unchanged and I urge that all the European Member States support that position in the future.”This means that the competent Member State asylum seekers, registered or not, also respect the asylum procedure. The asylum seekers have to accept that a Member State of the European Union that grants them protection can not simply impose it choices. This will also apply when it comes to a distribution of refugees across Europe.

“This step has become necessary. The great helpfulness that Germany has shown in recent weeks, with its full-time staff, and especially the many thousands of volunteers, should not be overused.

“The measure is also a signal to Europe: Germany is committed to humanitarian responsibilities, but the problems associated with the large number of refugees loads must be distributed equitably across Europe.

“We know that the introduction of temporary border controls will not solve all the problems. There may be restrictions on travel by train. For now, we ask for understanding and patience. We just need a little more time and a degree of order on our borders.

“The key, of course, remains the site help in crisis regions, so that no more people set out from the refugee camps or from Syria or Iraq. Accordingly, this will be a major focus of the discussions tomorrow the European interior ministers. In addition, the European concept of waiting areas in Greece should be implemented as soon as possible in Italy and possibly in Hungary. That is also on the agenda of tomorrow’s meeting of the EU interior ministers.

“The reintroduction of temporary border controls — particularly to Austria – has been amicably discussed and decided by the coalition. The interior ministers of the countries have been informed and agree with the plan. This process has developed as a result of consultation with Austria, and I have personally informed the Opposition of its features.”

Notes For Hillary

Yes, settling in as the head of Foggy Bottom was a difficult time, and some would say that mistakes made then should be overlooked. “I was not thinking a lot when I got in. There was so much work to be done.” (Read more here.) It’s always hectic when you are shifting, eh? But don’t whine too much about event, because the voters might wonder whether moving back into the White House will be a bigger job, and that can raise questions about what little details you might overlook then.

Never mind. The real questions arise when one considers what you plan to do as president, and the best way to think about that is to reflect on the things you have said firmly and with conviction — such as when you defended your astoundingly incompetent actions that prefaced and exacerbated the Benghazi disaster.

“Not guilty”? Oh, no, that won’t wash. You supported that fetid UN resolution 16/18 — that’s the one that declares the first amendment in the Bill of Rights a nullity. You have placed yourself firmly on the wrong side of the dispute between Western Civilization and Islamic authoritarianism. Yes, guilty, and here is the simple truth.

Addendum for US voters: the video linked immediately above is tremendously important. Either you believe in the US constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech, or you do not. Neither Obama nor Hillary is a believer; both are pleased to promote the deceitful propaganda of the blood enemies of Western Civilization. If you doubt that, do watch the video.

Meanwhile, here are some vaguely related developments in the fracas over the e-mails: first and second. Finally, there is this, which might be the most important e-mail-related link of all.

The Tramp Abroad Considers Turkish Developments And Persistent Themes

I highly recommend that you spend some time listening to these interviews and discussions with Hamed Abdel-Samad and Mouhanad Khorchide. It is truly refreshing to see Muslim intellectuals discussing this topic in a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s no wonder that the arch-conservatives and radicals reject both of them.

Here they are: first, a video that lasts about 30 minutes; then there is this one, which runs roughly 60 minutes.

Introductory notes: Mouhanad Khorchide says that he comes from a mixed family of Sunni and Shia originating from Palestine/Beirut. My impression is that the Lebanese and Turks have quite a high percentage of “mixed marriages”; thus they typically don’t have these internecine feuds and wars. However, it does seem that RTE is trying to create a divide between Sunni and Shia/Alevi/Kurds.

By the way, I heard an interesting comment about RTE this past week while I was in Greece. I have friend who was born on Gökçeada (Imbros), and carries both Turkish and Greek passports. He told me that RTE, who was born in Kasımpaşa-İstanbul in a family from Rize-Trabzon on the Black Sea coast who actually originated from Georgia. Allegedly, RTE’s mother tongue was the Greek dialect spoken in thePontic Region.

RTE has apparently contradicted himself on occasion. Sometimes he says he is from Georgia while other times he says he is a Turk. Like all politicians, he probably changes his tune to suit the mood.

More information: in English, und zweimal auf Deutsch: 1 und 2.


Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

While two imams were speaking at a conference in France on the subject of men striking women, two FEMEN activists charged the podium and were removed by force. Notice in the video that some men were even kicking them after they were pulled to the right of the stage.

First comes Ukraine and then Syria — indicating it’s déjàvu all over again (to quote Yogi Berra — who, at 90 years old, is still alive and kicking).

Here’s enlightening commentary on historian Arnold Toynbee’s relationship with Kemalist Turkey and its protagonists. Recommended.

It’s good to know there are still some badasses out there….

They find no fault with the report…so they just say, “We are totally against transporting hydrocarbons by any means and using them as an energy source”. It is interesting to note that between 2003 and 2013 “99% of the [pipeline] incidents or accidents did not damage the environment” (source). Whenever we hear about a train derailing or a truck overturning, there is usually a big mess, if not deaths as a result.

We have lost another patriot and a brave soldier-pilot. Unfortunately, the article has been written a bit sloppily. The Secretary of the War was Henry Stimson (not Harry). Also, one does not “obtain a degree”; one normally “earns a degree” or a “degree is awarded”.

Robert Smalls’ bravery and achievements are not small wonders. This man is the kind of idol today’s Afro-American youth should look up to.

Back in my day, we would not tweak intelligence to fit a political agenda. Today, there’s this: “Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked. It’s being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war — but are seeing their reports turned into happy talk”. Source. (Ed.: The Tramp Abroad knows whereof he speaks; in a previous capacity he helped to prepare intelligence reports that often landed on the desks of the highest echelons of the US government.)

Ordinary Links


This is an aspect of fabled global warming this newsletter did not see coming.

Here you are, Hilly: choke on this. Yes, the government says you have been naughty.

Reader JW suggests this post to all who (a) use Apple products or (b) are concerned about privacy. The text is informed by some of Edward Snowden’s revelations.

Next, JW suggests: “Put it in full-screen HD mode and go along for the ride“. Beautiful!

Do you remember Hamid Karzai? You should….

Baloney. It was not about the “corporatization” of the news media, it was about the fictional typewriter. That’s the typewriter Rather still says he thinks existed. He’s guilty of vicious political bias, stubborn deceit…and ignorance that cannot be erased by incontrovertible evidence that he’s wrong.

Here’s one of the ways some of the USA’s officious agencies get around the US constitution: call a search “an inspection”. What will you do when the government — any agency or branch thereof — wants to “inspect” your home or vehicle or person without a warrant? “I’m going toinspect you for heroin, cocaine, Georgia Home Boy, and all sorts of stuff. It’s not a search. Hold still.” Yes, it’s a steep and slippery slope, decorated with sophistical definitions and fake legalese intended to dissolve human rights. It’s an example of the illegal authoritarianism that Hamburger confronted in his exposé of “administrative law”.

Commentary: Jonathan S. Tobin writes that “…the various statements of prominent Democrats who have heretofore prided themselves on being supporters of Israel deserve scrutiny”. Will that change any Obamite minds? Read his remarks here.

“‘Iran understands that they cannot fight us,’ Obama told the New York Times in April”. The Iranians understand no such thing. The One Leader is lying. Whether he will stop is the question. Click on the link, and then read this quote from Nr. 380 of this newsletter:

Because the Iranians’ version of Islam promises entry to heaven for all of the right kind of Muslims killed in “holy” war, there is no basis for a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) standoff with that country. For some, death in holy war is a career opportunity, as Sam Harris put it. Yet Washington appears to see no harm in an Iranian a-bomb.

The lickspittle federal judiciary of the USA is in extremis. Read down to, but not farther than, the headline “Florida….”.

It’s a stereotypical event in the USA: a police officer gets involved in a dispute with a black man, and kills him. The cops cover up the circumstances of the murder, and the black community explodes. Now have a look at this video.

Another winner: JW suggests you read this commentary. It’s amusing, thought-provoking, and leads to some serious reconsiderations. Recommended.

The linked video tells the story of a (naturalized) US citizen who was jailed for over two weeks and never charged with anything; that’s acrime in itself, but the operatives of the federal government feel they are permitted to misbehave unconstitutionally. Citizens of the USA should be seriously concerned, because this is how individual rights are eroded.

History is important in ways that only those who know something of it can comprehend. Here is a good audio resource.

This forty-four minute “failed inventions” video is actually a reminder that without failures, there are no successes.

It was inevitable: the collectivist tolerance for charter schools in the USA could last only so long. If teachers are not civil servants in the complete, conventional sense of the word, they shall be militated against by whatever stratagem is conceivable. The alternative is fully private schools, which, as everyone knows, might be better, but certainly would be elitist and would not try to cope with the uncivilized. (It’s a complex subject, so click and read.) When collectivists impose their regime on society in this fashion, the response should not be indignation, but anger. Let judicial insanity be rendered irrelevant by new legislation!

The lead item here might interest those who would like to achieve a familiarity with the great musical accomplishments of Western Civilization.

Trump? No. Here is why.

A brief observation on Kerry, Iran, and Chamberlain. (Chamber-who? What’s he famous for?)

Here is an account of a modern witch hunt — in which the witches do the hunting. It’s actually very sad.

Hillary’s involuntary sacrificial lamb just might be the poor guy who installed her computer hardware. His name is Bryan Pagliano, and you can read about him if you want to do an internet search — or you can read this. He’s already invoking his constitutional right to silence. No, that’s not tacit admission of guilt, and yes, as The Tramp Abroad has noted, everything is Hillary’s responsibility, and ignorance of the law is no excuse. But Bryan is doubtless scared spitless. He did what he was told…after all, how would you like to look Hillary in the eye, and say, “I don’t know about this. Has it been approved by the security Nazis at Foggy Bottom? I can’t set up something that ignores their strict guidelines. Why don’t you check, and then write me a signed letter for my records, explaining exactly what you want done, and who authorized it?”

Oops. Well, if your candidate is Hillary, why should you have to obey silly laws? After all, no one will ever be arrested….

Attention, amateur sinologists: read In Case You Thought The Chinese Know What They’re Doing, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. Any questions?