The time is not far off when federal health-care programs, combined with Social Security, will totally consume the vast majority of the federal budget, leaving little room for much else.

Obama, The Architect Of Remodeled Western Civilization

The wrong question

Virtually all reasonable and partially-informed people know the mullahs who control Iran have no intention to refrain from developing and deploying nuclear weapons. In fact evading the restrictions will be easy, and forbidding inspectors access to the weapons shops will be even easier.

Iranian ambition has always been clear: Tehran desires a world without Israel. Anyone who disputes that must also insist that years of endlessly repeated Iranian propaganda indicate…literally nothing decent.

The question is, therefore, not whether Iran plans a nuclear war. Nor is it whether Iran fears one, even if it turns out to be a losing effort…as long as the Shia lunatics believe it might possibly eradicate Israel.

The honest and perceptive observer must admit that what the world should be asking is why the USA’s president insisted on the reckless pact that he claims will prevent nuclear war.

The One Leader As Noble Reformer

A thoughtful consideration of Obama’s total agenda reveals the man’s overall intent. In truth, he considers himself a “Progressive” whose plans include a great many permanent changes in the USA. Perhaps the least of these include a larger percentage of Democratic voters in the population…which explains his effective opening of the borders and curtailing enforcement of immigration laws.

Then consider the political system’s increased tolerance for presidential ukases, mandates, and “orders” that are all clearly unconstitutional; an acceptance of top-down planning that bypasses the state legislators and local governance; the population’s surprisingly calm response to frankly fascistic monitoring of the communications of the entire populace, and the archiving for future use of those records; and finally, note a broader and more intrusive scope of federal mandates that can be imposed on all citizens and residents.

Obama has, in other words, reveled in the power of the presidential office, and he intends to do all he can to see that it is used in pursuit of greater control of the populace. Each step toward greater federal and especially presidential power will, he knows, make the next step easier.

This is the core of the evolving collectivist Utopia: a firm hand on the helm of the ship of state, and the determination to crush any embryonic mutiny.

The Impediments To Obama’s Intentions

Of course Obama knows he cannot serve a third term. He also knows that as an ex-president, he will be able to speak, but not to govern. Most US citizens realize that constitutional stipulations were put in place to make dictatorship impossible; too, the majority of the population would scoff at the notion that Obama might nullify the election in 2016 and declare himself president for life.

Obama will step down when his term of office is over. Silly conspiracist claims that he will defy the hard and fast rules are…well, more than silly: they are insane. (Recall, by the way, that they were circulated regarding the presidency of G. W. Bush; their fabricators and believers were all loony collectivists — “extreme leftists” and their supporters.)

All right: now think again. Obama has repeatedly ignored the constitution with his myriad executive orders, none of which are legally valid. Yet he was obeyed. He knows he need not be president in order to have great influence on the president, and he fully expects that the Democrats will keep the White House in 2016. He is almost certainly correct.

Next, consider what can be inferred from recent events.

The senators in the Democratic party were made keenly aware that Obama’s iron intent was to see the pact with Iran endorsed, one way or another. The effort was far more intense than all the White House efforts to pass Obamacare; tremendous presidential pressure on the Senate was a clear indication that Obama The Reformer wanted, needed, lusted to have his way on this supremely important issue. Nothing else the man has attempted compares.

The senators knew that they could come under withering opposition from Obama when he is out of office: for opponents of the Iranian pact, there would be no endorsements, no cooperation from the former president, no financial help that Obama could terminate (recall the words of California legislator Big Daddy Unruh: “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”) — forever. The Obamite machine would never forget and never forgive. That message was delivered clearly.

The senators knew they would jeopardize their careers if they defied the will of a political apparatus that will take years to fade in power.

The general public will assume that once Obama is out of office, he will have little influence on the Democrat party’s functions. That is absolutely not correct.


The real mystery is not the unofficial authority of Obama as a former president, but what motive compels him to safeguard the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

That is, of course, exactly what this misbegotten pact guarantees. Obama knows full well that the mad mullahs would rejoice at the deaths of millions of Iranians and Israelis; he knows the religious fanatics’ often-repeated intention is, at the very least, to free mankind from the curse of sharing the Earth with a Jewish homeland. The ruling mullahs would endorse the killing of literally all Jews, if that could be accomplished.

Obama knows all this.

What, then, is his intent? How does he plan to make the world a better place, and why does he consider the safety of Israel a chip he is willing to lose in a game played against an opponent who will cheat?

The truthful and complete answers will never come from Obama.

Even If….

Suppose just for a moment that the above reasoning is faulty, and that Obama honestly believes that Iran will not lie and cheat in order to acquire nuclear weapons. Suppose he is simply mistaken when he says UN inspections and international pressure will prevent atomic war. Suppose he is actually…wrong.

That means simply that he has erred, and that the senators of his party have permitted that error to stand.

Who, then, will deserve the blame for the impending catastrophe?

The USA’s constitution provides for the means to set aside presidential blunders. It also assumes a degree of intelligence and courage on the part of the Senate.

The Senate was the last hope of those who want to avoid nuclear war, and the Democrats failed because they are literally afraid of Obama’s political clout, which they misunderstand as personal rather than official.

In mistaking Obama for a noble being whose powers do not devolve from his office, the senators have betrayed mankind.

Their fear of losing their seats in the Senate — the world’s most prestigeous and exclusive club — has trumped all other concerns. They plead tacitly but pathetically that the pact with Iran will somehow be honored by the mad mullahs.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Cult Has Lurched From Pseudoscience Into Fascistic Authoritarianism

It’s a scientific debate. Some scientists fake their reports, twist logic, and mislead the public with rigged results. Others try to correct those errors and expose deliberate hoaxes. That is, in a sense, almost a fair fight.

But now, as the issues are unfolding and the fakery becomes more obvious, the Gore-Hansen Cult is trying to find ways to make “Climate Change Denial” a crime.

Yes, you read that correctly: they want to take legal action against their opponents — not the sort of legal action that Mike Mann is taking against Mark Steyn (who has counter-sued), but to accuse them of literal criminality and being subject to the RICO provisions of the law.

You can believe it. Here are the proposals.

Madness — cultic insanity….

China One, USA Zero

At first, the US government said about 1.1 million people who were in Washington’s computer records (fingerprints, social security numbers, the works) needed to be concerned about identity theft when Chinese crackers stole the records. Now the government has admitted that the damage was far worse: over twenty million people have had their records stolen.

It’s one thing not to know how to deal with ISIS or refute rumors about unsafe vaccines, but another matter entirely when China has the will and the capacity to breach US security.

If those records are made available to criminals, the USA would be tied in knots. And that’s just one small aspect of the potential harm.

Reports are that The One Leader plans to meet with the president of China, get to know him, make a friend of him, and ask him to curb his underlings. This newsletter is confident that will settle the matter (choke).

You, on the other hand, know this crime is the result of the incompetence of the US government. You know that incompetence results from improper/unwise administration of the archives. Accordingly, you can be excused for reacting to this disaster with anger.

Remember the little sign on Harry Truman’s desk when he was in the White House: “The buck stops here”.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

On this occasion (Link, and Second Link) I’m on Obama’s side…and that means I’m also with NASA, Zuckerberg, an astronaut, and lots of other folks. I remember building all kinds of Heathkits and similar “geeky” things when I was Ahmed’s age. I’m glad I was not arrested!

Here’s another bright kid.

The USA’s Middle East policy is a mess, and it’s time for a reconsideration.

Ordinary Links

View forty-two seconds of video that should convince you that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president of the USA.

If you can understand this, you can understand why Einstein was wrong. Part Two is here, and both parts are recommended.

The disgust with which the US public views many politicians is well-deserved, but…perhaps the fundamental problem is that the politicians are literally out of control. The public can’t oversee the off-the-leash Solons. How did that happen? How did a fraud like Trump slither into the picture? It’s due to the systematic deactivation of the traditional procedures that enable negotiation and control. Yes, this explanation is worth exploring, because it’s a concept that has not received any attention, and ignoring it seems very likely to produce all manner of chaotic circumstances. Do watch this video interview and consider obtaining the free book that describes the alarming situation in greater detail.

OK, Trump says something irrelevant and really nasty and hurtful about Carly, and when a colorful metaphor is used to describe her rhetorical defeat of The Donald, the uncivil tycoon throws a hissy-fit. He is offended by the indelicacy of the words that describe her triumph. How precious of him! Score: Carly 2, Trump 0. — Think it over, Pilgrims.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is a genius, as everyone knows. So what’s the US policy regarding Syria? Well, er, ah…it’s unfolding. (Actually, it’s in what is called “analysis paralysis“.)

Citizens of the USA should view this video and consider its message carefully. Too, the book review here should be recalled.

“President Obama does not wish to upset the Iranians.” Why? Read it all. (If the commentary is still behind a paywall, try using a search engine to locate a copy of “The Rubble of Obama’s Syria Policy”, by Kassem Eid.)

Reader JW passes along two related stories (One and Two) on the military government of Thailand and its attitude regarding freedom of the press. There are few surprises here, unfortunately. The Thais do not share the values held by most US citizens. Thailand is corrupt from top to bottom, and the public shrugs that off; a reporter who is threatened by the ruling junta is small beer for the Thais. The prevailing attitude is more or less that the loudmouth should keep his opinions to himself. US types: please do understand that this Thai imbroglio is the only alternative to constitutionally protected freedom of expression. Yes, this ethical poverty might appear in the USA, too. After all, consider the fascist attempt to silence critics of anthropogenic global warming. Liberty is not universally prized. And: this newsletter should have predicted the natural next step in the advance of repression (again, JW kindly provided this URL). It’s a sad time for Thailand.

Carly is a candidate, not a symbolic trail-blazer.

Do you remember what happened in Benghazi? Hillary hopes you won’t. Here, meanwhile, is an update on the attempt to…to do what, exactly? Cover it up? Clean it up? Bore the public to death?

Washington DC is cheating the young and betraying the foundational concepts of social security. Who cares? If you live in the USA, you do, though you might not yet see the problem.

Oh, so Uncle Sam’s All-Seeing Federal Watchers are not doing their jobs? Unh-huh. There are two chances that will change: fat and slim.

Love him or hate him, Newt Gingrich has opinions that are worth hearing (the video is also available here). They can, at the very least, inspire thought and disputes.

Is Hillary trying to shut the door on the investigation of her e-mail server? Does she have sufficient clout with the FBI to do that? The public will almost certainly never know. Hmmm…perhaps the Chinese will be able to tell the world the full story….