Ecology is the science of everything. Nobody knows everything. Nobody even knows everything about any one thing. And most of us don’t know much.


If you are concerned about humanity’s pollution of the atmosphere, this information about the toxic effects of volcanoes might provide you with some perspective.

Black holes and “gravity waves”: does either exist?

The sun and the Earth’s climate.

For a detailed analysis of anthropogenic global warming, call up this paper. You already know that the Gore-Hansen cult’s true believers claim the issue was settled long ago (and forever) by 97% of the world’s scientists. You are supposed to be even more impressed when you learn that “astrophysicist, cosmologist and science communicator” Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye The Science Guy (whoa!) have endorsed the cult’s raison d’etre. The implication: those iconic sages insist that any and all claims denying The Revealed Truth of AGW should be ignored. Well, you probably recall the cult’s claims and predictions that the Arctic glaciers are melting; look at the demonstrable facts displayed in context here and here.

Astronomers, physicists and cosmologists are trying to keep up, but it’s not easy. Consider Pluto.

The “Progressive” View Of Iran’s Intentions

The New York Times is happy to explain why The One Leader’s pact with Iran was such a marvelous idea. The newspaper suggests the agreement will prevent Iran from waging a nuclear war on Israel.

Meanwhile, this is how the Iranian military talks. Do you recall how many times you have heard someone say, “Why didn’t we listen to Hitler, or read his stupid book, and believe him? Why were we so dim-witted? We could have prevented all the…obscene violence.”

Obama’s Policy In The Middle East: The Most Significant Statistics

Niall Ferguson, the author of a biography of Henry Kissinger (the first volume of which has recently appeared) evaluated the One Leader’s effectiveness in foreign policy in the October 10-11 2015 Wall Street Journal. A quote:

It is clear that the president’s strategy is failing disastrously. Since 2010, total fatalities from armed conflict in the world have increased by a factor of close to four, according to data from the International Institute of Strategic Studies. Total fatalities due to terrorism have risen nearly sixfold, based on the University of Maryland’s Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism database. Nearly all this violence is concentrated in a swath of territory stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Afghanistan and Pakistan. And there is every reason to expect the violence to escalate as the Sunni powers of the region seek to prevent Iran from establishing itself as the post-American hegemon.

Obama can hardly help it if fanatics seek entry to heaven by creating hell on earth. The problem is that one can do little if anything by withdrawing; “terrorism” can be discouraged only by repeated failure to impose its will. Further, the real troublemaker in the region, Iran, has good reason to rejoice at Washington’s folly. Prolonged conflict is inevitable….

The Earth As “The Forbidden Planet”

The war W waged against Saddam Hussein is a tiresome topic. That’s partly due to its having been polluted by misconceptions of ethics and errors of logic. (Critics of the hostilities should, if they were consistent, also denounce the war against the Nazis.)

Do try to let all that go for a moment and focus on your instinctive ethical imperatives. To what extent can one argue that there was some virtue in removing Saddam? Turn to this video, please. Do pay careful attention to what Christopher Hitchens has to say, because he is devastatingly correct, while his brother is a tacit advocate of the toleration of enormities (in the original sense of the word, which does notmean “great scope or size”).

At about thirty-one minutes into the show, the topic turns to religion. That shift is instructive: it gently reminds us that the taking of human life is always a supremely serious undertaking, and that we — along with our various forms of faith — usually endorse the practice under some circumstances. Few religions absolutely forbid all homicide, no matter what the possible consequences of abstaining from violence might be (the canons of Buddhism and Jainism are examples, though the lay adherents do tend to ignore the teachings). That illustrates the fact that ethics and faith are often — very often — aspects of governance, even when the authorities are as evil as one can imagine.

That trivial insight might lead to the discussion of whether political movements can be thought of as having religious aspects. Indeed they do take on patterns of behavior that have parallels in the sphere of spirituality/faith. The word “sectarian” can refer to both religious andpolitical factions. Consider, for example, whether the Ku Klux Klan was a permutation of historical Christian groups. Then too, recall the words of the holy warrior in the Albigensian Crusade who, asked by his lieutenants what to do with some heretics who might include in their number some bloodthirsty revolutionaries, replied, “Kill them all. God will know his own.”

Grim examples abound. Witch hunts, and contemporary “witch smellers”. Islamofascist suicide fighters. Sunni children clearing minefields for the Iranian infantry. Genital mutilation. The Nazi SS, a political society that intended to replace Christianity with a pagan form of worship and faith.

Then consider a few less dramatic examples: one can profitably think of groups that share and promote value systems — including hobbies, academic pursuits, politics, charity work, and so on — as frequently operating very like groups of religious missionaries.

In fact causes of all sorts often take on distinctly religious practices. This is why this newsletter has called proponents of the alarmist campaign against apocryphal anthropogenic global warming a cult. The superficially religious aspects of the hoax are obvious: Christian original sin is erroneously mirrored in human responsibility for natural processes, and the Bible — especially the works of and attributed to Paul — as a strict guide to faith is a vague parallel to the authoritative sermonizing of the AGW cult’s clergy (Gore, Hansen). Ultimately, both religion and climate alarmism cherish their concepts of guilt, sin, punishment for the mistakes mankind makes (both hell and an infernally hot world express the same fear of apocalyptic punishment), a savior, and the urgency of the cause.

Every AGW believer and many religious groups are mesmerized by the End Times, retribution, and visions of hades.

For the outsiders who observe this feverish behavior, the sermons/lectures are “monsters from the id”, as a famous film visualized the fantastic trouble people make for themselves.

Ordinary Links

Aha! The Tramp Abroad checks in — he’s been very busy — with a link that just made it into this Number. It’s an assessment of the situation in Turkey. Europe and the USA need to worry about Turkey, so information on what is happening there and what those tragic events mean is vital.

Reader JW passes along some Hillary-related observations that are interesting.

This newsletter cannot know whether this report is correct, but…if it is, the implications are legion. In fact the accuracy of the claim would lend credence to many other assertions that are even more significant. That’s the nature of conspiracist claims: they corrode the public’s faith in its public servants. That might not be bad….

US senator and faux Cherokee Squaw Liz Warren has demonstrated a respect for Liberty that is too often typical of Utopian socialists: she recently assailed the Brookings Institution for employing economist Robert Litan. He had argued against legislation that is near and dear to Warren’s collectivist heart. She complained, and Brookings fired him at once. It’s a sad story, but it could be useful: Warren’s intolerance for contrary opinion betrays her as the bloody-minded authoritarian she is, and that might eventually weaken her power. If you want the full story, begin here and then do a Google search (there is plenty of information). Otherwise, hang on: this senator intends to have her way, and those who do not agree with her can expect all the vengeful wrath worthy of a rabid Rottweiler.

Teddy Roosevelt and the truth were not always friends. Here’s a brief video interview of interest, and here you can purchase the book. It gives the lie to some concepts that are widely regarded as factual.

Here is news this newsletter might be underestimating: a federal judge seems to be in a position that will allow him to block the National Security Agency from monitoring all communications (and permitting traditionally justified surveillance in accord with standard judicial oversight). Yes, NSA does monitor all communication that it possibly can, and no, it’s not appropriate, though that outrage has not been explicitly forbidden by anyone. That is to say: you have nothing to do with “terrorism”, except in that you are a potential victim of the practice, yet NSA is listening to all your telephone calls and reading all your e-mail; a permanent record of your communications activity (except for US first class snail mail) is being compiled and will be available for decades to come in case anyone in power ever wants to investigate you and your life. You know that is not proper and you might even know that it is unconstitutional, but there it is: a vastly powerful agency of the federal US government considers you a security risk because you are alive, and reserves the right to monitor you as it sees fit. The constitution be damned, in other words. Now realize that this illegal surveillance just might be ended by the action of a single human being. Do give that some serious thought. The possibilities are barely conceivable, as well as…appalling. — There is recent news on this subject here.

Drilling for oil can be expensive….

A “gun-free” USA: what a wonderful idea! Here’s how it can be realized. And the “wonder” of it? One can only wonder what might have prompted the idea’s proponents to tell anybody what they have in mind.

One of Hillary’s political enemies promises to “haunt” her. It appears that the vendetta has been prompted by Slick Willy’s hobby, and the implication might be that Hillary should have refused to live with his compulsive philandering. That’s a matter of opinion, but the consensus seems to be that Slick is an inveterate voluptuary, so…does it make sense to be critical of his, er, friends? More important, perhaps, is the question of what Slick’s probable return to residency in the White House says about the public’s ethics. After all, would the voters tolerate a sexual predator as First Lady? This newsletter is fascinated by the aplomb with which the public appears to view the nation’s rapidly changing ethical landscape. Where are the new lines being drawn, and what is the logic that justifies them?

More on Hillary: the US Department of State seldom complies fully with requests for information, but when a “wingnut” group filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents relating to Hillary’s stumblebum performance in the Benghazi disaster, State turned over literally everything. And so it goes: it is becoming clear that the cooperation between the Clinton Foundation (a “charity” that is always happy to get donations from folks who want some clout with Slick Willy and the next president of the USA) has been total. Hillary can’t be happy about that revelation. According to Politico, Hillary can’t put her astounding e-mail problems behind her, no matter how she trivializes them. The reason: they are anything but trivial. — Meanwhile there are thirty-five additional FOIA lawsuits still making their way toward a clearer understanding of what the Clintons have been up to. That is a severe challenge to the present perception of Hillary as a capable, imaginative, and ethical leader. — Do you want more sources? Use a good search engine with the terms “hillary clinton foia lawsuits email” for openers. And then there is this: Hillary lovers take aim at the Congressional committee that will be asking the probable candidate to answer questions regarding the Benghazi mess. Now there’s a shock!

Is this newsletter part of the Anonymous effort? “I ain’t backin’ down, y’ know? — I can’t watch my society rot, when a bunch of federal scum want to just throw anybody that they disagree with in a prison cell. It’s the end of the West, right now.” (Quote from “weev”, a “hacktivist” whose conviction was overturned by an appeals court.) Freedoms of speech and press are truly endangered by the people who should be protecting those individual rights. Literal fascism is assuming the color of authority.

The silence is eloquent. Highest possible recommendation.

Perhaps this is why The One Leader refused to make it harder for non-procedural immigration to occur: “…counting illegal immigrants and noncitizens significantly reduces the chances of the GOP winning the presidency”. The full story is complex, but one fact is obvious: the founders of the USA did not try to prepare for today’s immigration. Obviously Congress will not upgrade the law, so Hillary’s chances look good. Can the USA possibly remain a genuinely representative republic if repair is not accomplished? Details here.

This story has parallels that go back at least as far as the fourteenth century. That is not good.

Will Iran cheat, and try to develop nuclear weapons in spite of the Obama administration’s assurances that the recently-enacted pact will be respected? Yes, of course, and here’s a Democrat Senator who agrees. He voted to endorse the agreement anyway.

In 1960, a book titled Auschwitz Doctor was published. It recounts the experience of a physician who was imprisoned at the Nazi Auschwitz death camp. The author, Mikl√≥s Nyiszli, claims he was both a prisoner and an assistant to “Doctor Death”, Josef Mengele. The book has been both quoted and attacked in the endless dispute between Holocaust “deniers” and those who insist that the Nazis tried to kill all Jews. Of particular note is the forward (to subsequent editions of the book) written by Bruno Bettelheim. In it, he asserted that if each Jewish family had managed to acquire a firearm and used it to kill a single Nazi instead of obeying commands to depart for a death or labor camp, the Holocaust would not have been able to kill six million human beings. He was doubtless correct. His words echo the sentiments of would-be Republican candidate for president of the USA Dr. Ben Carson. The idea that an armed citizenry is the final desperate defense against an inhumane regime is not new — and no government can afford to forget it. Better a civil war than unopposed mass homicide. If certain death awaits the obedient, who should obey?

Oops. “Sorry, but the mess is too big and too sticky; it can’t be cleaned up. To all who thought I could cope, well, I did what I could, but today things are worse than when I was hired.” For the perceptive, there ought to be some lessons to be gleaned from the tragedy….

If you want something to worry about, there is no better choice than EMP weapons and the probability that the sun will produce the lethal effect that those weapons might not. This newsletter has been promoting awareness of the dual threat for years, and of course next to nothing has been done to protect humanity from near extinction. The One Leader evidently knows nothing about the sun or about the weapons. Well, have a nice day, everybody….