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Month: November 2015

Number 409

…the public ferment over how to read the biblical creation story is relentless — and understandably so, for the dispute is about nothing less than what it means to be right. The Discontents This is a time of high...

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Number 408

The most pervasive myth about (college) campus censorship and free speech is that this war was fought long ago and free speech won. The USA’s Federal Government Versus The Constitution This newsletter’s review of...

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Number 407

…as repressive as Arab dictators generally are, they tend to be more liberal than the people they oppress. “Spasms of violence as a routine feature of life” Muslims who believe in and understand the charges...

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Number 406

The average person, seeing that we can predict tides pretty well a few months ahead would say, why can’t we do the same thing with the atmosphere, it’s just a different fluid system, the laws are about as...

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Number 405

…by condemning Israel for responding to its opponents’ repeated terrorist acts, the UN has complicated the West’s ability to defend itself against the new wave of global terrorism. A Transformative Experience...

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