The average person, seeing that we can predict tides pretty well a few months ahead would say, why can’t we do the same thing with the atmosphere, it’s just a different fluid system, the laws are about as complicated. But I realized that any physical system that behaved nonperiodically would be unpredictable.

Republicans, Democrats, The Past, And The Prospects

Newt Gingrich is trying to reassure Republicans that their party is neither dying nor a minority. His desperate attempt to breathe new life into an enervated faction is interesting, but in this newsletter’s view, the “Progressive” mindset has two powerful candidates named Clinton and Warren, both of whom cast long — if puzzling — shadows. Their populist/reformer/revolutionary stance is a success.

In fact Democrats define the terms of the political debate in the news media. The predominant “memes” that determine how people categorize and evaluate events damn Republicans as inhumane, miserly, and stupid. All significant discussions of government spending, domestic policy, benefits, the environment, foreign policy, human rights, social structure, and the distribution of wealth are fertile soil for the Democrats. Those subjects all come within the scope of the government’s activities — everything from sheltering endangered species to curing disease is today handled by an omnipresent government. The issues have co-opted the Republican Party; everybody might as well be a “Progressive” now. Accordingly, the GOP simply does not have the strength to counter the Democrats at the polls.

That means the approaching presidential election is the Democrats’ to lose.

Will that happen? Probably not. The Republicans themselves seem to admit and accept that, for they are thrashing about wildly, trying to find a way to run against the very concept of politics itself.

The strategy is to evade the public’s negative view of the competing elements in the nation’s administration.

Outsiders have certain advantages, in other words. It’s interesting to note that Obama, an unknown outsider untainted by past political struggles, pushed many senior Democrats aside to get into the White House. His only accomplishments were being elected to public office; there, he was always a passenger, never a navigator or helmsman. He had no executive experience. Those lacunae made it easy for some folks to think of him as above politics. That helped qualify him as a credible reformer, innovator, and inspirational figure.

Well, The One Leader’s presidency has been a shambles, but that is not at all obvious to the electorate — largely because of the attitude of the mass media.

Now consider the Democrats’ extremely likely candidate.

What, exactly, does Hillary stand for? That’s not easy to know, as she has not said much of substance. Instead she repeats platitudes and accepts the adoration of the faithful. Presumably she will administer the nation as a guardian of the “Progressive” flame, and that’s good enough for most folks.

Yet: how can she win, given her grimy history, deep political roots, and invisible accomplishments as a senator and fumble-brained cabinet secretary? Has anybody noticed that the Democrats have abandoned their “above politics” strategy in favor of a “connected but lame luminary” stance?

She does not have to run on her record. She knows that. To understand why she will win, note that most of the electorate’s bitterness is directed at the Koch brothers, Monsanto, and Israel. GOP hardliners are widely understood to be war-loving anti-science bigots whose lunatic views of reality lead them to insist that the mass murder of small children is constitutionally protected. The political Neanderthaler are believed to fantasize that male homosexuals are necessarily child molesters, as well as to believe that immigrants are genetically handicapped felons. Those sins, plus the needless, failed war against Saddam Hussein, sum up much of the GOP’s supposed burden of guilt.

All that will automatically work against whatever Republican is nominated.

Or…could those indictments of the GOP be empty fabrications concocted by the media? The reference is to the talking heads who recently demonstrated their objectivity and manners during one of the Republican “debates”.

That blunder will be long forgotten by election day. The media’s patterned misunderstanding will continue to be the source of an animus against Republicans.

“Progressives” envision the GOP’s ideological landscape cluttered with nooks and hidey-holes sheltering neurologically challenged extremists — mouth-breathers who cluster around radios (how primitive — what next, deliveries by carrier pigeon?) and thrill to the rants of charlatans proclaiming the evil intent of all government. This “Progressive” vision is a convenient stereotype. Yes, babbling seers like Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are undeniable evidence that “wingnut” lunacy is present. Then again, every large community has its embarrassments.

Pause to consider the relevant history

The current breakdown of honest observation and civility could have been predicted. Consider the roots of the poisonous plant….

The full impact of the implications of Utopian ideology and media power began to develop just after the turn of the twentieth century. It was then that two instinctive geniuses, William Hearst and Woodrow Wilson, defined and animated concepts that continue to plague Western Civilization.

Wilson had a patrician disdain for diversity and an abhorrence of unrefined intellect; when something unseemly arose, his instinct was to denounce it in order to set the example for the perceptive. The full might of government could then be brought to bear on the abomination, and a metaphorical declaration of war would appear. An authoritarian campaign would be planned, and the struggle to compel compliance would be the task of the elite’s apparatchiki. The “common man” — the words are a condescending, haughty, and autocratic sneer signally employed by F. D. Roosevelt — would emerge from the conflict better off, in spite of his shortcomings.

Hearst had more respect, and more uses for, the “common man”. He knew how to manipulate the moral instincts and passions of the polity, and he did not hesitate to use his instinctive understanding of the power of propaganda. His approach lacked Wilson’s highly educated refinement, but he was no less the skilled mischief-maker. Though he was a moral moron and bluntly manipulative, he was neither more evil nor more destructive than Wilson.

The confluence of pure evil in Europe

Hearst and Wilson presaged the eventual mix of genius, insight, and depravity that is found in the brilliant techniques of Adolf Hitler. What Wilson and Hearst did was done better, quicker, and more effectively by Hitler. That this fact is not generally noted and understood is tragically consequential.

Kindly consider: what could one expect from the attempts of Wilson and Hearst to manipulate the polity, but the resulting ambiguity and partial subservience of the press? As wordsmiths, the reporters understood the intellectual and moral advantages of a superficially benign but fundamentally fascistic regimen. Roosevelt was given virtually free reign to do for the USA what Hitler was doing for Germany.

In both cases, there was the state’s good, which was defined by those who truly understood; then there was the ignorant whining of the unenlightened segment of the polity. Where, in good conscience, can the press stand, when the elite is obviously trying desperately to elevate the underprivileged?

Ah, yes — the discussion has just turned to benefits. Note well: today, the Germans who lived through the critical years will tell you that Hitler prevented the return of catastrophic inflation, locked up the career criminals, fended off the communists (who were dangerously violent), and mobilized the German citizenry’s struggle to reclaim its natural position in Europe. What, exactly, is wrong with that? Moreover, why is the parallel to FDR ignored?

Well, evil can be disguised, and Hitler did it well. The only early hint that he was a homicidal maniac was his Jew-hatred, which was shared by an unknown percentage of the German-speaking population. In 1930, speculation about millions of murders to come, had it existed, would have been laughed off; Jews leaving Germany and Europe were generally considered pessimistic. Too, certainly no one understood the price the Poles would pay for being Germany’s neighbors (the thoroughly admirable Poles are the forgotten victims and heroes of the period).

After the war, and in the USA…

Over time, of course the US news media responded to this or that emergency by describing epicycles around FDR’s “progressive” beacons. Eventually there arrived National Public Radio, a delicious concoction of broadcasting that also revolved around the governmental apparatus. The old lessons had been learned. Patterns created by Wilson, Hearst, and FDR did not utterly fade away.

But…why, exactly, must the US federal apparatus have its own radio network? The question has never been answered to the satisfaction of this newsletter. One might as well ask why Washington might want a movie studio that competes with commercial firms, or why there are no federally produced “Killer Kerry” video games that reward their players with military medals.

That is not to forget public (which is a code word for “government”) television — but for this newsletter to determine whether PBS is today a voice of federal truth would require the purchase of a TV set, and there is no prospect of that. In any event, the relevant fact is that until the internet arrived, getting a TV program into US homes was too expensive for what one might think of as a project for individualists, or even for the political parties. Radio is much cheaper.

Well. Given the existence of government radio, who should be surprised by the emergence of “wingnut” radio?

Indeed, the “wingnut” response to Official Truth was inevitable. It was a mix of low cost, the universal principles of propagandistic appeals to a frustrated audience, and sheer partisan enthusiasm. Both Hitler and FDR would immediately understand it, though both would loathe it.


1. The effects of Wilson’s presidency, Hearst’s methods, the Great Depression, FDR’s rule, and the rise of “Progressivism” have combined to produce two unhappy results. The first is the expectation that sheer genius that sets aside mandated procedure can govern best, and the second is the fact that the voters’ perceptions of reality can be manipulated. The ideology of the press has been a powerful formative element in determining how the polity perceives both its elected officials and the goals the public sets for governance.

2. The federal constitution was left behind on this sad journey. As noted above, Wilsonian insanity long ago created a monetary system that is fatally flawed, exploitative, and extremely dangerous; the Federal Reserve is all that, and illegal. The mix of presidential amateurism and presumptuous leadership, all of it supported rather than denounced by the press, has set aside constitutional principles and procedures.

3. The USA is a nation governed ad hoc by a visionary elite that has often disgraced itself. Obama epitomizes that descent into folly. His unconstitutional commandments are legion, and his overall message has been destructive of the fundamentals that bolster a representative democracy, a free economy, and a peacemaker in a dangerous world that no longer respects the stabilizing concept of mutual assured destruction. He has built on a legacy of autocratic and wasteful misrule, now promising economic miracles, then blundering into shocking insanity in foreign policy. He remains an ungifted, economically ignorant amateur who is supported and protected by an ideologically compromised press.

4. As a consequence of bad history, the USA’s two biggest political parties honestly expect today’s voters to choose a new president who is literally unqualified to assume that office.

5. At this juncture, one must ask whether any genuinely capable candidate could possibly do the president’s job properly. The system is so misbegotten that it would bitterly resist efforts to impose constitutional restrictions and procedures.

The Taxonomy Of Politics

Thoughtful citizens can see the obvious need for non-descriptive terms in politics. “Democrat” and “Republican” can mean what you want them to, and fights over issues such as evolution, sexual preference, and economic/monetary policy can proceed within each party.

In his defense of the GOP (see the first Item in this Number), Gingrich glosses over some genuine points of political contention. For him, a Republican is a Republican, no matter how enlightened or Neanderthaloid his sentiments.

The catch: the broad utility of ambiguous party names is far from a recommendation for their adoption. The less the names specify, the more unsatisfactory they are to profoundly principled activists.

The weak, even anonymous nature of nonspecific nomenclature was immediately recognized by the founders of the Tea Party. The wordsTea Party identify and characterize the rebels at once; they declare an intention to target collectivist, authoritarian, and quasi-fascistic Republicans, while boldly criticizing most Democrats as tax- and power-hungry. The new “wingnut” faction wisely chose a defiant and evocative name.

That instinctive zeal merits this newsletter’s endorsement. The greater clarity of Tea Party, as opposed to the uninformative blandness ofRepublican and Democrat, is brilliant. Even socialist and communist pale by comparison.

That Star-Crossed Pipeline

In the continuing political struggle over “climate change”, the USA’s presidential decision to kill the Keystone pipeline is perhaps the most puzzling of all events. One would think that federal policy should be derived from facts, scientific reasoning, and fundamental logic. But, as an editorial in the Wall Street Journal says, “Even Mr. Obama conceded that Keystone is not ‘the express lane to climate disaster,’ and the State Department determined the pipeline would reduce CO2 emissions by displacing oil transport via truck and rail. Then why reject it?”

Well, The One Leader is afraid that if the USA does not do something dramatic, his political leadership as an opponent of “climate change” will be weakened. (You can read more at this website. Scroll down to the item on the pipeline.)

Clearly, Obama is desperate to style himself eager to lead the way in the global battle. He’s so bloody-minded about his prestige that he’s willing to increase CO2 emissions rather than back down. It’s insane; to understand the perverted logic, you have to begin by realizing that to Obama, what matters most is political power. He perceives that power as available if and only if he plays to an ignorant populace that is pathetically engaged in a faux struggle for survival.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, Pilgrims, and it demonstrates just how mistaken millions of voters were when they chose this charlatan to control the federal apparatus.

Hillary Must Be Sick To Death Of This — But It’s All Her Fault

This newsletter’s view is that Hillary belongs in court, begging the judge to let her off. Her disregard for security was elitist, blatant, autocratic, and offensive. Of course nobody dared tell her she had to follow procedures, like it or not; after all, how would you like to be the poor sap tasked with shutting her personal server down? Good grief, she’s Hillary!

Rules are for…the little people. More information is available here.

A Friend Of The Tramp Abroad Comments On The National Election In Turkey

My family sought refuge in Turkey back when Atatürk was still alive. They were forced to leave everything behind except for what they could carry. They arrived as foreigners and tried harder than anyone to integrate by embracing every value of the newly founded, modern and secular republic – to the point that they even gave up their mother tongue. Turkey provided my family with every opportunity to succeed, something they duly did through hard work and personal sacrifices which were rewarded by the Republic’s meritocratic system. Despite hardships, my mum and one aunt took the Hippocratic Oath while the other became a pharmacist. They represent the strong, independent and successful women, product of the Kemalist revolution, who have kept this Republic afloat for so long in what is sadly a male dominated and conservative society. My family adopted the new flag with such pride and carried Atatürk and his legacy with an immense passion in their hearts. Yet my family was always viewed as foreigners by most people.

This love was so strong that my mum and aunts – who are the first and seemingly also the last generation in Turkey – naturally spread the spark to me, my twin sister and cousin, even though we have grown up “abroad” with fathers from Norway and the USA respectively. Today, my sister and I protected our votes by monitoring the elections, while some nouveau riche or high society Turks were off on holiday. Words do not exist which sufficiently describe the disappointment that I feel today.

You reap what you sow. I will take an indefinite leave from commenting on the state of Turkish politics. There is so much that I would like to say but I will refrain from doing so. As of today, I have regretfully decided to stop breaking my back fighting for the future well-being of my fellow citizens. I cannot begin to express what a huge relief this is after all those years! I have finally come to realize that change cannot be forced upon people – however good your intentions are. It has to come from within – although this will unfortunately only come with the looming economic crisis caused by shortsightedness of the electorate for menial and temporary gains and privileges. Otherwise, you risk your good intentions backfiring and/or becoming the scapegoat (or the appropriately named French version of it: ‘tête de Turc’) for any failures. My deepest sympathies go to my fellow patriots – whether Kemalists, nationalists or socialists – who will have to endure this torture.

The only bright light is that the AKP will hold a super-majority when the shit hits the fan (mark my words – 2 years max) and then there will be no one else to blame! There is nothing more left to say when half the country stubbornly votes for a regime that is responsible for huge corruption scandals; fueling domestic terrorism; creating and supporting ISIL (ISIS); applying a constant state of fear and pressure on its own citizens; polarizing the nation on ethno-religious and political grounds; jailing journalists, generals and opposition politicians on fabricated charges; controlling the judiciary and buying the media; privatizing and selling off all of Turkey’s industry to foreign investors; and a lot lot more of which the main one is taking us back to the Stone Age. Atatürk was a once-in-a-century man and he was too good for you!

I am hurting so much right now. My last sentence is dedicated to you Turks living in Europe, who voted overwhelming for Erdoğan and his dictatorial Islamist regime, while living so comfortably as dual citizens in democratic countries governed by the rule of law, in an election that will affect how people in Turkey will have to lead their lives these next 4 years whilst you take advantage of Western values, freedoms and rights – shame on you! Good night! I rest my case.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

The rise of xenophobia in Germany is unmistakable…

…while refugee immigrants can teach us all a lesson.

If this is true, the US military succumbed to new depths of depravity. Here is a related article.

This little tyke is pretty impressive at twelve months of age. Four months later, he’s back in front of the camera. “Good job!”

“Get outta my class if you feel offended!” Here’s more on the columnist: One and Two.

Amazing! Bureaucrats have found a way to change historical temperatures! Nature is in the hands of The Powers That Be…. Instances: One,Two, Three, Four, and Five.

In remembrance: the ninth of November, 1989.

Six years old, and…suspended from school…for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow. Here’s the story in this report, and then more here. Sheeesh! It’s a good thing that I grew up in the 60s; today I would probably be arrested.

Now for some things you might want to worry about if you reside in the USA: first, if 25% of this article is correct, begin worrying. Then see this assertion of interest to Jews and everybody else; finally, there is this claim, which should upset New Yorkers.

Veterans who have seen combat need to be taken care of, no matter how they left the military. Yet there is this, and — worse yet — an outrageous incident.

Hmmm. Something smells fishy in Turkey. Here’s Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks webcasts to tell you the story behind the recent election in Turkey.

Amazing stop-action animation from the 1930’s.

There is a definite need for more people like this: she’s a natural marriage counselor and philosopher with a global grasp of mankind’s discontents. And she’s six.

Ordinary Links

The oft-repeated claim that 97% of “climate scientists” believe anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a proven fact has never been directly addressed by this newsletter. That was a regrettable omission. Here are the facts that should have been available here long ago; by all means, click and discover! As soon as you understand where and how the 97% lie originated, you should visit another video; it is a twelve minute explanation of why AGW is nonsense. It includes some beautiful photography…and tons of excellent information. These links deserve to be passed along! — As noted in the video, the fuss is over the rather technical subject of feedback. Information on that is available here.

Some folks have a clear vision of how to improve education in the USA; others have motives to promote a continuation of the current scheme. A guiding principle of good governance in a democratic republic is “Examine alternatives”.

“A sincere belief in Paradise takes the guard rails off civilization”. Yes. The context: trying to reform Islam is a monumental task — virtually impossible, but the effort must be made.

This is a surprise: some of Obama’s unconstitutional ukases have been declared unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. Twenty-six states had asked the court to correct The One Leader’s…er…mistake. What’s not surprising is that the court’s cheeky decision was not unanimous. The feds want to appeal to the supreme court, but that might be impossible before Obama’s term of office is over. It’s very unlikely that the Supremes will refuse to hear the case. More information is available here.

The Dean notes an excellent article on AGW. It is as good a concise summary of the issue as one could want. Highly recommended!

Reader JW wonders what this report in the Bangkok Post actually means. Well, this is a highly plausible explanation. The Crown Prince is both hated and feared, and his assassination has long been contemplated by elements of the Thai military. If he is perceived as close to ascending to the throne, very little can be ruled out.

Most of the many claims made for marijuana’s curative powers are nonsense. One might as well say that opium is good for acne. Like all drugs, marijuana is helpful for certain conditions. Here is an example of yet another claim that looks foolishly optimistic.

Whether the authors of this book are correct is not for this newsletter to say; their account does, however, bid fair to be reasonable (which means that further research ought to be able to provide reliable answers). The conditions under study include chronic fatigue syndrome and autism. For more information, view this video from 2010.

Of interest to Linux users: reader JW suggests this complaint, and then how Torvalds responds to it. This newsletter feels Torvalds is correct. Meanwhile, it seems as if Linux is now the predominant OS on the desktop — or is that an incorrect interpretation of the post? Those who recall the bad old days, when Linux users were agonizing over the fact that their OS was so unpopular, can be forgiven for waxing exultant today. But who cares, really? After all, every individual should be free to use the tools he prefers. End of report.

Press bias: the bitter GOP.

Hillary’s people say they did nothing wrong, but will clean up the non-mess anyhow. By now, Hillary must have gotten the message: cover up what you can, deny everything, and when cornered, blame The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. It should work: lots of voters consider the Clintons a royal family of a sort.

This video explains how Israel prevented Saddam Hussein from creating a nuclear bomb. Later, US voters put The One Leader in charge of their nation’s federal government, and today…well, you see, Iran…that is to say…oh, my.

For science lovers who are looking for the next Copernicus: here it is.

Oops! How did this proposed rule escape this newsletter’s notice? In the USA, sugar might be required to be listed on the label in the same way all other ingredients are. And the impact on consumers? No one knows yet, but every manufacturer of carbonated drinks and breakfast cereal should have plenty to worry about. The ripples might force changes in patterns of investment, as well as alter the statistics that define the national public health profile. If the proposed rule is adopted, expect this newsletter to tell you to start reading those labels!

The US federal government has started releasing thousands of criminals from prison without requiring them to serve their full sentences. Scary? No. In fact it’s a policy that is long overdue, and will be good for the nation. (Too, it does not appear to have been thought of by The One Leader.)

Frankly, this climate alarmism reminds of Jehovah’s Witnesses predicting that the world would end in 1914. (Of course the sect denies its leaders ever made such a statement.) In a few years, Warmers will be similarly explaining their current hysterical rhetoric as rational, but just a little bit wrong. Simple truth: for some scientists and sages, Cassandra is a role model — recall, please, the 1970 Earth Day predictions reported in Number 144 of this newsletter. That was another humiliating instance of the intellectual elite’s gullibility.

This is double trouble for the AGW Cult. Look at the specifics.