The most pervasive myth about (college) campus censorship and free speech is that this war was fought long ago and free speech won.

The USA’s Federal Government Versus The Constitution

This newsletter’s review of Professor Hamburger’s book is an attempt to alert you to the unconstitutional nature of much of the US federal bureaucracy. (If that sounds odd to you, do examine the case against the “administrative” powers of the USA’s federal government; begin with that review). Obviously virtually everyone has ignored Hamburger’s meticulous scholarship. That is a tragedy.

As this brief report indicates, federal agents have discovered that they can issue “administrative subpoenas” that are honored by individuals and private businesses. Using those utterly invalid documents as if they were genuine warrants, federal agents are able to obtain the medical records, including the social security numbers, of everyone in the USA. Yes: that does mean that constitutionally unauthorized authority is being illegally used to coerce or deceive people into agreeing to cooperate with “officials” who are acting outside the law.

Warrants are supposed to be issued by judges, not by agencies. Nobody seems to remember that simple truth when an authentic-looking document demanding information is presented by this or that bureau. Congress might even have passed a law that is claimed to give a bureau judicial power; that is not, however, legitimate, as all judicial authority is constitutionally vested in the judiciary.

“Administrative subpoenas” are of concern because they are identical to the demands of a fascist dictatorship.

The justification for this massive hoax is that the unconstitutionally created agencies involved claim they “need” quick access to the private records in question.

To grasp how this blatant travesty came to be, you do need to understand exactly why “administrative” federal agencies are unconstitutional — and you need to know that the judiciary and Congress have taken no steps to end malpractice. (Read Hamburger’s definitive book.)

Obama, The One Leader, is an avid employer of unconstitutional means to extend his power. He is by no means the biggest abuser of the federal constitution, however. The many “quasi-legislative, quasi-judicial, quasi-executive” federal bureaus are by far the greatest wielders of illicit authority. They make fake laws (called “rules”), issue fake regulations and fake warrants, judge the guilt or innocence of the populace, and impose penalties and fines. They act as if they were authorized to legislate, adjudicate, and make policy. They are constitutionally prohibited from doing any of those things, but virtually no one seems to know that.

Well. Is this a battle worth fighting? Absolutely. Your constitutionally protected rights are being systematically denied you by an apparatus that pretends to govern legally, ethically, and in your service.

What is the best way to impose the ethics and propriety required by the constitution? By constitutional amendment.

These folks plan to do it.

A Quandary That Should Not Exist

Ted Koppel, former TV talking head, has written a book explaining that computer-savvy Islamofascists and Russians and Chinese could literally incapacitate the electric power grid of huge parts of the USA. He claims it probable that nefarious computer software is already in the USA’s electricity network, just waiting to be triggered; he also says the USA likely has done the same to the Russian and Chinese power grids. That would amount to a new version of the old MAD (mutual assured destruction) standoff. Unfortunately Islam’s warriors have no reason whatsoever to fear retaliation in kind. North Korea must also be considered undeterred — and the people running that hellhole are seriously dangerous.

What to do? Evacuate millions of people in a few days, only to put them in a part of the nation that will then suffer its own blackout? Stockpile huge quantities of supplies, hoping the food will not run out before the problem can be fixed?

Solutions are thin on the ground.

Meanwhile, this newsletter suggests unplugging the power grid from the telephone lines. Yes: that means generation and delivery of electricity should be controlled by an isolated computing center that no cracker can possibly call up on his Samsung or Cray.

Why that was not done in the first place seems too simple a question to have to ask. But there it is.

Whether Koppel answers that question satisfactorily this newsletter cannot say. In any event, the US public deserves an answer.

Instead the Powers That Be babble on about firewalls and encryption. Those are challenging puzzles, not definitive security measures. Crackers will beaver away at getting through whatever barriers can be set up, and eventually, because firewalls and encryption can not forever withstand attacks, the Bad Guys will succeed. The lesson for the USA: investing in breakable toys when you want absolute security is madness.

It gets worse. Some day fairly soon, quantum computers will exist. That will render passwords obsolete and end the utility of today’s encryption and firewalls. The practice of computer security will necessarily be redefined.

Next, recall Stuxnet: that was physically smuggled into the telephonically sealed Iranian weapons shops. If the US power grid’s control systems are to be genuinely isolated, constant monitoring of all their software and hardware will be essential.

So: the public needs to demand to know who made this mess in the first place, and then find out who hired those unimaginative drones. Everybody who still believes in firewalls and cryptography should be fired and replaced by people who can think straight. The task for the new hires: undo the stunning blunder.

Struggling With Fundamentals

Refugees from violence are streaming out of the Middle East, and many hope to take up residence in Western nations. Of course Islamofascists will come with them. Should Europe and the USA welcome Muslims, thereby inviting violence?

The One Leader has declared that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. Before you consider that simple declaration, be clear as to its context. Perspective is essential to an adequate understanding of meaning.

There are, of course, additional facts and chains of logic to be considered. Read critically these remarks of Sam Harris:

1. “Moderates in every faith are obliged to loosely interpret (or simply ignore) much of their canons in the interests of living in the modern world.”

2. (Moderation in religion) “has nothing underwriting it other than the unacknowledged neglect of the letter of the divine law.”

3. “While moderation in religion may seem a reasonable position to stake out…it offers no bulwark against religious extremism and religious violence. From the perspective of those seeking to live by the letter of the texts, the religious moderate is nothing more than a failed fundamentalist.”

4. “Religious moderation is the product of secular knowledge and scriptural ignorance — and it has no bona fides, in religious terms, to put it on a par with fundamentalism.”

5. “…the greatest problem confronting civilization is not merely religious extremism: rather, it is the larger set of cultural and intellectual accommodations we have made to faith itself. Religious moderates are, in large part, responsible for the religious conflict in our world, because their beliefs provide the context in which scriptural literalism and religious violence can never be adequately opposed.”

Source: chapter one of The End Of Faith, ISBN 0-7432-6809-1.

The problem facing Western Civilization is the sheer existence of a bloodthirsty faith. That faith’s insane commandments are selectively ignored by most who claim to accept its teachings.

Yes, at base Islam is bloodthirsty and insane. This newsletter will not quote the many bellicose commandments conveyed from God to Mohammed by the Archangel Gabriel. Indeed a single charge sums up the responsibility of all who hold the Koran sacred: when encountering unbelievers, “Slay them wherever you find them” (source: 2:190-93).

A rational Westerner will note the excruciating difficulty of the problem: one wishes to help pitiable refugees, even as one weighs the risks. Surely not all in the West are willing to take extraordinary chances in order to do good works. Can the political systems of the world live comfortably with the millions who honestly believe in the Koran? Will terrified refugees report the presence in their ranks of suicidally angry holy warriors?

The prospects are unpredictable, inestimable, and terrifying. The World Trade Center and the Boston Marathon bombing and much moreall argue convincingly that the West has excellent reason to fear Muslims.

However: the real challenge to the modern world is neither a military nor a police problem; it is the intense difficulty of dragging an enormous faith into the twenty-first century.

How can that Sisyphean task be performed by a free and tolerant society? Will it not be necessary to increase exponentially the power of the West’s “security” apparatus?

The question should be rephrased: can Liberty survive the inevitable transgressions of agencies such as the stunningly ambitious NSA?


This newsletter has no hope that the political establishments of Europe, North America, and Oceania are inventive and wise enough to meet the challenge responsibly.

Call it the price paid for the goodness of heart that demands the pathetic refugees be welcomed.

Prepare, therefore. Your freedom and privacy will be the first casualties. That’s more than bad enough…but consider, too, that the West’s best efforts, no matter how technologically inventive and intrusive, can not possibly make you and your family safe.

How tragic, how curious, how perverse: history and reason reveal that holy sentiments too often make life hellish.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Do you know who is behind Fisker Motors? And how its backers got a $529 million loan from the US taxpayers? Here’s news from 2009; and then more from 2011; finally, there is this from 2013.

What do Hillary and the current president of Turkey (RTE) have in common? Both are thin-skinned. See this and then another post. In a nutshell: Los Angeles radio hosts John and Ken call the owner of the comedy club, Jamie Masada, and get an explanation that begins about 45 seconds into this clip. As for RTE, the president of Turkey, I refer to him here because whenever any journalist or satirical magazine writes something critical of him or pokes fun at him, he takes his critics to court — as this indicates. Thin-skinned, both of them….

Twenty-one easy steps for a Syrian refugee to take to be admitted to asylum in the USA. A piece of cake!

This assessment is right on, and seems to be the best option given the current situation. The worst thing one can do when a course of action does not work is to stick with it. It’s important to be flexible: change tactics to cope with evolving situations and environments.

When a Saudi Arabian princess isn’t at home in her harem in Jeddah, she looks like this.

This nails modern educayshun.

A bit of history shows that the US, Canada and Cuba have not always been so gracious to refugees seeking asylum.

The roots of English go back to Old Norse, which contributed a lot more to the vocabulary of today’s English than most folks realize. (Ed.: Yes, interesting, and recommended.)

Cynicism at its best.

I assume the point being made here is, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. I don’t follow Aljazeera, but it seems rather daring of them to publish this piece. Here’s a biographical note on Mark Levine, the item’s author.

Here’s an interesting assessment of the current situation. An excerpt: after the slaughter in Paris, “…the Internet and the airwaves alike have been filled with profound waves of self-serving nonsense and stupidity from left and right alike”.

The Made in Germany label has indeed been severely tarnished.

How did Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Islam give rise to ISIS? Here’s a clarification. — Note, by the way, that there are many other informative articles to be found on this website.

Ordinary Links

This comes as a surprise, and thanks go to reader JW for tipping this newsletter off to the report. Wow! …. And then…consider the implications of this commentary: it does seem as if the US government was (or still is) attempting to discourage industry from providing protocols for encryption that do not include “back doors” for use by NSA and other agencies. If you want privacy, you will have to create a novel way of communicating. Hint: look up “one-off pads”.

A dying town in Colorado sends several big messages to the nation. Recommended.

Did you hear about this? Somehow it slipped past this newsletter.

It’s interesting that in this careful examination of the roles played by the FBI and CIA in the “9/11” catastrophe, the name Gorelick does not appear. Yet she is mentioned in twenty-six Numbers of this newsletter as a very important figure in the debate over how the CIA and FBI managed to find no way to prevent Arabs from destroying the World Trade Center and damaging the Pentagon. (Heroic passengers on United 93 prevented the villains from attacking an unknown target in Washington DC.) So you know what Jamie did. (You can suggestNumber 333 of this newsletter to friends and correspondents who are unaware of the facts. Tell them to scroll down to the headline, “Reprint: The New Stratification of US Society…”).

Is Hillary corrupt? That depends on your definition of the word, which in turn depends on your politics. “…anyone who gave big bucks to the thinly disguised political slush fund that masquerades as the Clinton family charity always expected and got something in return…. Clinton understands all too well that her record with respect to fundraising doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.” (Source). Hillary is an expedient multi-tasker who knows how to game the play.

This can’t be good. The Islamist challenge to Western Civilization must be countered by robust economic activity, among other responses. Yet…. Well, click on the link and ponder.

Sabrina De Sousa is trying to clear her name. The former CIA employee has been convicted (by an Italian court) of kidnapping and complicity in a plot to have a firebrand Islamic cleric sent to Egypt to be tortured. She claims she had nothing to do with the conspiracy. Such matters, referred to as “extraordinary extraditions” and “renditions”, appear to have been open secrets between the officials of several nations, including the USA. This video is an attempt to unravel one of many such illegal and counterproductive schemes that everyone in power — including Hillary — is more than willing to ignore and forget.

Note that e-mail messages Hillary considered unworthy of standard security measures are now being put through “…a multi-level review by layers of State reviewers and subject matter experts, as well as intelligence community officials detailed to the Clinton email review process” before they are released. The fact that such an intense process is considered necessary raises serious questions about Hillary’s judgment.

Here’s a video some folks in the USA will find scary. As the real estate salesman says, “Location, location, location”.

More faked temperature data have proceeded from the US federal apparatus…after all, the AGW dogma must be defended!

Hillary’s understanding of crime and imprisonment is extraordinarily sloppy, as this brief piece makes clear. She seems to assume that her audience is either delusional, ignorant, or just plain stupid.