…the public ferment over how to read the biblical creation story is relentless — and understandably so, for the dispute is about nothing less than what it means to be right.

The Discontents

This is a time of high anxiety. “Terrorists”, inspired by the perception that Western Civilization can no longer compete with its antithesis, are…terrfying. Common sense dictates a realistic view of religiously motivated murderers, but the media distort the truth. Return, for just a few moments, to reality: read two specific Numbers of this newsletter: 001, and 176. They clarify the role of the media in weakening the US public’s resolve to demand, and then rely on, the best defense against homicidal insanity: a resolute constitutional government.

With that background information in place, you are ready to consider the current distress. Islamic “extremists” (that is, people who have read, understood, and accepted the Koran and hadith) are doing battle with the civilization that has, since the Crusades, set Islam aside as toxic. Eventually oil wealth exacerbated tribal competition, and customary Islamic violence increased. Iran emerged as one of the most incendiary faith-based communities in Islam, and its humiliation of Jimmy Carter’s USA was a signal event, even for Sunnis. Latent antagonisms grew and evolved, and the West found itself targeted by “asymmetrical” violence. Removing Saddam Hussein from power was a plus that quickly devolved to a minus as US policy, unprepared for the consequences of a power vacuum in Iraq, floundered.

Clearly, the West was perceived as vulnerable; had it, after all, prevailed in Korea and Vietnam? Then when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was clear that Islam could be the beneficiary of the failures of the world’s greatest powers. Islam in all its permutations was offered a spectacular opportunity to emerge as a modern global force.

Obama’s puzzling lack of solidarity with Israel, as well as his attempt to punish the leadership of the Islamofascist gangs, indicated that the president had not at all understood activist Islam’s fury. Of course that precipitated maladaptive policy; for example, Bin Laden and other prominent leaders were to be assassinated. It was tacitly assumed that their foot soldiers would simply go home, undefeated.

That strategic error meant that a world without Israel gained credibility as a realistic goal for Jew-haters everywhere. Further, the Pentagon still does not realize that Islam’s holy warriors can win their wars without being commanded by generals. Few in the US power structure seem to understand the full implications of fanatical faith.

Then there is the extremely interesting fact that the USA is willing to live with a Pakistani nuclear weapon. How, then, could it oppose an Iranian equivalent? Obviously it could not, as Obama and Kerry have recently demonstrated.

Obamoid foreign policy has cooperated with Islamic insanity at each step. It allowed Iraq to sink back into chaos while Iran emphasized — no, loudly proclaimed — its desire to exterminate Jews en masse. No one dared accuse Tehran or Obama of Hitlerian bigotry, of course. The result of that reluctance has increased violence in Europe and intensified the threat of similar atrocities in the USA, Canada, and Oceania. A signal evil of Nazi policy has made no impact on the ethical sensibilities of the West’s leading lights. It is as if Hitler’s ghost were determined to negate the benefits of the Allies’ victory.

Of course anxiety in the Occident is increasing dramatically. Predictions of financial collapse are growing more common; that undermines the trust that is so important to the economy. As the USA pushes on with its high taxes and anti-business policies, even the effectiveness of government itself is being increasingly questioned. Islamist hopes can only be encouraged as Western pessimism rises.

The way out

It is not too late: the USA could lower its corporate taxes substantially, bring huge amounts of money home, ignore old-fashioned crackpots like “Squaw” Liz Warren, and improve its chances of financial survival. None of that is likely under any leader who is at all like Obama.

Yet…perhaps Hillary will not win; after all, it could be that a majority of the US electorate sees both the press and the politicians realistically. The possibilities might be the stuff of dreams, but…

…one dream leads to another: if the US press abandoned its “Progressive” bias, the electorate would probably respond by abandoning Trump. Of course the bizarre candidate can only benefit as the political establishment continues to alienate the voters; if the press defected and supported rational reform, Trump could be set aside, and the insanity of yet more amateur governance might be evaded.

As things stand, however, many voters feel they must endorse the only truly non-political candidate. That is one result of the long-term commitment the press has made to the fantasy of neo-Marxism. That ideological intransigence runs deep: “Progressives”, as Elizabeth Powers puts it in a recent issue of Commentary, “…imagine that everyone should share their opinions, and if others do not, there is something wrong with them”.

What’s next? This newsletter insists that current US policies are feckless against Islamofascism and corrosive of the constitution. With each Obamoid attempt to improve the security of the US populace, an overtly fascistic agenda of surveillance and repression will unfold. (Hillary, whose comprehension of security issues is obviously imbecilic, presents multiple dangers.)

A catastrophic future is not at all certain

Israel just might destroy the Iranian weapon shops, thereby not only securing its future but reducing US influence in international relations to an absurd pretense. John Bolton, are you available?

(Heavy sigh.) Yes, these are parlous times. It is true that the West’s lack of resolve presents a problem that, in the past, would have been a prelude to years of global war. Today, however, there is some possibility that a significant portion of the earth’s population might understand the folly that has both distorted the vision of the press and burdened the West with culturally alienated leaders such as Obama. Understanding can give rise to wisdom.

If that positive development can be paired with limited military action that de-fangs the lunatic Iranians and frustrates the “terrorists” (there is no need to “punish” their leaders), humanity might be able to avoid worldwide conflagration.

So mote it be.


The problem with Trump is that he is unqualified to be president of the USA. He has no political experience, the wrong education (economics), and the wrong temperament for the job.

He is, therefore, a candidate who strongly appeals to a significant fraction of the electorate. His strongest supporters have been sickened by the ruling elite’s neo-Marxism and Utopian fantasies. In short, thank Obama for Trump’s candidacy.

Can Trump win? Possibly. Everything will depend on how the voters react when Trump takes the gloves off and explains that having the Clintons back in the White House would be a disgrace.

Indeed Trump is angry and determined enough to remind the voters that Slick Willy is a charismatic, calculating, exploitative and conscienceless villain…who is very like Bill Cosby.

If he warms to his task, Trump can do Hillary great damage. He can point out that Slick’s wife does not have the self-respect required to walk away from her canting consort; instead she cites a “bimbo explosion” and the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” as the actual sources of his appalling reputation. She has used her resources to harass and intimidate Slick’s partners/victims into silence. In truth, that amounts to complicity in rape.

Look it up: use a good search engine, and enter the terms “bill clinton lolita express island”. Then try “bill clinton rape”. Yes, some of what you will find is probably exaggerated, and some could be untrue. Yet…

…what civilized nation would welcome as its leader someone selfishly enmeshed in the voluntary toleration of addictive debauchery?

Hillary shares Slick’s contempt for conventional discretion, and they both feel they can evade inevitable consequences. Those are psychological attributes of career criminals.

Further, it is conceivable that Slick, as a potential victim of blackmail, might pose a security threat to President Hillary.

Honestly, now: do you believe Trump will hold back? What about the man indicates that he will not cite Slick’s obsession in order to demonstrate Hillary’s stubbornly injudicious nature?

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Why do people become Islamic extremists? I expect it is hard to generalize, but here is one explanation. Consider too the view of Haroon Ullah at Prager University. His weblog is here, and his LinkedIn biography is available.

Has World War III already begun?

The USA’s IRS and Department of State are in cahoots: they plan to catch tax evaders by revoking or denying passports.

Doing Well By Doing Good Department: Dump your oil stocks, and make Al Gore richer.

If you do not laugh at one of these, click the “Show More” button.

This French initiative may become almost a copy of the Turkish system. In Turkey, the Diyanet (Presidium for Religious Affairs) oversees the operations of all (Sunni) mosques in the country. It also trains and licenses the imams, as well as issues the weekly sermon that is read in all mosques every Friday — yes, the same sermon text is read to the faithful; imams do not write their own sermons.

Here’s very interesting Turkish commentary on the shooting down of a Russian jet (that landed in Syria). Turkey is interested in defusing the situation, according to this report.

Have intelligence reports intended for Obama been edited to present a rosy picture? Well, some folks claim that the president doesn’t read the intelligence reports on subjects/targets he is not interested in. See this and then another similar report. It could be that Obama is saying that he wants nothing but straight facts; perhaps he feels that would fend off mere rumors.

Sometimes you find genius and creative abilities in the most unexpected places. Kelvin has a great message to the teaching world and industry in general: see this and then this. Kelvin could probably teach Ahmed Mohamed a thing or two. By the way, here is the original video that appeared on YouTube. It now has more than 9.7 million views.

You are going a little bit overboard here, Guys.

Hackers are providing information to the intelligence community — and saving lives.

Has a town in Michigan called Hamtramck adopted Sharia? Read two reports: first here, and then here. Are those stories revelations of an Islamofascist takeover, an example of alarmist “wingnut” exaggeration…or a bunch of outright lies? Well, the Wikipedia article on Hamtramck does not indicate that the city is under Shariah. The current mayor is Karen Majewski. There are six members and two alternates on the city council; of the six main members, three appear to have Arab or Muslim-like names, while three members have non-Arab last names. The two alternates both have Arabic-sounding names. It looks as if it is a balanced, 3-to-3, city council with a women of Polish descent serving as mayor. A search of the city charter shows no references to alcohol being forbidden anywhere. The HamtramckBlowout Days is a four-day festival with 200 bands celebrated in “bars all over the neighborhood.” The Hamtramck Facebook page shows quite a few bars and other “typically American” things to do. Sharia?

This should be a Winter Olympics event — ice skating and …!

This cartoon is making the rounds and causing a bit of tension. Some say it is spot on, while others claim it is inciting hatred between different sects.


Ordinary Links

“The rest of the world is not that stupid.”

Polar bears, snow leopards, and the Warmer Cult: on balance, a farce. But…the kits are cute!

Consciousness is the great unsolved puzzle of both science and philosophy. Recent research might be pointing in a profitable direction — and if that suggestion can be conclusively disproved, considerable progress will have been made toward the discovery of a path that leads to an understanding of what consciousness is and how it arises. The conversation with Dr. Hameroff documented in this video is neither brief nor readily accessible, but it is very exciting. Before viewing it, you might want to glance at this newsletter’s reviews of books by Tallis (here) and Nagel (here).

Reader JW reminds everybody that the Russians and the French are doing what they can, while the USA…well, see for yourself. Hmmm.

Marijuana is not for everybody. Further, don’t assume that if a little is OK, somehow there is no such thing as too much. This newsletter’s editor remains uninterested in trying the drug, and you would probably be wise to follow his lead (smoke in the lungs? Ugh!). That said, you deserve the legal right to use marijuana; after all, you have the right to drink alcoholic beverages. On balance, marijuana legalization — not just decriminalization — is a good idea, because it will eliminate much of the harm currently associated with recreational use of the plant. Marijuana intoxication will forever be a much smaller problem than alcohol intoxication.

JW suggests this: “Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist Receipt”. Not everybody is a jerk.

Fascist tactics at the University of Missouri: some students and faculty members recently physically blocked the press from exercising its first amendment right. Watch this video of activists enforcing a “media-free” zone on the campus, and then see a subsequent report on the aftermath. The US constitution is not universally recognized in institutions of higher education…but should that surprise you? After all, the document is often ignored in the White House.

If these guys are right — well, Katie, bar the door!