Westerners who disdain cultural relativism, who are willing to denounce barbarism when they see it, and who believe that the West, indeed, is the centerpoint of civilization today, are dismissed as haters.

Coping With The Homicidal Religious Fanatics In The Civilian Population Of The USA

Yes, the FBI is in a bind over how it investigates US residents who might be Islamofascist warriors. This clarifies the problem (do read it).

The subject is profoundly difficult. In fact even evaluating the performance of the Obama administration is a challenge. The uncertain future can appear extraordinarily dangerous, and hideously so if you happen to be Jewish. Surely some imaginative proposals should be presented, debated, and given a chance to reduce the obvious threat.

Accordingly, this newsletter suggests that it could be that the USA’s best defense against the crazed Muslims in its population would be to encourage decent citizens to defend themselves with firearms. That, coupled with the elimination of “gun-free zones”, would change the environment that currently works to the advantage of bloodthirsty lunatics. (See Gingrich’s view on this.)

The grim truth is that soft targets invite mass murder. People deserve at least the opportunity to shoot back, even if that leads to wild gunfights in public places.

That’s a horrible scenario, and unfortunately, it is not fantastic. When contemplating reality, consider the possibilities unemotionally. For example: do you believe murderous Islamists will ever plot to attack a gun show?

Note that the current policy makes an NRA convention safe, while a church social is at risk.

Further, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away….

But there are bombs, aren’t there? What good is your pistol if your hospital is brought down by explosives in the basement?

The technology available to murderers is diverse and hellishly destructive, as the Oklahoma bombing of a federal office building demonstrates. The only defense against explosives is efficient vigilance. At every level of government and society, people must be alert — and they must know that they can depend on professional assistance if they report probable danger. One can only do one’s best….

Finally, the federal government must make sure that the CIA and the FBI may and do talk to each other. That means Gorelick’s idiotic federal ban on such exchanges of information must be explicitly and publicly revoked. Do see “Can NSA, CIA, and FBI Prevent Another September 11, 2001 Attack?” in Number 333 of this newsletter.

Who is talking this candidly and realistically about these issues? The world is inflamed by insane religiosity; doesn’t that call for candor? How forthright have the candidates for political office been? Are they cowards, fearful of being damned as bigots if they speak the truth? Do you sincerely believe the current political structure can deal realistically with Islamofascism’s blood lust?

Are Vaccines Safe?

A high-profile lawyer insists that corruption and unconscionable greed have destroyed the morality of both science and health care; he’s a Kennedy — yes, one of Bobby’s children — and he’s really really upset (ooh, golly, whatever are we gonna do?). He says that greedy rascals are manufacturing incredibly harmful vaccines and a corrupt government is imposing the toxins on a gullible populace.

(A search engine will lead you to lots of claims that Kennedy is correct. For a small charge, you can download an mp3 file of his bitter denunciations of the villains he insists are poisoning people. That rant is available at the above link.)

The issues are complex, and have been endlessly investigated by a broad range of specialists, physicians, officials, activists, and media types. Countering Kennedy’s arguments is intensely difficult — here, for example, is one attempt. For the layman, it’s not easy reading.

This newsletter believes that Kennedy’s passionate accusations are evidence of a firmly closed mind. His personality tends to excessive zeal, as indicated by his naive belief that 97 per cent of climate scientists endorse the Obamoid version of anthropogenic global warming (see this). Regarding both AGW and vaccines, Kennedy has chosen his position, and, as is characteristic of a True Believer, he intends to defend that sacred ground.

Following the unfolding science is much more difficult than investing emotionally in a preselected position. Over the years, this newsletter has noted the progress of climate science, and it is also aware of some of the many changes that have resulted in today’s vaccines.

NB: To accuse the leaders of a huge industry and the government of the USA of collusion in a scheme to defraud and knowingly ruin the health of at least hundreds of thousands of trusting persons is to level a monstrous charge. Of course Kennedy should be facing astronomically huge lawsuits. He has doubtless craftily avoided that by availing himself of legal counsel before publishing.

Perspective, please: consider the shock caused by Volkswagen’s dishonesty regarding Diesel emissions. Kennedy claims an entire industry and the US government have done and continue to do something infinitely worse.

True Believers, whether they preach about climate or health, stake out inflexible positions, and mindlessly chant their articles of faith. “We are responsible for the coming climate catastrophe.” “Vaccines are causing autism because evil rich men want to be richer.” These obsessive fantasies are always populated by imaginary villains who behave with appalling depravity.

Trying to help True Believers realize they are wrong is a hopeless undertaking.

Like all crusaders who assert the Stygian degeneracy of huge segments of the health care system, Kennedy is not a credible source of useful information. If he is right about anything, that’s purely accidental.

The Tramp Abroad On Modern Turkey: A New Ottoman Empire?

Many people think that Erdoğan is attempting to resurrect the Ottoman Empire (ah, the good old days!). It starts with his acting like a Sultan; he is issuing decrees and getting involved in issues that the Turkish constitution does not allow the president to do. Remember, Turkey is a constitutional, secular republic with a Prime Minister who is supposed to act as the head of Government. The President is supposed to be Head of State, whose function is to represent and give perfunctory approval to laws that have been passed by the parliament and the Prime Minister. It is very similar to the German system with the Bundestag (Parliament), Bundeskanzler (Federal Chancellor), and Bundespräsident (Federal President). While he was still Prime Minister, Erdoğan made no secret of the fact that he wanted to change the constitution to give the president more powers, much like the unconstitutional powers the president exercises under the USA’s de factosystem of government. Even though the constitution still has not been changed, he is already acting as if it had been.

Then there is the opulent new palace he has constructed. In the beginning, he said it was to be a new Prime Minister’s residence. But when it was a sure thing that he would become President, he changed it to a Presidential Palace. It is claimed that it is the largest residence of any head of state in the world. There are something like 1,000 rooms and 7,000 windows; the cost was around $700 million or more. He now has an honor guard that even dresses like the Janissary soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. The single teacup (from the company Paşabahçe) costs more than the minimum monthly wage of a Turkish worker. For more from Wikipedia: One, Two, Three.

There is a complication: Russia claims to have proof that Erdoğan and his family are involved in illicit oil trade with ISIS (more here; Erdoğan fires back at Putin for accusing Turkey of purchasing oil from ISIS: “If you can prove it, I shall resign!” This video allegedly shows a Russian air attack on trucks transporting diesel oil for ISIS). The Russians say they are going to share the (satellite imagery) information with the US-led coalition. If the Russians do share what they say they will, I predict the shit is going to hit the fan.

Addendum: Is a character from Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings offensive to Turkey’s president? Well, a court will determine that in a couple of months.

Fake Weather Data

Proving AGW with fraudulent information is too often thought of as devotion to the welfare of humanity.

You almost certainly never heard of any of this. Why? It’s past time to be more critical of the news media.

The Paris syndrome: politicians find a faith-based excuse to impose confiscatory taxation.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

For a bite-sized introduction to massive changes in how international trade is to be conducted, see this brief video. It summarizes an agreement that evidently will hold and exercise supra-national authority. Professor Hamburger would be appalled!

This newsletter is profoundly impressed by cautions that warn against granting regulatory authority to bodies that are not accountable to the public.

TPP falls short in two additional areas: first, all markets for goods and services, whether local or international, should be as free as possible; that means all participants must be able to compete openly, fairly, and honestly. At the same time, each nation can make rules regarding exports and imports. Giving the TPP any degree of control over trade across borders is an unnecessary complexity that can and probably will infringe on all nations’ rights.

Second, the TPP includes some nations and excludes many. Why? How does that benefit free trade? If TPP is an attempt at tariff reduction, can’t that be pursued nation-to-nation? If it proves beneficial, why won’t it spread as sellers press to sell more and buyers argue for lower prices?

Finally, how to stop TPP? That question was obviously the first concern of TPP’s promoters, and they have done a good job of making sure that — so far, at least — it has no answer.

That should tell you something….

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Editor’s note: This link is to a video of a conversation between a TV host and a reporter/author, Jürgen Todenhöfer. It is entirely in the German language, but…because there is a possibility that you might know someone who can translate for you…. More: this is an English-language document you will find on Todenhöfer’s web page. It is explosive — but seems to have been ignored since it appeared (presumably in May of 2015).

Physics does not lie. Nations do.

It’s true that close coordination can prevent accidental and unintended mishaps in the skies over the Turkish-Syrian border. Unfortunately conflicts of interest are not conducive to coordination. Here are four videos that outline the situation. One, Two, Three, and Four.

A lost wallet turns up after seventy years. This find awakened many memories….

Do Syrian refugees want to stay in Turkey? It’s not likely; watch this video.

Israel is set officially to open an office in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) under the auspices of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), a multilateral body with 144 member states.

It is difficult for the overly sensitive to counter successfully this Dutch comedian’s arguments for freedom of speech.

Muslim immigrants in France are attacking “White French” and creating “No-Go Zones” where police do not enter or enforce French law, as this video report documents. Tarik Yıldız, a sociologist and author of the politically incorrect book “Anti-White Racism”, appears in the video; he is the son of Turkish immigrants to France. Then here’s a video clip from 2010; its title is, “Paris…Lost?”.

Mission creep in the fight against ISIS: it does seem as if there are more “boots on the ground” than Obama had originally envisioned.

Here is new speculation on the rise of ISIS. (Editor’s comment: The author of this interpretation of events, Piketty, was mentioned in Nr. 352 of this newsletter. For background information on him, read this.)

Were some or all of the ISIS executions staged? Or is this a bit of disinformation propaganda? Perhaps the staging was done in order to blame the CIA for faking the executions.

Why did Erdoğan order the Turkish air force to shoot down the Russian jet? Here is a plausible explanation.

An interesting experiment and public survey in The Netherlands. (Ed.: do not skip this!)

Now this is both interesting and fun: here’s an amazing map of the Roman Empire. Go exploring!

Justice in Turkey.

East German Stasi files have been posted on the internet for the first time. More information is available in English here, and this is the German government’s website.

A Canadian’s view of the Coalition air strikes against ISIS.

Know your enemy…by reading his propaganda very closely.

Ordinary Links

What sort of weather should be expected? Some helpful information is available.

If you hope to understand “dark matter”, please accept this newsletter’s best wishes for your success. You can start your research here.

You might have heard that the CERN project (the high-energy physics particle accelerator explained here) in Switzerland is going to destroy the earth. That’s rubbish, and to see why, follow these directions: first, in your browser, enter this URL: www.suspicious0bservers.org. (Yes, that is a zero, not a capital O.) Second, click on the word “PREMIUM”; it’s in the left margin of the page. That takes you to a list of videos usually restricted to paying members; you won’t be billed or pestered for money, however. In the top category, which is titled “Regular Programs”, click on the first entry, “Deeper Look”, and a list of videos will appear. Scroll down to and click on Episode 94; the resulting video explains the hoax.

What is the price of freedom of the press? It’s the irritation that comes from having to share the world with people like this author.