(Under Islam,) …moderates of all faiths are committed to reinterpreting, or ignoring outright, the most dangerous and absurd parts of their scripture — and this commitment is precisely what makes them moderates. But it also requires some degree of intellectual dishonesty, because moderates can’t acknowledge that their moderation comes from outside the faith.

The One Leader Will Save The USA From Firearms

The US president plans to save untold numbers of lives by issuing an executive order that will prevent many psychological deviants from obtaining firearms.

As a self-described former teacher of constitutional law, Obama should know that Philip Hamburger, a genuine law professor at Columbia University, is correct when he clarifies the legal status of legislative actions taken by the federal chief executive. The president cannot make law, as Hamburger explains in his book (reviewed here). Yet that is exactly what the nation’s Chief Scofflaw is doing.

The problem is that the judicial system does not currently have a remedy for presidential usurpation of legislative authority. Obviously a federal court should set Obama’s action aside, but the judges shrink from offending the executive branch. The reasons for this cowardice are many; they include nothing an honorable citizen can endorse.

Even PJ Media, a “wingnut” outfit, is at least temporarily cowed.

US residents should seek out reliable information, and no better source can be found than John Lott. He has published several books on criminal use of firearms and governmental attempts to increase public safety. This conversation with commentator and author Mark Levin (see this newsletter’s review of one of Levin’s books) relates directly to Obama’s claims and recent actions.

So…what, exactly? Well, as Professor (of law) Nicholas Johnson writes in The Wall Street Journal, “The president and many others have oversold gun control with glib claims that government really can fix this, if only Americans will give bureaucrats a little more power. That is pure snake oil.” (Source.)

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Here’s the strategic relationship between Israel and Turkey seen from a Russian perspective — and how that relationship is being revived. It’s what might be called a forbidden love affair.

New Year’s Eve terror in Cologne is the result of false tolerance — or so says Alice Schwarzer (the “Gloria Steinem of Germany”). And she is right on the money. In German “… das triste Produkt einer gescheiterten, ja nie auch nur wirklich angestrebten Integration. Sie sind das Produkt einer falschen Toleranz.” — “… the sad product of the failed integration that was not ever really striven for. They are the product of a false tolerance.” The background of this story is here in English.

How about enabling DIY repair rather than just throwing things away?

More cops out of control (Ed.: crooked police love drug laws!).

Just who are those Palestinians, anyway?

Even if you don’t like Obama, this “ interview over coffee” is pretty cool. “I do real well with the 0-8 demographic. They love me; partly because my ears are big and, so, I look a little like a cartoon character.” The world would probably be a better place if all heads of state would show a bit of levity now and then.

The 90th Birthday, aka Dinner for One. Even though this originated in the UK, it is — without a doubt — now a German tradition. Here’s an English article on it, and then one in German. It has been a tradition since 1972 to broadcast the performance on New Year’s Eve on German TV.

US senators can be egotistical jerks.

Turkey is apparently no longer a “ developing country”.

These two websites present the world’s oldest melody, complete with musical notation: One, and then Two. This is the oldest complete song, Seikilos Epitaph; more information (in Turkish and English) is here.

Can D√ľndar writes from his prison cell in Turkey. Well, it goes to show that one cannot stop a good journalist.

Ordinary Links

How Hillary has dealt with Slick’s compulsive misbehavior gives the lie to her claim that she takes the high ground on women’s issues.

Bureaucrats learn how to deceive Congress to fund military operations. Wow.

Perhaps this will pique your interest. Or…not.

Civilization long ago adopted a custom that puts the sexual exploitation of females in the hands of powerful men. In the West, that practice is somewhat occult today, of course, so note that a particularly unpleasant (but very wealthy) man named Jeffry Epstein has created a private and astoundingly anachronistic theme park where he entertains a few sexually voracious men who are in his social circle. His garden of delights now threatens to besmirch individuals like Britain’s Prince Andrew, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, GOP contender Donny-Boy Trump, former Assistant Attorney General and former US attorney for South Florida and current Dean of the Law School of Florida International University R. Alexander Acosta, stellar defense attorneys Kenneth Starr and Roy Black, and even some members of the US Secret Service. Yes, there are also some expected personages among the spear-carriers in this libidinous opera: of course “ Lolita Express” frequent flier Slick Willy is in evidence, along with two actors (Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker). The activities resemble a pre-teen boy’s fantasy. Of course some of the male players are sensitive about their recreation and/or their connections to networks that cater illegally to debauched members of the elite. So what’s new about the festivities? Well, it’s that they are being openly reported, and that their victims have legally enforceable rights. That latter fact might be a rude imposition on a haughty lawyer…but Lloyd George is dead, and the times have changed. Today, no matter who or what you are, enabling girls and women to do that is simply not decent, Sport.

Aping mankind. When that brief video concludes, a second one will come up automatically. Watch it, and ponder the implications that naturally arise.

“They hate him more than they hate me, and they use his quotes to promote their vile program.” That’s a stupid response to suicidal religious fanatics.

This is how AGW retains its momentum as a matter of faith. Recommended.

How many people in the USA are killed each year by law enforcement agencies? You might recall that Radley Balko pointed out in his book The Rise of the Warrior Cop (reviewed here) that it’s not at all an easy statistic to get, while the number of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and other peace officers killed on the job is readily available. As long as it is that way, there will be a problem. Decent policing of a free people requires more transparency.

Consider this: “I think the terrorist problem in the West is primarily a product of our abandonment of the Enlightenment”. Then watch these thirteen and a half minutes of video. It might alter your outlook.

Fun with solved mysteries? Perhaps, but sometimes not knowing is even more fun.

This hour-long documentary will clarify some of the facts of Snowden’s attempt to expose the methods of the USA’s National Security Agency. The film does not try to prove that NSA acted illegally and unethically, but it does indicate that the Obama administration responded to Snowden with stunning stupidity. And the upshot? Obviously the secrets Snowden stole will be revealed in any event; Washington knows that, which means its current efforts to punish Snowden are intended simply to terrify NSA’s employees into silent obedience. Be fair: let Snowden explain himself.

A heartfelt response to a provocative question — recommended.

While you sweat over the “warming planet”, consider this: weather is local, always potentially variable, and not necessarily and always indicative of climate. Heat will cause problems in some areas even as polar icepacks expand, and freezing weather can embarrass prophets of mild winters. Consider California, for example. Your proper concerns are always for your immediate environment; let the polar bears take care of themselves.

“Wingnuts”, dismayed by Hillary’s popularity, are trying to remind the public of her record. This video is an attempt to discredit the likely candidate; whether you find it convincing is very likely to depend on whatever your view of her was before you viewed the twenty minute report. Yes, it takes that long just to mention the allegations of corruption and other unethical behavior, none of which have anything to do with Hillary’s attempted intimidation of Slick’s sex partners.

A Nobel laureate dismisses AGW here.

Reader JY notes this essay, in which you will learn why “…basic economics may cause the cashless society to founder”. Recommended.

What will the Republicans do? It’s a fascinating question, and this attempt to discuss it is among the most intelligent ruminations this newsletter has seen.

Mobile phones are dangerous. Authorities can’t yet agree on just how dangerous they are, but this newsletter says they are almost always unnecessary, always put the user at risk of several negative outcomes, and have initiated a number of obnoxious changes in society. Their use is almost always imprudent. Risk assessments are unreliable because the devices have not been widely used long enough to produce universally convincing evidence; when, fifteen or twenty years from now, that point is reached, the harm will be heartbreakingly obvious. In fact mobile “phones” are not phones: they are radio transmitters, and pressing even a low-power radio transmitter to one’s head is only for would-be suicides. Meanwhile, instead of speaking with rational candor, the establishment minces words and avoids offending a multi-billion dollar industry. Madness….

Here’s a quote from Ben Carson, whose effort to gain the presidency of the USA has been rejected: “My overarching goal for tax policy is that it should raise revenue — not redistribute wealth, micromanage free citizens or intrude on privacy.”