…power over the people, for the sake of the people, is very different from government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Regarding Donald Trump

This is an excellent speech. It’s no wonder Trump is still in the game.

That said, consider these words from Noah Rothman’s remarks in Commentary: “… Trumpism (is) a paranoid, nationalist fever. It is, by definition, a minority sentiment. It cannot ascend to lead the nation because it seeks to shape a winning coalition through division and subtraction. For conservatives with an interest in seeing their governing agenda enacted, the rise of Trump is a threat”.

The problem with Rothman’s clear logic is that US conservatives have no currently visible prospect of defeating Hillary and restoring principled constitutional governance.

If, however, Trump can use his growing popularity to break the heavy-handed “Progressive” grip on power, perhaps the core values of the nation can be resuscitated. An effective representative democracy, complete with its rock-solid preservation of individual Liberty, might be the rewarding result of Trump’s administration.

“Progressives” would object bitterly to that suggestion, of course, as their dreams of Hope and Change — Utopia — are threatened by it. Accordingly, Trump must know that his quest for the presidency will be portrayed as analogous to Hitler’s rise to power.

As viciously and mindlessly partisan as it is, the comparison of the USA’s current problems to Germany’s losing struggle with National Socialism in the early 1930’s is inevitable.

Of course Trump is not a modern Hitler, and it is ridiculous to say the USA is as desperate as Germany was in the years after World War I. Yes, the parallels are weak, but the outline of the nightmare is familiar: a phony hero appears and promises to end political madness with a plan for orderly reform — if the voters will demand that he assume power.

Trump’s proposals are prefaced with credible statements that he has neither tyrannical lust nor personal greed; that implies he has no dreams of establishing a fascist regime in the USA. In the tradition of the ancient Greeks who served in government only because it was their ethical duty to do so, Trump offers to cloak himself in authority because, in the interests of serving the polity, he must make that sacrifice. Facing Hillary, who is a paradigmatically corrupt political personage, candidate Trump can adjust his halo and do battle as a defender of reason and virtue.

Well, the USA was not founded on such cinematic drama. The nation’s revolution and its consequent constitution are the products of an intellectual desire for rational self-government. The British New World’s eighteenth century rulers were seen as overbearing and oppressive. None of the USA’s founders imagined that anything perfect would result from their sacrifices, and even Washington was regarded as nothing more than an honorable instrument of political reforms.

The Colonies’ revolution and the government it established were straightforward attempts to build an edifice that answered to the people’s elected representatives.

Trump promises nothing remotely like that fundament. He presents himself as a disinterested problem-solver, a last resort of a frustrated citizenry. Hitler did much the same, though he uniquely incorporated the mumbo-jumbo of hereditary superiority and pagan cultic rubbish in his program.

No, the USA does not risk its Liberty if Trump is put into the White House. He would not lock the members of Congress in a subterranean vault, or shoot a few judges. But…because Trump presents himself as a tool needed for a huge repair job, existing Powers That Be will seek to co-opt him. The rascals will do their best to give Trump reason to reward the most convincing lobbyists and power brokers. That is inevitable. Trump’s voters must therefore assume their hero will be clever enough to fend the raptors off.

Now recall that Trump is immensely proud of the fact that he is a superb deal-maker. Ponder that for a few seconds.

The mere fact that Trump could gain high office because he can make deals would be a literally irresistible attraction for all manner of powerful people. Some of those folks would be principled, and others would be utterly depraved. The USA would be saying to the world, “Your chances have never been better, and never will be. Here it is, just waiting for you; come and get it!”

Of course Trump believes he could cope. That would be his first mistake. His second would be to set aside the bureaucratic establishment that protects US presidents when they meet with people who want to alter some aspect of the USA’s policy. Trump’s megalomania makes him dangerously vulnerable.

There are just two chances that Trump would be able to cope with the informal and formal networks that run much of the world: one isĀ fat, and the other is slim.

Place your faith in Trump if you like, but don’t expect miracles. Expect incomprehensible surprises.

Yet…could a miracle occur? Yes. A superb example would be the emergence of widespread understanding of what the constitution means, what it requires, and where it has been abandoned.

(Well, shoot. If the voters had understood the constitution, they would have realized that the current president is a charlatan. The One Leader has reminded his countrymen that he once taught the constitution; that half-truth is a fable, a limp proactive defense against those who will point to his unconstitutional acts. He fooled almost everybody, didn’t he?)

You might wonder how the USA blundered into this swamp, and how it can get out. Things are bad because of the failures of the nation’s educational system. The only way out is through wise reform of that system: the schools should be required to teach honest, accurate classes in civics.

That is a vain hope, of course, and that’s too bad.

Now if you wish to advance your understanding of the seminal issues, you can begin with this book review. Then buy the book and study it.

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TSA is just trying to keep all of us safe. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees…

…and meanwhile, just what the hell is the the DHS up to?

If this is true, it could put Hillary in boiling hot water, and kill her campaign for good.

Consider an expert’s view on the Iranian “capture” and release of US Navy sailors. Then here is an additional comment from an ex-“comrade in arms” of mine, who was a member of the USMLM (see this, too) based in Potsdam, German Democratic Republic: “Tell you what … Having been in the situation of inadvertently straying into other folks’ territory, I can tell you even the US Army has Rules Of Engagement (ROE) to obey, and those ROE are not written by the Tea Party. The Navy was wrong, and has said so. That calls for an apology, which was issued. No one was hurt, no one was killed, and no war was started.”

Security can be compromised in many ways…even your shoemaker could be up to no good (One, Two) if you are important enough.

Ordinary Links

Unh…what did he say? Well….

For Hillary, the truth is…what she says it is.

A little inspiration won’t hurt you.

The US bureaucracy, in concert with the UN bureaucracy, beavers away, while Trump says their work must halt.

Is there a modern Galileo? Oh, yes. He died in 2013. His name was Halton Arp. This is an introduction to his major contributions to astronomy, and here is additional evidence of his genius. You can see him lecturing here, though an understanding of all he says is probably not available to the layman. He will eventually be honored as among the first to show that the “Big Bang” concept of the origin of everything was a silly fantasy.

Hillary has always had a strong feeling of entitlement.

You say you would like to be able to chat with friends on the internet without having to worry about the inevitable NSA snooping to which everyone is subject? OK, fine; here are instructions on how to do that. For some folks, it’s simple; for most, it’s not just daunting, it’s impossible. The great majority of computer users will decide to carry on with their old habits…all the while remembering that every word they type is being read by powerful strangers who are looking for villains. That means the need for strict self-censorship has never been greater. These days, the government has complete access to your activities, and it is not shy about exploiting its capabilities.

Conspiracists insist that the Sandy Hook massacre is an elaborate but flawed fake. Their evidence is … troubling. Convincing? No, but you might disagree if you investigate. Do have a look here or here.

This relatively comprehensible article on Stuxnet is recommended as interesting. Of course the citizen’s principal question is how one can prevent crackers of all types from eavesdropping, or possibly even incriminating private individuals; part of the answer to that begins with the realization that “Bluetooth” and other wireless devices are a terrible idea. That’s right: your mobile “phone” is not your friend. Devices like that should be used only to summon help in an emergency. The rule: the greater your convenience, the greater the opportunity villains have to harm you.

Why would anyone want to do this? It’s probable that anyone who feels a need to ask that question cannot possibly understand its answer.

Oops! Things in the USA just might be changing for the worse….

Hillary’s “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” is at it again. Her dilemma: whether to risk promoting the effort by denouncing it, or ignore it and hope it dies a natural death. The press will act as her early-warning system, evaluating the new threat and in effect helping her to respond to it — unless the threat whirls out of control. In the short term, the media lords will be telling their employees, “Don’t publicize the ‘wingnuts’, and above all, don’t examine the Clinton Foundation objectively”.