…could the wolf bleat like the lamb, the flock would soon be enticed into ruin; wherefore to prevent the mischief, he ought to be seen as well as heard.

Who Is Permitted To Be The President Of The USA? The Full Story Is Embarrassing

Some folks, including Don Trump, think Senator Cruz is not entitled to run for president because he is not a “natural born” citizen. This matter was debated when John McCain ran for the office, yet it seems that the correct answers are still not generally appreciated. So…

…is Senator Ted Cruz qualified to be president? Yes, because the 1790 Immigration Act declares flatly that people in his circumstances are “natural-born” citizens. That law followed the adoption of the constitution by about two years, and some of the founding fathers of the nation were in the Congress at the time. One knows, therefore, exactly what the constitution means by “natural-born”.

John McCain’s case is extraordinary. He is not a “natural-born” citizen because he was naturalized by act of Congress (Act of August 4, 1937, § 1, 50 Stat. 558 ch.563, codified at USC § 1403(a)) eleven months after his birth. That very specific legislative blunder applied only to children born of US citizens in the Panama Canal Zone. Those persons were considered by Congress to require a clarification of their status that distinguished them from aliens born in the Zone. Why ever? In fact the issue was whether the Zone was a part of the USA; if it were, then all persons born within it would be US citizens. Congress was afraid that if the Zone were ever formally, tacitly or inadvertently acknowledged by Washington as US territory, the USA would be pestered by Panamanians claiming to be US citizens.

So McCain, who should and could have been legally declared “natural-born”, was naturalized instead. Congress never subsequently addressed the clumsy situation, though it could have laid the issues to eternal rest with a federal law precisely defining “natural-born” — as the 1790 act did.

It would be wise to meditate on why Congress erred in 1937, and then note how today’s Congress regulates citizenship. Legislative mistakes in that area live long and complex lives.

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Liberal currency rules in Turkey are coming to an end. The question is whether the new regulations are being imposed to protect the Turkish Lira or to help prevent money laundering.

An utterly secure spoken code served the Allied cause in WW II well, and those who made it available should be remembered with reverential gratitude.

If you like heights and eagles, you will love this. Here is the full, uncut five minute version, and then there is a version that’s been edited down to two minutes.

Bill O’Reilly says he will flee to Ireland if Bernie Sanders is elected. Boy, is he in for a surprise.

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Hillary takes a hit. Is she bound for jail? Never. Shrill shriek: “What difference at this point does it make?”

A scientist talks for eight minutes about weather. Highly recommended.

The Islamic code called sharia is pure evil: it assumes the worst, blames victims, and denies individuals the right to choose whatever peaceful variety of conduct and faith. The obscenely grinning fanatic who dispensed “justice” in Aceh two years ago is one of Islam’s honest ambassadors. His revolting message must not be ignored.

This attempt to get the US government to reveal more of what it knows about the events in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia on September 11, 2001 must be causing anguish in some quarters. It would be nice to know which quarters are most upset by the possibilities….

97% of all climate scientists? No, and no again.

Earthquake prediction of a sort: though the probability of big quakes can be calculated with imperfect but impressive accuracy, one can’t know precisely where the events will occur. Fault lines are the usual suspects. No surprise there.

Commentary on the problem in Cologne (Köln): no minced words.

The climate alarmists (also known as anthropogenic global warming True Believers) occasionally whine about what higher levels of carbon dioxide are doing to the oceans. Well, what is going on, according to objective science? Fact: there is nothing to worry about, as this report explains. It’s recommended as authoritative, brief, and easy to understand.

US residents might wonder what The Powers That Be mean when they say “Shut the hell up!“, or how they mean to enforce their ukase. Well, the polity is not entitled to know the details. That tells you what’s wrong; now what are you going to do about it? Yes, you do need some help from Congress, don’t you? And just how do you expect to get that?

This is amazing. Yes, it is all a matter of dedication…but still…it’s a stunning feat.

Here’s a review of a new film that some “wingnuts” say will give Hillary fits. They are wrong. She couldn’t care less, because she knows her voters won’t care; after all, very few of them will go to the film.

Rejoice in the fact that this thing, whatever it is, is not nearby.

While the rest of the world carries on with real life, the hard core of US conspiracism throws yet another hissy-fit. It’s interesting as (a) an exercise in forensic psychiatry, or (b) an examination of The One Leader’s power, depending on your point of view. This newsletter believes the nuts have created a bizarre myth that only extraordinary measures can expose as a hoax.

From the archive: do you remember what it was like back in 2009, when respected and influential people like Evan Thomas expressed themselves candidly? Here’s a quote that might evoke memories: “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world, he’s sort of God.” Source. (And just in case things go off the rails, here’s a Second Source.) Yep, it was a very silly time….

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