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Month: February 2016

Number 419

Number 419 25 February 2016 History, n. An account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. Muslim Immigration Into The USA The Reason...

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Number 418

Number 418 16 February 2016 It is our responsibility as Westerners to oppose the expansion of Islam, but it should be the Muslims’ responsibility to outgrow Islam. This Legal Decision Should Never Have Been Necessary The...

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Number 417

…sharia is juxtaposed to freedom because it strangles individual liberty, the catalyst of progress. Germany: Past, Present, Future The Current Disaster Is Comprehensible What is happening in Europe? This. Do not read...

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Number 416

(The ruling class of the USA) now acts as though all Americans could be terrorists and it increasingly confuses its own domestic opponents with enemies of the state. Hillary, The Obamoid Agenda, And The USA’s Middle Class...

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