…sharia is juxtaposed to freedom because it strangles individual liberty, the catalyst of progress.

Germany: Past, Present, Future

The Current Disaster Is Comprehensible

What is happening in Europe? This. Do not read further until you have viewed this video.

It is clear that some refugees can be accepted by non-Muslim nations, and resettled peacefully. It is also true that the German reaction to the continuing violence in Islamic regions is literally insane.

Consider, please: current German policy is largely due to reactions to the fascist National Socialist regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. The attempt to cleanse humanity by exterminating the Poles and the Jews still weighs heavily on the conscience of many political activists in Germany, Merkel among them. Of course anti-Nazi sloganeering comes easiest to collectivists who are generally labeled “left wing”; their long history of opposing National Socialist madness gives them pride of place in contemporary politics.

Instead of murdering millions, today’s German “leftists” welcome millions of foreigners. A non-German, multicultural, tolerant Germany is one of the “Left’s” goals. That is their way of compensating for Germany’s presumed “guilt”.

The ethical basis for following a cosmopolitan policy is admirable. Yes, of course the Nazis were horribly depraved, and anything that still reeks of their stench should be stamped out. The desire to make amends by constructing a new society in Europe does have roots.

A rational person can paint a complete picture, as follows: Hitler exploited the failures and plight of Germany in order to control the populace. He benefited from, among other things, these facts and phenomena: defeat in World War I ended with not a single Allied soldier on German soil; the peace treaty with the victorious Allied powers was unwise at best; a civil war in Germany immediately followed the world war; ruinous inflation; mass starvation (due primarily to a British blockade of German ports that lasted for approximately two years after the armistice); the German fear of the communism of the Spartacists; the Germans’ desire to rebuild their shattered society; German Gentiles’ prejudice against Jews; the disciplined and bombastic efforts of the National Socialists to earn the respect of the international community, and a determination to make the world pay for having repressed German imperialist expansion that attempted to ape the British, Belgian, French, and Dutch models.

Accordingly, World War II should have been predicted (Keynes is often cited as a prophet, though he stopped just short of saying that another war was inevitable). Certainly today’s German madness was also predictable.

The Present

The modern German political system has been stretched past the breaking point by continued efforts to deal with the past. What we see in Germany today is a compensatory effort to respond effectively to disaster, prevent future failures, and establish Germany forever as a peace-loving and rational power.

That said, facts remain: first, enabling the blood enemies of Western Civilization is a suicidal error. Second, Germany needs the wisdom to understand its place in Europe, its proper role as a decent cultural entity, and its future as an integral part of the Occident.

Insight is called for, along with and discipline and resolve. Those virtues are absent from German governance. Merkel is a fool.

The Germans have lost control of their territory.

With militant Islam comes chaos, followed by a new law that is primitive, relentless in dealing with its enemies, and relishes the suffering of non-Muslims.

Some Germans recognize those facts; watch this video. Do not skip it! (Thanks to reader JY for the tip.)

The Future

1. The Muslims loudly proclaim their intent to out-breed the Germans and take over Europe. They can do it, and, short of civil war, absolutely will do it.

2. The Islamofascist success in Europe will inspire attempts to swamp Western Civilization wherever it exists. The USA will come under intense pressure, and, if the government fails to understand that a decent society cannot bend its knee to the demands of an indecent religion, that pressure will prevail.

3. The hope of the West lies in the prospect that a cultural hero will arise, proclaim the truths that inspired the USA’s constitution, and inspire the Occident’s self-defense. That means there must be another Hammer — another Charles Martel. Whether Jews and atheists/agnostics can cope with religious elements that oppose Islam with versions of divinely inspired (“revealed”) truth remains to be seen. A best effort would be non-sectarian, and could be supported by all non-Muslims. The worst effort would be purely canonical (i.e., Mosaic or Christian).

4. In the West, voices that call for freedom of religious belief might also demand full Liberty for people who despise Liberty and strive to eradicate it. The tension between absolutist libertarians and defenders of Western Civilization will threaten the stability and success of the defense against Islamofascism.

5. The outcome will include some seismic shifts in power bases, with much of Europe unable to cast off the alien oppression.

6. The struggle will see the ugly predictions of Muslim-haters of all stripes realized, though Islamic control of the Earth will not be achieved. As author Taylor Caldwell implied in her novel The Earth Is The Lord’s, no single faith or religious alliance can be all-conquering. Strife will seem interminable, and the carnage will be apocalyptic. Note well: Iran will have to be deprived of nuclear technology — and soon.

7. Obamoid foreign policy will be considered a knife in the back of Western Civilization, just as the Germans once complained of aDolchstoƟ.