It is our responsibility as Westerners to oppose the expansion of Islam, but it should be the Muslims’ responsibility to outgrow Islam.

This Legal Decision Should Never Have Been Necessary

The USA’s One Leader has tried to bring the power generating industry under control. The primary excuse: using combustion of carboniferous fuel produces a dangerous pollutant, carbon dioxide, and the federal government must have the legal ability to limit that process.

As regular readers of this newsletter know, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; in fact, it would be highly beneficial if the atmosphere contained half again as much C02 as it currently does. Those who deny those truths are literally ignorant.

Now the federal supreme court has decided to delay Obama’s attempts to cripple industries that use fire and steam to generate electricity. Unfortunately the justices did not point out that Obama’s power grab was a fascistic lunge to bring the economy under greater federal control. This case was correctly decided for the wrong reasons, and that should scare the daylights out of rational citizens: Obamites remain determined to drive up the cost of electricity because anti-science factions are hysterically promoting an irrational agenda. (Carbon dioxide is food for plants and good for you, but the ruling cretins must think tetany is fun. — Hint: that was a joke. Click on the hyperlink, read the post you find there, and relax.)

The nation needs to hear from a science-based faction that clarifies the facts of the matter. One can only hope that a concerted effort will be made to inform everyone of the nature of the gaseous plant food that is essential to humanity.

As part of its preparations for the coming dispute, this newsletter respectfully proposes the deployment of the slogan, “Aim for 600 ppm!”

Something Else To Worry About

Your day has not been bad enough. Consider the following possibility, and then decide whether to plunge into the despair that conspiracy theorists know intimately….

First, realize that the recent agreement between Iran and the USA benefits no one except the most suicidally fanatical sect in all of Islam. Iran’s path to nuclear weapons is now clear. Then, rather than simply curse Obama and Kerry, consider the possibility that, with help from connected Pakistanis, Iran already has one or more atom bombs.

Now turn that potential horror into a genuine nightmare by asking what Iran would do with one of those weapons.

Suppose, for example, that the Quds Force (Iran’s elite warrior-lunatics) smuggled at least one bomb into the USA some time ago, hid it, and set it up to be virtually impossible to disarm. Convincing Washington that it had actually accomplished that task would have been easy. Then Iran dictated the terms of the recent agreement.

What, exactly, would that unlikely development mean, if it has actually happened?

First, it would explain why the Obama-Kerry team caved in and gave Iran everything it wanted.

Next, it would mean that suggestions published here eight years ago were ignored. Look it up: in Number 001 of The New Terrapin Gazette, see the Item titled, “Why Didn’t You Think Of This?”.

The idea was repeated in Numbers 045, 259, and 366.

Nobody in the USA communicates without being monitored, to some degree, by the Watchers in the US government. Surely Uncle Sam has long archived all Numbers of this newsletter.

The nightmare scenario of the hidden Iranian bomb (or bombs) is impossible to dismiss. It cannot be assumed that it is a fantasy, given the religious fanaticism that is endemic to Islam. Then there are the facts; for more of them, use a good search engine.

Back To Basics?

Commentary magazine podcast: “Trump is winning because of personality and style, not because of some program”. True, but not complete. This newsletter suggests that the nation’s traditional political factions have made themselves so unattractive that a significant fraction of the public is expressing a desire to set customary presumptions and procedures aside. The notion behind that is that the good of the nation can no longer be served by the political cadres. Those power blocs are so self-absorbed, so greedy, and so unimaginative that they can no longer function as lawgivers, law enforcers, or guides into the future. They are intellectually and morally bankrupt; in fact the current suffocating pessimism of the electorate has been mindlessly promoted by the ruling elites. Accordingly, Trump is seen by many as an avenging angel. That would probably herald the death of the (demonstrably irrelevant) Republican party, whether nominee Trump wins or loses the general election. Would it then be appropriate for US voters to sort themselves out into Socialists and Libertarians?

It’s Time To Take Out The Verbal And Lexical Trash

Pay attention, now, and then take action: there has been entirely too much of this “going forward” rubbish (the absurd verbiage means “in the future” or “from now on”). Too many people use the expression as a trendy shibboleth that they hope will indicate their hip, cool, and with it status. The verbal pollutant is stupid and unattractive, as well as a mind-numbingly unimaginative counterfeit. If you employ it, drop that dopey habit at once! It stigmatizes the speaker — just as the wearing of legwarmers did years ago, when fashionistas in Hollywood donned the fake accessory over their jeans, and paraded absurdly in public. That was mindless bad taste, and “going forward” is one of today’s idiotic affectations. If you want to impress with your words, learn something.

The Heart And Soul Of Science

Science knows some things, and considers a lot more to be unknown than you might realize. If, for example, you know something today that turns out tomorrow to be wrong, you can’t honestly and accurately say you ever knew it in the first place: you believed it. The difference between belief and knowledge is huge, and good scientists understand that all scientific truths are conditional. There could be, in other words, information yet unknown that will eventually overturn some of the most credible conclusions currently in the “known facts” category. It has happened repeatedly.

The tension between those who claim to know and those who challenge accepted truths is both the crowning glory and the curse of science. The advance of knowledge depends on constant debate, experimentation, observation, and interpretation. Yet the fact is that time and again, skeptics and radical reformers are denied funding, denounced, not published in the major science journals, and denied promotion in the academy. The ethos that drives the persecution and censorship of speculation is literally unscientific. Why, after all, should science be neat, orderly, non-confrontational, and (worst of all) a matter of consensus? Ideally, science should remain unimpressed by claims of the necessary inerrancy of the majority opinion.

Consider astronomy. The notion that this science abandoned an unwholesome reliance on the authority of orthodox thinkers when Galileo agreed with Copernicus is simply false. Today’s astronomers, rather than understand that heretical hypotheses are valuable and established theories are assailable, continue to support concepts that look distinctly shaky. Perhaps this controversy is a good example. Do watch the video and decide whether there are flaws and gaps in the current explanation of quasar behavior; could there be a conceptual framework that does a better job of explaining phenomena? In this case, it appears at first glance that many conventional astronomers are simply turning away from data that do not fit the orthodox interpretations. The result: those who point to discrepancies and lacunae are dismissed as crackpots.

As this is written, the astronomical establishment rejoices over the discovery of gravitational waves. If it seems to you that the reports are a bit too certain, you might be correct. Time will probably tell, if it is given a fair chance. For now, suffice it to say that the dispute between Einstein and the quantum theoreticians has never been fully settled, and a minority of scientists consider Einstein’s work interesting but not at all validated.

Meanwhile: gravity is the weakest force in the universe, and its origin remains utterly unexplained; to say that it “bends space and time” is hardly impressive or convincing. All that can be said about gravity is that it is there and we can relate its force to mass and distance; the formula that does that is not at all a fully-fledged explanation of what gravity is and why it is. One must, in other words, gloss over some very fundamental questions about gravity, rather than attempt to answer them.

No true scientist can agree to turn aside from the fundamental questions raised by today’s incomplete grasp of reality. Puzzles are just that; they are not warnings to halt further speculation and study.

Well, perhaps a small step forward is about to be taken, even if that advance inspires a discomfiting degree of disagreement. Yes, you can expect some reaction to the recent announcement that gravitational waves have been detected. This newsletter has been informed that commentary is in the works. Of course on close inspection, an argument against the claimed discovery could be found incorrect. The same must be said for reports of the discovery of those waves.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Which Arab nations are openly forging ties with Israel? Jordan and Egypt do come to mind, but what are the other “discreet” ones?

This might look a little like a bizarre Karneval (Mardi Gras) float, but it was a actually a vicious Iranian PR stunt for domestic consumption.

Ordinary Links

Here’s a consequence of Scalia’s death that might not have been adequately covered in the press.

Things don’t always go badly. (Tip: turn the audio way down.)

US feminists seem wedded (pardon the expression) to the concept that universities across the nation are terrorized by serial rapists. Yet some obviously good research casts serious doubt on the belief that rape is typically committed by repeat offenders. In response to that new information, stubborn opposition has arisen; in fact it seems that ideologically committed scholars are attempting to reshape reality. The question is why feminist ideology considers it necessary to insist that a man who rapes once is very likely to be or to become a repeat offender. The dispute is discussed in this brief video. Rape cannot be as simple as what the public is told by the “experts” (consider the current problems in parts of Germany, where Islam is a factor). Both rapists and the majority of those who claim to understand the crime certainly do appear to be dysfunctional.

Give this bizarre video a chance. The possibility that it deals with a hoax appears to be minimal.

Foggy Bottom continues its illegal, improper, politically-motivated protection of Hillary, and the judge fumes. The FBI won’t say what it’s up to…probably because it does not know what would happen — that is, who would pay the price — if it did its job. That the agency has been warmed off can be assumed. This mess is just one more snangle in Hillary’s biography; like all the others, it will never be completely sorted out by a just process. This female is both tough and connected.

For several years, US law enforcement has been using highly secret technology to locate mobile phone users. The full story was and still is carefully hidden, as this article reported, and the consequences have been, well, awkward. The questions raised by this program are larger than the police agencies believe, for constitution-loving critics are properly concerned about the possible/probable emergence of totalitarian governance. It is merely the slightest exaggeration to suggest that the USA is being incrementally transformed by its police into a surveillance state reminiscent of the DDR (communist eastern Germany). Is contemporary US crime genuinely troublesome enough to risk that apocalyptic a disaster?

This is a sign of the changing times…. And you can be sure many police officers are not happy about those changes.

You don’t need to click on this talk. You already know the facts about anthropogenic global warming, so pass the URL along to someone who needs help.

Cenk Uyghur (of this website) is neither the brightest bulb in the chandelier, nor the dimmest. He’s said some silly things, but in this sad case, he’s right. Cops in general do need a new mindset.

Here’s a tiny slice of the complex environment Hillary has fabricated, as exemplified by the roles played by her aide, Huma Abedin Weiner. A Hillary presidency will attract the attention of reporters and conspiracy theorists for many years.

Have a look at this. It’s an interpretation of the US federal constitution that makes a lot of sense, but would undermine and nullify the authority of governance as understood by the current supreme court and the presidency. Clearly, the USA has changed since the Founding Fathers created a new nation. If Professor Hamburger is correct — and he is — then there is reason to believe the lady who made the video linked here is absolutely correct, as well. For more information, see this web page. Yes, it all matters….

Here are facts that should matter to anyone who hopes to see Western Civilization survive. Highly recommended.

Have these folks made their case well enough to prompt you to want more information? This newsletter remains utterly unconvinced. The claimed hoax is far too elaborate to be practical, even for the US federal government.

Commentary magazine complains that “The entirety of the Democratic platform is not only to lament the dystopian hellscape that America has become under a Democratic president, but to view voters as self-contained interest groups motivated entirely by their collective racial, sexual, or gender identity”. Zap! Source.

Reports like this tend to dry right up and blow away, so most voters have no idea how chronically incompetent Hillary is. It’s one 0f her character flaws that has a long history.

You probably saw this on The Drudge Report. It must have hurt, because Hillary desperately needs Obama’s winning weapon, the black vote. It got him elected (any time you can get over ninety-five percent of a large minority’s registered voters to vote for you — as Obama did — you have a good chance of winning a general election).

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