The continual use of the word Constitution in the English Parliament, shows there is none, and that the whole is merely a form of government without a constitution, and constituting itself with what powers it pleases.

The Tramp Abroad On The Crisis In Turkey

It appears as if Turkey will be run by an iron-fisted autocrat, or there will be civil war. Both are possible.

President Erdoğan (often referred to by his initials, RTE) is trying to kill Turkey’s freedoms of speech and press.

Even Abdullah Gül, who was RTE’s erstwhile party “comrade”, confidant and president of Turkey (while RTE was Prime Minister), has criticized these recent actions. Here is a good editorial commenting on the repression imposed by RTE and his party, the AKP.

In an “unrelated” — but somehow related — case, two executives of Boydak Holding were detained in a March 4 raid.

Meanwhile “social media” and street advertisements are being employed to express opposition to the repression imposed by RTE and his allies. For instance, advertising posters are popping up on the streets of Izmir (a relatively liberal city on the Aegean Coast of Turkey). The theme is, “So, what’s it to you?” Here are three examples of the rhetoric:

1. “I don’t bake pastry (roll out dough), but I do wear a low-cut blouse. What’s it to you?”

2. “Whenever I want, I laugh out loud. What’s it to you?”

3. “I hang out and stroll around on the streets at midnight. What’s it to you?”

A Catastrophic Dam Failure In Iraq Is Probable

The US Army Corps of Engineers says flatly, “In terms of internal erosion potential of the foundation, Mosul Dam is the most dangerous dam in the world”. (See this newspaper article and this entry in Wikipedia for more information.) If the Mosul Dam on the Tigris river fails, millions of people will have to contend with a rushing wall of water that will initially be over sixty-five feet high. A nuclear device dropped on Iraq could do far less damage and kill far fewer people.

The grim truth is that the foundation of the Mosul dam has always required continual repair. In 2014, the dam was briefly in the hands of ISIS, and the necessary maintenance was halted. It has never been restarted. Today the dam is in such bad condition that it is impossible to open the floodgates in order to relieve the increasing pressure on the structure.

The cities of Mosul, Tikrit, Samarra, and Baghdad lie within the path of the killer surge of water that will result when the dam collapses. Plans to warn people to move at least three and a half miles away from the Tigris river are, according to informed authorities, “ridiculous”. “What are all these people, millions of people, supposed to do when they get 6 kilometres away? There is no support for them there. Nothing to help them live.”

Anonymous Says It Plans On A Protracted Conflict With The Rotten System

This video proposes a reduction of needless suffering. View it before reading further.

Of course it will be objected that the frankly Utopian goals of Anonymous’s program are not specified. For the moment, perhaps that should be ignored. Indeed two very diverse movements have preceded Anonymous in seeking meaningful reform: first is Mark Levin’s seminal notion on amending the current US constitution (read this review of his 2013 book), and second is the candidacy of the charlatan Donald Trump. Both advocate genuine change.

This newsletter has argued that the current constitution has been set aside by the creation of literally illegal laws and practices (this book review outlines the crux of that claim). Proper amendment of the founding document could end that abuse. Too, there is little that is new in Anonymous’ assertions, and their ethical implementation should be possible, if a trifle challenging. Trump is another matter.

In any event, do consider improving the constitution.

Then promote your best ideas of reform before Islam has completed its demographic conquests. (Recall the lead item, Muslim Immigration Into The USA, in this newsletter’s 419th Number.)

Meanwhile, perhaps Anonymous knows how Western Civilization can defend itself against Islam’s version of medieval tyranny. The Occident welcomes ideas….

The Problem And Its Only Solution

It’s a staple of “wingnut” propaganda: the media bias persists as a corrosive force in US politics. Yes, there is truth to that claim, though the promotion of the accusation is often hyperbolic.

In fact one does not have to resort to Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura in an attempt to obtain ethically competent reportage and commentary. Because the citizen’s proper goal is understanding, facts are paramount and opinions should be intelligently informed by an ethical orientation. There are sources that meet those criteria.

Consider, for example, these five recommendations: first, read Jonah Goldberg’s excellent historical analysis (see the book review here), and then grasp the essence of Prof. Hamburger’s discussion of unconstitutional administrative law (review). Your best source of daily news just might be the Wall Street Journal. For information on the Islamic threat, this newsletter recommends Geert Wilders’s book, Marked For Death (reviewed here) and relevant sections of Sam Harris’s The End Of Faith.

Yes, those who wish to study the distinctions between individualism and collectivism can research The Frankfurt School, read the stellar works of Thomas Sowell, and examine the cutting edge of Jeffersonian concepts. A study of the philosophy and perversions of political/economic theory will often provide more background than many citizens require, however. For example, understanding the harm done by the supreme court’s decision of Wickard v. Filburn will be informative and infuriating, but it won’t be of much help to voters.

If more US citizens were prepared to approach politics from a position that is based in the above recommended sources, real progress might be made. Constitutional principles would stand revealed as the nation’s best hope, and a path to wise amendment of the founding document might be discovered. Too, dreams of Utopian government could be exposed as nightmares.

Attacking the news media for abusing the public is an invitation to an enervating engagement that cannot be resolved.

Finally, the ultimate enemy is not to be found in (a) the stereotypically greedy “bankster” community; your foes are neither (b) biased editors, (c) lying politicians, (d) militaristic/racist police officers, (e) insatiable watchers and schemers in the CIA and NSA, nor (f) bigots in competing ethnic communities. Those pests are all mere spear-carriers in the opera.

Your implacable enemy is imperial Islam. That holy terror intends to outbreed, overwhelm, and enslave the West.

Within a decade Europe will be at the mercy of this insanely intolerant and anti-intellectual religion. The USA is the ultimate target of both the Sunni and Shia sects. Yet…

…Trump’s partisans ignore this incandescent truth: the survival of the USA as a demographically sustainable nation is due to the arrival of Hispanic immigrants.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Raymond Tomlinson, the father of email: RIP. His new email address is Information on his achievements is available here.

Nature evolves to dispose of trash created by humans.

Hillary Clinton’s role in causing the ruinous situation in Libya is not to be underestimated. She’s a two-faced liar who cannot be trusted to lead a stable US foreign policy.

Here is how to prepare for the eventuality that Trump wins the election.

Clinton Brown III is a little guy with a big heart. He could be a real leader.

A huge Christian church has been found in an underground Turkish city. The Turks, unlike the Taliban in Afghanistan and the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, will not destroy it. In fact they are more likely to renovate it.

These secret agents were just two stuck-in-the-mud types….

Winning a game of Go against an AI computer is a NoGo.

Finally, here are some highly relevant remarks made in August, 1950, by Harry Truman.

There are some people who wish us to enact laws which would seriously damage the right of free speech and which could be used not only against subversive groups but against other groups engaged in political or other activities which were not generally popular. Such measures would not only infringe on the Bill of Rights and the basic liberties of our people; they would also undermine the very internal security they seek to protect.

Laws forbidding dissent do not prevent subversive activities; they merely drive them into more secret and more dangerous channels. Police states are not secure; their history is marked by successive purges, and growing concentration camps, as their governments strike out blindly in fear of violent revolt. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. (Source.)

Ordinary Links

When it comes to immigration, don’t expect consistency from any politician.

A newspaper refuses to endorse Hillary. It won’t matter. She’s as inevitable as senility.

This demonstration of what offensive computer cracking can do was performed in 2007. More recent reports on the dangers of sloppy security are not available — for obvious reasons. They might be even more dramatic….

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