…there is much fun to be had in collecting other people’s general statements. As James Thurber pointed out, it is not an expensive hobby and the collection requires little upkeep.

22 March, 2016: Simple Questions For Belgium

When you admitted thousands of refugees from the violence in The Middle East, What, exactly, did you expect, and why?

What will you do to try to prevent more carnage?

The Tramp Abroad On The Suicide Bombing In Istanbul

I have walked down İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue), the scene of recent carnage, literally dozens of times. Pictures. Article.

Senseless killings have been taking place in Turkey in recent months.

As I surmised recently, I am inclined to believe that Erdoğan (RTE for short) derailed the peace process with the Kurds to distract attention from other things going on that were a threat to his grip on power. This created a vicious cycle of the police, military units and intelligence agencies attacking the Kurds (primarily the PKK but also sympathizers and total innocents), who have retaliated with suicide bombings. Turkey and the West were also clandestinely supporting the anti al-Assad forces, which then transformed into the ISIS/ISIL. That support has been withdrawn, and now ISIS is even being attacked, so it is now striking back at the easiest target to hit, which is the Turkish civilian population. The radical elements of IS consider Turks to be infidels who need to be killed in any event. The result is an endless loop of escalation.

Hillary, Trump, The GOP, And The Probable Future

Clinton seems likely to be the Democratic standard-bearer. Of course there are skeptics, as this commentary found (here) on the internet indicates:

Clinton — hillary clinton. Treasonous, war criminal and alleged accessory to murder. Have you heard hillary had a private email server in her home that she was conducting government business on while Secretary of State? Well, that is an act of treason. Never mind what she was doing or who she was swapping emails with — the act of having an email server — not an email account, but an email server — in her home is an act of treason, period. Who was Secretary of State when Ambassador Stevens sent over 600 emails requesting more security for the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi? Oh yeah, hillary clinton. Those 600+ emails fell on deaf ears and Ambassador Stevens, along with his staff, were overrun by marauders and killed in the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. Does anyone remember that? “It doesn’t matter”, said hillary clinton during a Congressional hearing on the details.

Others are less abrasive; this video simply says it depicts Hillary “…lying for thirteen minutes straight”.

And then there’s Trump, regarding whom, a subscriber to this newsletter says:

…it is a fact that Country Club Republicans would rather lose than elect someone not of their ilk. I wish they would fight the Left as hard as they fight Republicans.If Trump comes close and the GOP gives the nomination to Milquetoast Romney, that will the end of the Republican Party. Half their members are ready to bolt, having been treated like abused wives for decades.

There are a few things to take into account. The attacks against Trump by the establishment have, so far, only served to bring more people to support him. I am so disgusted by Cruz siding with anarchist disruptors, even going so far as to use the language of the Left, that I am sorry I voted for him (early voting mail-in ballot). Trump may actually wind up with enough delegates. Nobody will vote for Romney — nobody.

So, given that Trump may be the nominee in the first round, what are we to think of the pro-Clinton polls? As a matter-of-fact, Ronald Reagan was FAR behind Jimma Carter at this time in 1980. I think Trump could win it all.

If Trump is nominated, Hispanics offended by his insane wall will decide the election, and the nation will go from bad to much worse with another President Clinton.

So…does a vote of conscience mean a desolated citizen must support Trump, rather than sit the election out? Yes, because The Donald is by far the lesser of two evils…or…the answer is no, because Hillary is more predictable. This newsletter considers the choice excruciating. If the GOP does not overthrow Trump in a chaotic brokered convention, principled voters will have to seek out third party alternatives. That will amount to throwing their votes away.

When has the average citizen’s vote counted for less?

The Pentagon Versus The Public

This stinks. Here are the basic facts. If you are a US citizen who is gullible enough to believe that this was a “one-off”, you need to pack your bags and emmigrate to Bosnia.

Freud: The Sad Heritage Of A Madcap Excursion From Reason

Signumd Freud occupies a vaunted position in the study of the human psyche that has yet to undergo proper evaulation; in truth, his critics offer cogent but generally ignored rebuttals of his preachments. For some insight into Freud’s excesses and autocratic assumptions, do see this article.

As a pioneer of a sort, Freud made understandable mistakes, but most of them have been either forgotten or improperly excused by modern psychotherapists. Freud was, to characterize the facts succintly, a self-deluded fraud whose megalomania was exacerbated by cocaine. No greater example of his lunatic excursions from scientific research can be cited than his abuse of his patient Emma Eckstein.

Note in particular the concluding paragraph of the above-cited article by Masson:

The time has come to cease hiding from what is, after all, one of the great issues of human history. For it is unforgivable that those entrusted with the lives of people who come to them in emotional pain, having suffered real wounds in childhood, should use their blind reliance on Freud’s abandonment of the seduction theory to continue the abuse that their patients suffered as children. By shifting the emphasis from an actual world of sadness, misery, and cruelty to an internal stage on which actors perform invented dramas for an invisible audience of their own creation, Freud began a trend away from the real world which, it seems to me, is at the root of the present-day sterility of psychoanalysis and psychiatry throughout the world. If it is not possible for the therapeutic community to address this serious issue in an honest and open-minded manner, then it is time for patients to stop subjecting themselves to needless repetition of their earliest and deepest sorrow.

Those are refreshing remarks indeed.

Freud was a literate (and therefore convincing) confabulator whose wild guesses continue to dupe poseurs and academically trendy snobs. It is often ignored that he induced his theory and practice from experience with a tiny female-only patient base drawn from a miniscule segment of a unique (and doomed) society. That misled him from the first.

Today the virtually universal worship of Freud is an unrecognized cause of the scholastic elite’s icy, smug response to suffering: “We understand you, but then we are wise and you are not; that is why you are distressed.”

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

This guy is angry, so he’s voting for Donald Trump. Can you blame him?

Here’s a great short (13 minutes) film. It’s highly recommended.

Let’s hope that Homer Simpson’s “back to the future” time traveling sixteen years ago was not a real look into the future (video link here). The Simpsons do seem to have a good record, though….

This detailed article in The Atlantic magazine on Obama’s foreign policy is well worth a read. (Ed.: Yes. Do not skip it!) Follow that with how the pro-Kremlin Russian press reported on it, and included a few outrageous “translations” and interpretations of what was said by others.

This is a novel idea: disposable yet edible cutlery.

Hugh Thompson deserves to be remembered for standing up against war crimes.

The slippery slope in Iraq: go big or go home.

Could the US government force engineers and programmers who have left Apple to create the software backdoor the FBI wants?

The NSA is foundering in data. That has always been a mixed blessing.

Ordinary Links

Stellar Link     This brilliant research is literally astounding. Classicists as well as those interested in astronomy, ancient technology, archaeology, and the history of science will be enraptured.

For a quick explanation of how Trump convinces people — no, he does not use logic — watch this video.

Reader JY has three suggestions for you. Here’s a report on one of the consequences of the influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe. That’s a reminder that refugees can be combatants in an army of conquest. This discussion of demography and national/cultural survival is extensive and seminal. Finally, Hillary’s ilicit e-mails are just disgusting, but you do need the facts….

Everybody knows that carbon dioxide produced by humans is warming the planet and melting the glaciers and making the sea level rise. Well, everybody is wrong. Here’s an objective explanation of what is going on.

This is what’s wrong with Bernie Sanders’s promises; understanding the facts will take less than four minutes of your time.

Science buffs will find this documentary challenging and engrossing.

This video invites you to ask who is running the USA, and in whose interests. Now because some supremely influential people consider that question ipso facto treasonous, you just might have a few more questions that need answers…such as: how could Obama come literally within hours of committing his nation to insane slaughter over Syria? Who in the halls of power hoped the USA would blunder? Finally, what would Hillary have done? Consider this while you think about that last question….

An electrical engineer makes some suggestions for astronomers in a lecture that should be followed by the comments of Halton Arp, here. These two talks summarize the genuine science that will eventually replace today’s nonsense. — All right; now put it into perspective.

Marijuana legalization in the USA is likely, but not soon. For information on some of the reasons why it is opposed, see this video report.

The US federal government is deadly serious about getting full access to all your e-mail and secret electronic correspondence. Work is continuing feverishly to crack Apple’s security — as this report indicates: if Apple won’t do it, somebody will. Cynics might wonder whether Uncle Sam has hired a Black Hat….

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