The history of cosmic theories…may without exaggeration be called a history of collective obsessions and controlled schizophrenias; and the manner in which some of the most important individual discoveries were arrived at reminds one more of a sleepwalker’s performance than an electronic brain’s.

Ignoring The Inevitable

Because the Carrington Event of 1859 was both rare and inconsequential, it is not taken seriously today. This newsletter is considered wildly alarmist because it warns that another such solar electromagnetic pulse is inevitable — and that, given the current technology of civilization, it would cause a cascading catastrophe of Biblical proportions (a realistic estimate: up to ninety percent of the population of the USA could perish).

The authorities who could mandate effective preventive preparations either dismiss the facts as crackpot fantasies…or ignore them.

Those who want more information should learn about solar behavior. You could begin with this brief recent report; it might inspire you to learn more about sunspots, the cyclical nature of the sun’s activity, and the full range of possibilities.

From time to time, this newsletter has published information on the solar threat. From 29 March 2009 to 26 June 2015, the word “Carrington” appeared in thirty-five issues of this newsletter. Books were reviewed, facts were provided, and opinions were offered. (Allnumbers of this newsletter are available at

The social and political realities indicate clearly that nothing preventive or preparatory will be done. You, however, might want to understand the nature of the inevitable event before you ignore it.

Western Civilization Should Try Harder

Geert Wilders knows whereof he speaks. Read his remarks.

Islamofascist violence has deep roots in the Koran and hadith. Muslim holy scriptures are clear: both suicide bombers and noncombatant Muslim civilians killed in holy war are martyrs, and are rewarded with eternal pleasure in paradise.

Too, Westerners do not always realize that “terror” is not the aim of Muslim militants; conquest is. Islam’s scriptural foundation insists that warfare of all sorts continue until all other faiths are either exterminated or literally subjugated, taxed, and quarantined.

Holy faith knows neither rational refutations nor surrender, as any Bible-believing Christian can inform you.

If the West is to defend itself, it must discard some false assumptions. First, it is not true that a small minority of Muslims wants to see The Occident conquered. Muslim hegemony in Europe and the destruction of Israel would be deliriously received across Africa, The Middle East, and Indonesia.

Second, the real enemy of decent governance is not a relatively small minority of dissidents; it is a civilization whose Koranic faith generates intolerance, brutality, injustice, and madness…much of which is directed against other Muslims. Contemporary Islam must be effectively frustrated when it essays violence; it needs a chance to mature and humanize its scripturally-besotted elements.

Recall that Islam is some six hundred years younger than Christianity. The fact that only a very tiny minority of self-described Christians still promotes the lethal persecution of witches is testimony to that religion’s maturity.

Third, the Western press and politicians still believe that there are “good Muslims” and “Muslim terrorists”. Those terms (and their synonyms) are profoundly misleading. While many Muslims are peaceful and do fret over the bloodshed caused by religious fanatics, the West has only extremely limited opportunities to attract Muslim allies to its struggle with “terrorists”.

When Muslim attacks Muslim, that is almost always provoked by absurd doctrinal disputes within Islam. Recall the Iran-Iraq war. Yes, the Kurds are Muslim, but their cause is more a struggle for a homeland than an attempt to pacify Islam.

Fourth, the word “terrorist” should be ignored when the discussion turns to Islamofascism (perhaps words such as “insurgent”, “jihadi”, or “revolutionary” could replace “terrorist”). The real aim of violent/expansionist Islam is not simply to scare the daylights out of the West; it is conquest. The dangerous elements in Islam fully intend to rule the world as soon as possible; they want to subjugate all other religions, and then either tax them or exterminate them (Jews are to be severely restricted; all Buddhists and Hindus, who are not “people of the book” as Jews are, must be executed for idolatry, as the Koran demands in 2:190).

At present, the West has not made the decision to deal effectively with the sincere lethality of Islam. Doubtless the political leaders of the West still harbor the delusion that somehow Muslim violence is like purse-snatching: according to that foolishness, better policing and firm punishment should reduce the danger, now shouldn’t they? That error begins when one mistakes murderous lunatics for delinquents who fail to understand the true teachings of Islam.

In fact today’s bloodthirsty Islamists have accurately interpreted their holy scriptures.

Fifth, Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons must be utterly shattered. As corollaries of this policy, Pakistan, India, and North Korea should also be relieved of their atomic capabilities. Yes, of course wars to accomplish all those goals are impractical. Further, the logic of the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction is no longer valid. Those facts mean the prospects of avoiding nuclear war are far less favorable today than they were at the heights of USA – USSR tension during the Cold War.

Western Civilization is in serious trouble.

Sixth, to those in the West who make the fatal mistake of considering all faiths as somehow ethically equal, this newsletter offers this advice: read the holy books of Islam. Understand the teachings. Realize that those documents are accepted as the inerrant word of the creator of humanity, and understand how effective those preachments are. Then see the defense of your civilization as your responsibility.

Until the West is properly led, the struggle with “terrorists” cannot possibly be ended. Expect, therefore, the danger to you and to your family to intensify.

Astronomy As Science Rather Than Dogma

This newsletter has repeatedly exposed the carbon dioxide-anthropogenic global warming nonsense. Years of effort to sweep aside the cultic guilt at the core of AGW incidentally exposed this newsletter to a school of thought that prefers to be known as “The Electric Universe” (the EU for short). Its concepts deserve consideration.

The earth’s climate is not at the center of the EU thesis. The EU is fundamentally a distinct approach to cosmogeny (see footnote): it discusses the origin of the universe, the formation of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and comets. Along the way, the EU hopes to improve prevailing misunderstandings of gravity, and prove that black holes, black matter, and black energy are all bad guesses. Yes, the EU is literally attempting to reform contemporary astronomy.

Of course virtually all professional astronomers respond to the claims of the EU with contempt and scorn. That’s damning, for people like Stephen Hawking are celebrities and include in their ranks geniuses whose imaginative employment of mathematics is astounding. Moreover, these modern Mandarins call upon the principles developed by Einstein to support their conclusions. As a consequence of their work, a majority of the public believes that gravity is well understood (ask an astronomer about the orbit of Mercury), space-time is a factual and productive concept, and the speed of light cannot be exceeded.

All that is considered true in spite of the challenges posed by quantum mechanics.

Unfortunately for contemporary astronomy, there are a number of circumstances that hint at a less than intellectually honest dispute between today’s understandings and the EU’s interpretation of reality. If you look into the EU’s case against The Big Bang, The Expanding Universe, and the causes and implications of The Red Shift, you could easily conclude that an honest debate has never been conducted.

It is not surprising, therefore, that EU partisans do on occasion mention Copernicus, Kepler, and especially Galileo. One can detect the aroma of burning heretic…. The rational observer will therefore ask whether Karl Popper’s ethics of science have been discarded. Perhaps astronomy itself is a cultic monster.

Now before you draw some improper parallels, do read Koestler’s The Sleepwalkers. That will prevent you from saying some very silly things about the history of astronomy.

Then consider the work of Alfvén, Birkeland, and Arp. These modern astronomers paid very high prices for their intellectual apostasy. Their work has been variously ignored, dismissed as dependent on happenstance, and ridiculed. That does not mean any of it is correct, of course; it does suggest, however, that science is subject to fashions that militate against innovative research and explanation.

For a look at what happens when the EU and the doctrine of anthropogenic global warming collide, do view this video.

Then there is the recent claim that because gravity waves have been detected, Einstein was correct. It is likely, however, that the verdict will ultimately be that those “waves” are fantasies. If that is true, it would mean Einstein neither understood nor explained gravity. Oops!

It will take years to settle the feud between the EU reformers and today’s conventional astronomers, and one can only guess who will prevail. Meanwhile, observers are guaranteed an interesting spectacle….

Footnote: this newsletter prefers the spelling cosmogeny because it links directly to the Greek word genesis, which refers to birth or beginning. The customary spelling is cosmogony. Both are correct in modern British and US English.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

The Director of the FBI, James B. Comey — introduced by President of Kenyon College Sean Decatur — speaks on encryption and surveillance. (The presentation begins at seventeen minutes into the video, so advance to that point.) The follow-up Q&A session is also worth listening to; it starts at about fifty-one minutes in. Pay particular attention to Comey’s answer to the last question he is asked. Then you will be ready to ask: “Who is really behind TrueCrypt?” (The editor of this newsletter highly recommends both of these links.)

The lapses noted here are just as bad as the NSA, CIA, DIA and FBI not acting on information that all of them had prior to 9/11: first, Turkey’s assistance is ignored; second, there is a strong Belgian reaction to the lapse; third, here is more evidence of incompetence; finally, the world learns what happened. But is it all true? Well, the Belgians have admitted that they mishandled the information given them by the Turks. It’s not just true, it’s wrenchingly appalling.

Nine-year-old journalists may report on the latest Barbie and Ken dolls, but don’t let them do any kind of real journalistic writing! — Why are people always trying to dumb down kids who are ambitious and have a penchant for doing something outside the box…even when it is completely legal?

Here’s an instance of the success of a sovereign nation that is geographically entirely within a (second) sovereign nation. Perhaps the Turks and other countries with populations that include large ethnically distinct minorities could learn something from this approach.

Water out of thin air? Here are two promotional videos: One and Two. Some are looking at this invention positively, but with a critical eye.

Spain, the chronologically anomalous European nation.

If you need a top-notch telescopic sight for your sniper rifle, do not buy this one. It is amazing that the US government could not detect all the problems of this sight during the testing cycle of the procurement process.

Is this a valid argument against standardized testing?

Ordinary Links

Along with the periodical Commentary, this newsletter remains convinced that if the GOP nominates Trump, the USA will find itself in the incompetent and unprincipled hands of President Hillary. This quote sums it all up: “A Trump nomination would be an epic political mistake for the GOP. If Republicans end up nominating Donald Trump to be their standard bearer, he will shatter their party.”

Call up YouTube on your computer, and enter the term “Hillary Clinton scandals” in the Search slot (it’s located at the very top of the display, and ends with a little icon depicting a magnifying glass). A list of videos will appear. Now of course Hillary’s supporters would insist that you have called up lies created by that “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” Hillary has repeatedly damned. Whether you accept that dismissal as an adequate response to questions regarding Hillary’s ethics will depend on your political orientation.

Here is intelligent commentary on the mood of the nation as Hillary makes plans for her coronation. Never mind the discussion’s emphasis on libertarian values: these folks are clarifying matters of planetary importance. Meanwhile the electorate seems to be growing increasingly tired of the two major political parties: see these statistical data. There are reasons for that attitude, of course…things like this, for example.

Trump and Sanders are a lot alike: Commentary on the two crackpots. Yes, you will have to subscribe to read it all, but you can get the overall drift from the teaser that is free.

The sun and earth’s economy: watch the first four minutes of this video, and ponder the possibilities.

Those who enjoy the music of Beethoven will be interested in the comments of Claudio Abbado (1933 – 2014). The video is in Italian with English subtitles.

The collection of videos under the heading “Cops Getting Owned” contains 1,279 entries. Each of those episodes documents an encounter with US police officers. Give that some thought…and, if that suggests little or nothing to you, watch a few of those videos. (Hint: you can always speed through the longer videos…put the cursor on the display, and then click on the red line at the bottom of the frame to advance the video. The further to the right you click, the more of the video you skip. Then the next video in the collection will load and begin playing.) While this newsletter has little to no regard for the “social media”, in fact the content of is an undeniable indicator of widespread police abuse of authority in the USA. That problem is doubtless much greater in many other nations.

Here is a brilliant lecture. Press on regardless, Pilgrims.

The word from the FBI: Hillary is being properly investigated. So far, so good. Yet this newsletter continues to insist that no matter what the evidence, Hillary will never be arrested or indicted — because the process is complex and highly vulnerable to political interference. Nor will all the evidence gathered by the federal police ever be available to the public. The FBI cannot itself see justice done; it’s a link in a chain.

It isn’t always easy — or possible — to go after the USA’s tax cheats. Sin duda.

Those interested in amending the US constitution might want to compare Mark Levin’s proposals with those of the activist organization called Anonymous. Both reforms come from the realization that the rules, as written by the founders of the nation, are simply not being followed. But…can new rules fix that?

“…we (in the USA) get the government the Saudis and other (of our) enemies pay for.” Ouch. More here.

“The sun triggers large earthquakes. Now let’s tell the world.”

Doubtless lots of citizens in the Los Angeles area of California area are unsurprised by this verdict. Over the years, the region’s deputy sheriffs have provoked a dangerous level of popular hatred of law enforcement. The big question is whether true reform is about to emerge. This newsletter is skeptical: deep feelings typically fade very slowly, and the local sheriffs have long abused a great many prisoners; bitterness infects families, friends, and neighborhoods. That naturally created a perceived “need” for more and harsher treatment of suspects. It is as if Donald “Get Tough” Trump had dictated the sheriffs’ policies.

What is gravity? Why does matter attract matter? Is there such a thing as “bent space”? Well…perhaps this will help. Then there is also this.

Here’s an interesting quote from this source: “Experts agree it is far more difficult for intelligence agencies to manipulate open source software programs than many of the closed systems developed by companies like Apple and Microsoft.” A hat tip goes to The Tramp Abroad for pointing in the direction of the link.

Your view depends on where you stand….

Then there is the generation of electricity by means of solar radiation (heavy sigh). The link clarifies a textbook example of how a state government can make a fool of itself and waste tax revenues recklessly. This is a particularly irksome project. After all, one can know how many calories of heat fall on a given plot of land every hour; one can calculate how many of those calories will be available to the generating equipment; one can get a good estimate of losses due to the mechanisms; and one can predict the amount of electricity that can be produced. Clearly, the numbers were grossly incorrect. Can one call that another instance of entrepreneur’s bias?

For folks in the USA: here’s the best way to make video recordings of police activity. For everybody else, this how to get into tons of trouble.

If you can carry your telephone in a shirt pocket, you will probably not consider this information useful. That could be a big mistake.

This is for science buffs who… never mind. If you knew the title of this interesting and brief paper, you would skip reading the text.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Arthur Koestler.