Where rationalists insist on polarizing the continua of human experience into antithetical pairs of opposing categories, the West has constantly rejected the implied need for rejection of one or the other, by embracing “Both”. This catholic outlook goes back to the earliest days of Western society when its outlook was being created in the religious controversies of the preceding Classical Civilization.

Obama, Congress, The Judiciary, And Aliens Illegally Present In The USA

It’s a complex issue that has not been understood by the litigants: US states are trying to get the federal supreme court to prevent Obama from burdening them with the financial impact of The One Leader’s meddlesomeness. (Hint: don’t delve deeper into this dispute if you are unwilling to do a little reading beyond the scope of the slender commentary in this newsletter. Even the source at the URL linked here has misunderstood the fundamental facts involved.)

Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority. Article One, Section One: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States….”

Here is what has happened (not for the first time): Congress has passed a law, and Obama has altered it. He feels his executive authority allows him to tinker with extant law. He is wrong, both factually and ethically.

The states involved have stupidly ignored the precise, unambiguous language of the federal constitution, and are whining that what Obama has done will cost them money. That’s a ridiculously irrelevant argument. In fact, nothing in this case should turn on costs; the real issue is whether Obama can legally modify — that is, re-draft — laws passed by the only national legislative authority of the land.

Changing national law is the same as making national law. Those who may not do the latter may not do the former.

For proof, read Professor Hamburger’s book, reviewed here.

To Obama, the constitution is an antique document that expresses neither moral force nor serious intent. His crackbrained misunderstanding means he feels free to ignore his oath of office.

That is at the very least an impeachable offense.

The Sustenance Of The West

In a recent Number of this newsletter, it was contended that the USA in particular depends on its Hispanic element to maintain the demographic minimum (2.1 children per family unit) required to sustain a civilization. Without the fecundity of Hispanics, the nation would fall below the number of offspring that allows the USA to remain a viable cultural entity. That much is fact.

It is objected that Mexicans do not acculturate in the USA, but seek to take over the nation. That argument claims the West cannot base its hope of survival in Hispanic immigration.

That reminds of the attitudes of US citizens who shunned Russian Jews and immigrants from Poland as incapable of assimilation. Similarly, the Irish and Chinese “refused to acculturate”, in the opinion of their bigoted critics.

There are two flaws in these instances of distorted reasoning. The first error is the false claim that Jews, Poles, and Irish were not (or are not) participants in Western Civilization.

The second mistake effectively defines acculturation as the thoroughgoing and fundamentally transformative adoption of all the values and habits of the Western Europeans who arrived in the New World many decades ago.

In fact Mexicans are indisputably genuine bearers of the culture of Western Civilization. The distinctions between them and today’s immigrants to the USA who were born into old Edinburgh families are inconsequential to the survival of Occidental civilization.

A Slippery Slope?

Can the word contact be used properly as a verb? This newsletter believes serious writers will avoid that mistake. That said, here is perhaps the best refutation of that stubborn edict:

One can head an organization or toe the mark; butter the bread or bread the cutlet. Grammatically at least, there is no justification for the once frequently heard criticism of contact used as a verb, esp. in the meaning “to communicate with.” Probably because there is no other one-word verb in the language to express this particular idea, contact as a verb has become standard in all types of speech and writing. (Source)

For more information, consult the entry “Conversion” in Fowler (third edition). English has been allowing nouns to put on airs for many years, and there is no convincing argument against that trend.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

In August of 2011, a news anchor delivered an epic rant. Today it is well worth listening to, because it forces the viewer to ask whether anything has changed in the last five years. Here’s the outburst, and here is biographical information on the ranter, Dylan Ratigan.

This did not take place in Europe…it was in Izmir, the biggest city on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The attitude of the celebrants is clear in the video, and that might explain why the president tends to shun this city.

There is an “Ocean’s 11” operation to save books in Timbuktu.

If this becomes law, one might easily imagine the UK denied access to cutting-edge technology.

The daughter of believers in faith-healing wants them prosecuted for contributing to her current condition.

Mozilla advocates encryption.

Indeed, there are progressive-thinking minds in the Muslim world — those intellects exist even in countries that are plagued with religious strife, intolerance and power struggles. Hats off to Muntazir Sherazi for calling attention to the facts.

Hindsight is 20/20, so now everyone can claim that it was no big surprise that allegedly nothing of any real value was found on the famous iPhone. On the other hand, maybe a lot of useful information was found on the phone, and we are being led to believe that there was none….

Some critical infrastructure operators in the USA still have not made their IT systems secure.

May the government take your property? Well, apparently yes, if you don’t keep your promises.

Is Bernie Sanders just a stoned-out college hippie with white hair? The NY Daily News is usually pretty left-leaning, so it is surprising to find them bashing Sanders. Or…should one have known that they have more allegiance to their NY senator?


Merkel is standing up for free speech, but has she painted herself into a corner?

What to do with those twenty-eight pages when, after thirteen years of being classified (hidden from public view), they were declassified?

There will be no carpet bombing over Syria. — A comment on the article linked above from a ex-Army comrade of mine: “During Desert Storm I was on the other side of the world but was still able to roll up the Iranian Press telex at work & it was in English. The B-52 strikes on the Iraqi Republican Guard units in Basra they called the “Wrath of God”. That terrified them. Obama needs to stop being a pussy & awaken to the fact that shock & awe does demoralize the enemy. We even have Islamic scholars in my region calling for ISIS to be crushed militarily & then people like themselves to then deprogram the Islamic cultists that survive.” — The response from Rick Francona: “I interrogated a high-value Iraqi prisoner of war who told me he surrendered because of B-52 strikes. I asked which division he was in – he told me the 48th. I said that we have not (yet) hit the 48th. He said, ‘True, but I watched what the B-52s did to the 25th Division on our flank.'”

Is ISIS hurting for money? The fanatics seem to be cutting back on corporal and more drastic punishment in favor of monetary fines, higher taxation and confiscation of property.

Listen to this impassioned twelve-year-old recount his description of flying the fastest jet ever. Well…at least he tells us that he felt like a twelve-year-old. Videos: One, Two, and more. Here is a little biographic information about Brian Shul, and here is his website.

Ordinary Links

Hillary: First, funds for Her Nibs are diverted to avoid the restrictions of campaign law. Second, Hillary is paid regally for speeches to powerful insiders. Third, there is the magical “static machine” that insures privacy. Finally, Anonymous has a comment or two on the candidate’s future.

From the “Einstein Was Nice, But Wrong” Department comes this claim that “gravitational lensing” was an error.

By now, it should be clear to all interested parties that the USA’s national law enforcement and intelligence communities are hell-bent on destroying conventional standards that defend the individual’s right to privacy. Those who doubt that contention should read this report.

Will encryption be banned by a new federal law in the USA? A hat tip goes to reader JW for suggesting a video report on and discussion of the nation’s privacy law. Consider, for example, whether a government that is unable to protect its critical data from criminals should be permitted to forbid the public to encrypt messages.

Reader JY reminds that “climate change” (previously known as “anthropogenic global warming”) needs to be understood. He’s right, of course, and his suggestion of this commentary is apt.

Did a vaccine (Vioxx) kill tens of thousands? Whatever the full truth may be, this looks bad for the USA’s federal health apparatus.

This video introduces some stunning concepts proceeding from research in genetics. Don’t skip it.

For the Nth time: “hackers” are good guys; they work to improve things, and they allow everyone to use their ideas free of charge (it’s the Open Source ethic, best exemplified by BSD and Linux). The thieves, vandals, and rascals who break in and do damage are properly called “crackers” (probably from safecracker). Here are two offending pieces: A and B.

Reader JY suggests that the Germans might think they have freedom of expression because their TV programs can be sex-drenched. Could it be that politics has little to do with morality?

“If Hillary Clinton was (sic) not running for president, she’d have been indicted by now”. For the full details, see this.

The US federal supreme court needs another associate justice, and Obama wants the senate to accept his nominee. Here is some highly recommended constitutional common sense on the issue. If you find that interesting, view the entire interview.

Sinkholes: the earth simply opens up and swallows cars and buildings. These disasters are becoming increasingly common. Here’s whythey happen. Can they be prevented? No….

This is global warming? With atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide over four hundred parts per million (PPM), how can this be? Answer: the facts have been misrepresented by a penitential cult that errs in its claim that C02 levels are dangerously high. In fact, things are getting better: the atmosphere is headed toward CO2 levels of 600 PPM, which will radically improve agricultural productivity. Higher yields will militate against hunger and poverty. And the concurrent horrors of climate change? Because the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is logarithmic, warming caused by the gas will be less than trivial. (CO2’s logarithmic effect has been noted in a total of eighteen previous Numbers of this newsletter. Perhaps the best clarification will be found here.)

For folks in the USA: this practical guide to dealing with police searches of autos in the USA is very helpful.

“…the IRS is a knowing accomplice to millions of cases of identity theft while keeping victims in the dark.” Details on Koskinen’s latest creative abuse of his privileged position reveal yet again his pugnacious, ethically bankrupt mentality.

The path not chosen: Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson discusses the issues. US voters should pay careful attention to his words. (His sole and trivial error: at fifteen minutes and sixteen seconds into the interview, Johnson confuses the issue somewhat by mistakenly referring to “my predecessor”; he meant “my successor”.) The former governor’s comments can be recommended as a guide to rational and sustainable governance.

Trump as an Obama clone? The Colorado GOP as besieged by peasants carrying pitchforks and torches? Well, no.

Hillary and Bernie meet an iconoclastic rapper. Yes, it is video trickery, but that does not blunt its edge.

Most US voters will tell anyone who asks that the Obama administration has been a welcome example of good governance. That sums up the nation’s problems: in truth, the USA has lived through more than seven years of literally criminal governance. Here is some of the evidence for that assertion. Then too, Newt is pretty upset with the Veterans’ Administration — but there is nothing new about that, now is there? The fact is that nobody seems to be able to do anything even remotely like reforming the parasites in that bureaucratic bog.

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