Prior to the Potsdam Conference in July, 1945, the Japanese were repeatedly signaling for peace. … Sometime between July 30th and the departure of the Americans from Potsdam on August 2nd, the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Despite all the evidence that the surrender of Japan was inevitable, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945….

Bitter Thoughts On The USA’s Next Presidential Election

Commentary says, “… it’s hard to see how the small vote Trump amassed (in New York) could possibly beat Hillary Clinton who alone received more than double the number of ballots cast for the reality star.” Correct. Trump can’t possibly defeat Hillary.

But would a Trump presidency be preferable to another opportunity for the Clintons to abuse political power?

That is a question very few Democrats will feel obliged to answer. In fact most voters know next to nothing about the seamy history of Slick Willy and his spouse. After two terms of Obamoid absurdity, the Clintons might even look like the nation’s opportunity to heave a sigh of relief and get back to “normal”.

Yes, that means Hillary’s favorite apocryphal Poltergeist, “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” (abbreviated VRWC), will probably remain locked out. As funds flood into the Clinton Foundation (see its description of itself here, and compare that to a more objective view of the operation), the prospects for institutional corruption will improve substantially.

Exactly what that means will be clarified if you look up Marc Rich: first, read his history as told by the evil VRWC; then, for what might be a more even-handed account, see the Wikipedia entry.

Of course the “Progressive” establishment has been loath to be negatively critical of the Clintons, as this gentle summary of part of the full story demonstrates. It conveys the view that while the Clintons made some careless assumptions and overlooked a few details, they can be assumed to be fundamentally decent; their greed is never hinted at, and their ethical flexibility is not noted. The Atlantic, like most of the press, typically avoids candid evaluation of the couple’s motives and practices.

The rationally critical citizen might want more history and more details. The full facts comprise a long list that begins with Hillary’s questionable involvement in Slick’s fund-raising before he was elected to public office. That shadowy dabbling with rascals, along with the transparent activities of the Clinton foundation, did not make it into the Atlantic article.

Indeed, evaluating Hillary’s past requires that one decide whom to believe. Most Democrats dismiss the tales of thinly-disguised bribes and fake charitable contributions. Ultimately, it’s a matter of how much evidence one can ignore before being forced to break ranks with the party faithful. Democrats must decide whether they trust the Progressive avant-garde and can curse Hillary’s eldritch VRWC for concocting lies regarding Clintonian transgressions.

The facts are tragically irrelevant, because the election will not be decided on facts, history, or ethics, for…

…the Republicans will not have a candidate worthy of the office. Even if all Republicans voted for Trump (which they will not), he would lose. That’s because he is no Reagan: he can’t possibly get enough Democrats to support him.

By renouncing their admittedly limited heritage of rational governance, the Republicans have already handed The White House over to Hillary.

The widespread discontent fostered by Obama has resulted not in indignant reform, but in costly blunders. President Hillary will be no more a leader than she was when she “served” as secretary of state; indeed, her administration will be every bit as inspiring as was her presence in the Senate.

None of the above observations will dissuade unreconstructed Clintonistas. Those diehards will assure the nation that President Hillary can depend on the principled advice of an exemplary leader who will be at her side…unless, of course….

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

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If this becomes law, one could imagine that the UK will no longer have access to cutting-edge technology.

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Ordinary Links

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For those interested in libertarian ideas and/or US politics, here is over a half hour of things to think about. Recommended.

This engrossing documentary will contribute to your understanding of the true nature and scope of terrorism. — What’s that? You say the video is “discriminatory, and an attack on an entire culture”? Well, this newsletter is an equal-opportunity critic of rotten misbehavior, so you are hereby urged to recall the old slander that pedophilia is the secret shame of the British, and watch this. (Do note the significant words of a victim, “…he was rich, powerful, and famous…”. What a pity all of perfidious Albion’s sexual obsessives couldn’t follow the example set by Lloyd George in his retirement….)

Justice in the USA is far from acceptable. Here is evidence for that claim.

There are hurdles, and then there are seeming hurdles that go away when they are ignored. Here’s a hurdle for Trump. Best guess: this is a breeze, not a cyclone.

Give a few moments to a candidate for president who has a lot to say about what ails the USA. You should hear him out.

Whoa! What is this…”conservatives” making a hard left turn, and becoming “progressives”? You decide….

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After more than twenty years, the “28 pages” are finally getting some attention. Of course no one who understands the endemic attitudes Saudis have toward Jews and Israelis should be surprised by recent reports and speculation. For a sampling of fact and opinion, watch thisvideo and then use a good search engine. Obviously there is a very great deal that a lot of powerful people want kept out of sight. The problem: balmy conspiracy theorists behaving like dogs rolling in roadkill discourage the intellectually honest critics. No decent investigative reporter wants to be mistaken for a crackpot.

Told you so….

What in the world is Hillary thinking? Has her partisan outlook so detached her from reality that she assumes (a) only “progressive” voters oppose Trump, and that (b) all “conservatives” will necessarily support him? If so, her grasp of facts is simply bizarre.

Newton, Faraday, and Einstein: reconsideration of the assumptions of modern physics is in order.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Herbert Hoover.