…the gazing populace receive greedily, without examination, whatever soothes superstition, and promotes wonder.

The Tramp Abroad On The Current Situation In Turkey


The text reads, “Shhh…Be quiet. Turkey is sleeping.” I cannot vouch 100% for these figures, but my gut feeling is that they are correct or not far off. The trend is obvious. As I wrote before, the AKP (the ruling party) re-ignited the tensions with the (Kurdish) PKK, after very nearly coming to a peaceful agreement, just to distract the populace from their other shenanigans.

This problem should have been dispensed with some time ago. Today, however, a “martyr” (in Turkish: şehit) is a soldier or policeman who is killed in the line of duty — and by extension, it has come to identify anyone who is killed by a PKK rebel.

In the beginning the Kurds were loudly demanding land from Turkey, but strangely not from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq or Syria where they have varying sizes of minority populations. In the late 90s, Turkey started “loosening up” on the Kurds, giving them the right to openly speak Kurdish, have Kurdish language schools, print books and broadcast on radio and TV, sell music cassettes/CDs, in short to have some autonomy and the rights to cultural freedoms. The state-run TV even created a separate 24-hour Kurdish language channel! Then the demands for land more or less became a whisper. The Turkish Republic and the Kurdish minority were very close to having a “lasting peace”.

But, after the AKP and Erdoğan (Google his name) started getting mixed up in other “activities”, such as calling for Assad to step down (when only one year earlier, Erdoğan and Assad were “brothers”), and getting involved in huge corruption scandals; then Turkey started creating “issues” which have caused the “fight for independence” to be re-ignited…distracting the AKP followers and much of the population from the real issues plaguing the country.

An unsettling deterioration: Turkish politics under Erdoğan do seem to be turning uglier. It is as if a personality cult similar to that of North Korea were being created in Turkey. Erdoğanists are demanding “obedience to the leader”. By all means read the material on this web page— it’s highly recommended.

Finally, here are the words of an enlightened Muslim, taken from a “social media” site: “What I believe Muslims have been deprived of [is] real education including classes on values and how to live a harmonious social life, that makes many of us ignorant. Ignorance is a tool that can be played by many evil geniuses and that’s the reason of [the] real chaos these days.” It is too bad that so few of them have thoughts like this.

The Rich Do Not “Keep” A Large Percentage Of Their Profits

If you watch this video, you will see an internet personality promote a falsehood that props up collectivist Utopianism. The lie has its origin in a bizarre misunderstanding of reality.

Senator Sanders, the current presidential candidate favored by hardcore “Progressives”, argues for high taxation of the banks and the rich; he also proposes tax relief for the middle class and poor, as well as free college for everyone who can get into a college. His overall political philosophy is ultimately derived from or substantially influenced by the theories of the Frankfurt School, a German and later US “think tank” that promoted fundamental Hegelian concepts and Marxist policies as effective competition for the Soviet communism of the second and third decades of the twentieth century.

That’s the background of the lie that the rich are parasites who “keep” a portion of the money they accumulate. That hoary hoax is promoted in the video linked above. Watch from six minutes and thirty-eight seconds (6:38) into the commentary until 8:20.

This newsletter long ago dismissed that claim as obviously false. See the commentary titled, “What In The World Is ‘Social Darwinism’, Anyway?” in Number 244; then there is a highly relevant item on Elizabeth Warren in Number 247.

The arguments made in those commentaries will not be repeated here. It is necessary, however, to note that uninvested wealth will gain or lose value with the rise and fall of currencies and the prices of precious metals, and that the rich — and their paid advisers — understand that.

Moreover, note the claim that money that is recirculated “faster” somehow benefits society in ways that rational investing does not; this fable can be banished by a moment’s thought. Long-term investments build industries and markets that can benefit the nation. Short-term investments — which recirculate money rapidly — avoid big projects and minimize risk, returns, and benefits to society. If those facts were not true, Germany’s infamous hyperinflation in the 1920’s would have been beneficial.

Today, inflation is not as ferocious as it was in Germany after WWI, but money still loses value unless it is handed to others.

Accordingly, rich people do not “keep” money. They spend prudently and entrust capital to others who are paid to put it to work — that is, to invest it.

Investment increases access to the resources of the rich. That sustains and expands the national economy, strengthens the middle class, and helps individuals improve their circumstances.

The most import fact, however, is this: hoarding cash is profoundly deranged behavior, and therefore extraordinarily rare. The lie that it is standard practice in the upper economic levels of society scapegoats the prosperous in order to promote antique Utopian fantasies.

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This promotional film is very likely to shatter some common stereotypes. After viewing it, one can see that the city and province of İzmir not only stand out as delightfully inviting, but invalidate many preconceived notions about the people and cultural matrix of modern Turkey. Here are some of the pictures and articles found on the İzmir Governorship website.

Tip: don’t do math on an American Airlines flight.

A German nuclear power plant is infected with computer viruses that are eight years old. Shame, shame, shame!

This is almost impossible for the mind to fathom. Try to imagine 256 GB of memory on a chip the size of your little fingernail. But…I predict 1TB in the same space within 10 years.

Who is the new Mayor (not the “Lord Mayor”) of London, Sadiq Khan? Here are three sources: One, Two, Three.

Ordinary Links

The “End Times”? Well, no, but it’s certain that some folks will rabidly intensify their prophesying, preaching and proselytizing any month now. Here are the facts.

Well, this is awkward….

You might have assumed Hillary’s private e-mail server could be investigated and understood. Oops! Read this report. Then too, “State’s stance on the practical difficulties of diplomats doing their work while observing robust safeguards for the protection of sensitive information appears to have changed over time.” For more on this convenient flexibility, read this (hint: Hillary is desperately pulling every available string).

This should not be forgotten, because it set a standard for subsequent Israeli responses to Islamist enmity. It is folly to assume that Israel will not strike proactively.

Do Obamites have cogent responses to this news item? It would be interesting to see how the insiders defend The One Leader’s policy of frustrating freedom of the press and obscuring a view of federal operations.

And…The One Leader is not fond of whistleblowers. It could not be otherwise.

Is Newt Gingrich preparing a comeback? Read his ruminations here. Now of course he does not mean it when he says, “…by winning so early and so decisively, the Washington policy Republicans feared there was a very real chance Trump would now wander off into whatever policy inventions and maneuvers he wanted to”. In fact the “Washington policy Republicans” did not win early and decisively, though that is the literal meaning of Newt’s sentence; of course he meant to refer to Trump, not to the GOP establishment. Moving on…. Yes, Newt is trying to attract enough attention to get himself selected as the GOP vice presidential candidate.

The item above that is titled “The Rich Do Not ‘Keep’ A Large Percentage Of Their Profits” refutes an egregious instance of collectivist nonsense. That does not mean the source of this economic illiteracy is always wrong. In fact a subsequent rant from the same occasionally loony source makes an interesting case against Hillary (in order to support Senator Bernie Sanders). Yes, perceptive “Progressives” know how disordered and unethical Hillary is. But that does not mean they will vote for Trump. In fact virtually none of them will.

Commentary describes Hillary as “A serially mendacious individual with a bad habit of getting caught in her deceits, the subject of a federal investigation into potentially criminal misconduct, and a lackluster campaigner with a record of failure….” Sure, alert voters know all that, but — so what? After all, as another opinion in Commentary notes, “With most polls showing Trump a certain loser to Clinton by margins that would likely impact Congressional races as well, a doomsday scenario for the Republicans is not unlikely.” The upshot: the USA, burdened by its benighted electorate, is about to get a very interesting president, a toothless opposition party, and tons of Bad Luck.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of David Hume.