…the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack.

The Next US President

Can Trump defeat Hillary? The press and pollsters are frantic to answer that question. Perhaps the real question is not who will win, but why so many observers are desperately reading the tea leaves.

The answer is that the Democrats feel free to field a profoundly flawed candidate, and the Republicans are hoping their man will not be perceived as exactly what he is.

This election is a grotesque anomaly: both candidates are literal freaks. That confounds the press, outrages many ideologues, and puzzles the voters.

Some of the results of a Fox News survey are so odd that a neutral observer might think the USA has gone off the rails. Consider:

47% of Democrats believe Hillary will “say anything” in order to win, and fully one quarter of her party find her unlikeable. Over a quarter of those backing Sanders flatly refuse to vote for her if Sanders is eliminated, and there are indications that the Democratic convention could be — well, unruly. Almost exactly half of Hillary’s voters admit they are “really” voting against Trump.

Too, just over half of Trump’s supporters admit they are “really” voting against Hillary.

This is an election that will put the least despised contender in the White House. That’s the best the two political parties can do, and that means the winner will have no clear mandate. Urgently needed reforms will be extremely difficult to impose, and unilateral action, in the form of unconstitutional executive orders, could be increasingly common.

Sooner or later, some thoughtful people should ask whether the full implications of the Obama presidency can be recognized and understood.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Don’t mess with Gurkha.

Maybe not all is lost in Afghanistan.

Turkish physicians are now questioning the health aspects of male circumcision (all of the linked report is in Turkish, although several references are made to studies and reports in English). Nonetheless, the text is rather provocative, given that circumcision of males is mandatory in Islam and Turkey has a population that is more than 99% Muslim. In the beginning of the article, Dr. Haydar Dümen, a Turkish sexologist, is quoted as stating, “Circumcision is an entirely negative action. It is wrong from start to finish. Because, whether it is God or it is nature, in the course of the universe there is not one cell too many nor too few in our body processes. For that reason, nature or God does not create / manufacture faulty [creatures].”

Ordinary Links

Watch and hear this. It concerns ethics, politics, and technology, and it’s essential.

You have seen this before. Here it is again, because it is a guilty pleasure.

This is the chilling prelude to the story of “whistle-blower” Edward Snowden’s revelations — and it’s a tale every US citizen should know.

What makes the Earth keep rotating? Consider this attempt to provide an answer. (Off topic: a planet rotates on its axis, and revolves around its star. So shouldn’t one refer to a Smith & Wesson Model 626 JM pistol as a “rotator”?)

Katie Couric is still active, which is surprising. Her latest effort is anything but informed and accurate, which is not at all surprising.

What’s wrong, described in less than three and one-half minutes.

What are the ultimate causes of this horrific sequence of events? Everyone in the Occident should demand candid responses to that question.

It’s a relief to know that Camille Paglia is still telling the truth, even if many people are unable to understand the importance of her words.

So you can’t stand Hillary’s lies and utter refusal to accept responsibility for anything? You say you think Trump is a clown who is incapable of being a halfway acceptable president? Well, there is a third option that does not involve voting for anybody.

Michael Rubin reports in a recent issue of Commentary that Iran’s supreme leader recently said that…”America is the major evil power and Great Satan; resistance against America is the main point of Iran’s prowess. Neither (do) the enemy’s promises deceive us nor its threats frighten us.” The religious fanatic means every word, and his words are clear. Obama and Kerry have blundered disastrously. Iran has no intention of abandoning the development of nuclear weapons, and it will sacrifice the lives of all its citizens in an insane effort to destroy Israel. (Subscribe to Commentary here.)

Are you pessimistic? Well, there is nothing you can do about the Yellowstone caldera or a major earthquake, and there’s always the probability that suicidal Islamic lunatics and North Koreans will deploy nuclear weapons… but…not everything is horrible.

Hillary Links

Is this arrogant hypocrisy, or standard Clintonian deceit?

It will be interesting to see how Hillary deals with this. Of course “interesting” does not mean “satisfying”.

Hillary supporters will not watch this documentary. It makes clear that Hillary has long been appallingly dirty.

You know that Slick and Hillary have a foundation that is “non-profit” (which makes it largely tax-exempt). If you are willing to pay a newspaper to tell you what can be done with one of those things, read this. Ah, those clever Clintons, eh?

Hillary provides responses, but few answers. Will this jurist be able to get the truth out of her? No. Hillary will be only too delighted to be deposed, however.

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