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Month: June 2016

Number 433

Number 433 28 June 2016 The decade that has passed since the hysteria surrounding the completion of the Human Genome Project has shown us how little the genetic code tells us about any living organism, and even less about...

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Number 432

Number 413 22 June 2016 If wonder seems idle it is because we associate it with childhood, when we are sometimes lost, as Rilke said, in the “nowhere without no”, oblivious of what is going on around us. Hands UP!...

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Number 431

Number 431 14 June 2016 I do not know why, as the philosophers put it, there is something rather than nothing; why there is anything at all. … Anyone who feels that suns and stars and galaxies could have been spawned out...

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Number 430

Number 430 01 June 2016 When the system starts seeking goals that are out of line with individual values, the individual, who is usually trapped in the system, can either get hurt or survive by lying. What’s In The News?...

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