When the system starts seeking goals that are out of line with individual values, the individual, who is usually trapped in the system, can either get hurt or survive by lying.

What’s In The News?

This newsletter scans several different newspapers each day. They include a couple of local rags that are dying slowly; then there are both the New York and Los Angeles Times, as well as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and occasional other publications such asBloomberg Business Week.

If there is anything interesting that can be said about this collection of sources, it might be that they don’t seem to agree on what’s news. For instance, today’s front page reports in the LA Times include pieces on a threefold increase of murders in a predominantly African-American part of town, the impacts of special interest groups on local political campaigns, a Chinese railroad that has the Pakistanis upset, and the chemical that seems to have killed a musician. According to the New York paper, however, the fact that homeless people in the USA are getting older is very important (rating a huge photo at the top of the page), it’s vital to know that the USA is making some ten thousand Syrians wait to gain entry as immigrants, one of Trump’s business deals with Hong Kong looks fishy, “online agitators” in Russia are a pain in the neck; finally, a photo of the face of the gorilla that was shot in order to save a four-year-old human is considered newsworthy. ThenUSA Today is hugely upset by the “failure” of the US Veterans’ Administration’s “watchdog” agency, excited to note that ISIS is taking one hell of a beating in Fallujah, and appears lukewarm about the fact that Senator McConnell is telling Trump to “relax”.

Sure, newspapers have to be different, or the nation would be in huge trouble. Multiple voices are needed. Yet…

…aren’t some stories so important that virtually everybody should agree that they need covering?

That’s just a thought, mind you. Nobody here wants to tell the press what to do. In fact press diversity is an asset. However…when one looks at all the rubbish Eric Holder got away with while he was the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, a feeling arises that everybodyshould have publicized his sins and precipitated his indictment. The same goes for the folks at the BATFE and the FBI who should have gone to prison because they engineered the murders committed at Waco (and signaled their guilt by pushing the press way, way back from the crime scene).

Who better to defend human rights and justice than the professional press?

If you get the feeling that the press is scattered, distracted, vaguely unprincipled, and looking downright stupid at times, you just might be correct.

Well. Don’t skip the first Ordinary Link in this newsletter! It exposes another disgusting mess that the press has virtually ignored, even though its implications are seismic.

You are welcome.

Are You Sick Of This Yet?

Hillary presses on, first insisting that she and all her staff will talk to anyone (scroll down to the ninth paragraph of the linked article) in order to clear up those silly security issues, and then trying to stifle testimony. Of course that’s not a contradiction, as she sees it. The truth is, however, that Hillary and her people are fighting hysterically to avoid being pinned down about almost anything and everything. As key people run for cover, the stench of guilt hangs heavy in the air.

Well. The official reaction to Hillary’s conduct is unique, as this case clearly demonstrates.

This newsletter long ago predicted that Hillary would never be indicted for her multiple violations of security. There is no reason to alter that claim. She’s better connected than are the computers at the NSA.

Yet — the fact that Hillary enjoys de facto immunity does need careful examination. The current leadership of the Department of State and the Department Of Justice, having objected to following rational procedures, do need to be reprimanded and replaced. Hillary’s presidency will preclude those steps.

Addendum: It looks as if the GOP will have some serious ammunition it can use against Hillary. Well, well. Did you expect that?

Link Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Should the USA be wary of Germany’s industrial prowess in the digital world, or are the Germans just trying to keep up with the USA?

Ordinary Links

Here is a video that rates this newsletter’s highest possible recommendation. It’s about money, the US government, the health care establishment, and cancer. It exposes the ethical void into which many investors, industrialists, physicians, politicians, bureaucrats, and propagandists have plunged. The scandal shames the USA as a greedy entity that cannot possibly be characterized as inherently humane. It’s true that the USA’s health care is strongly influenced — in fact, controlled to an alarming degree — by insatiable individuals who insist that unfettered technological progress cannot be permitted. Those invisible figures ferociously oppose change from which they cannot profit, no matter how humanitarian the consequences of the new technology might be. — There is an update available.

Unexpected Izmir. The Tramp Abroad deserves thanks for tipping everyone off to this city.

An individual thinks for himself, and discovers the purpose of political correctness. Advisory: he’s not optimistic.

How do Obamites try to fend off the courts? They respond with lies, stubborn refusals to cooperate, the creation of legal tangles (like this, which is in support of Hillary) and disputes over everything that can possibly be tied in virtual knots. It’s a bag of dirty tricks that would please the most autocratic “leader”, and Obama knows he and his underlings can get away with it. Why can they? Because nobody, at this point in history, would support a move to impeach and remove the Rascal In Chief. The nation will simply have to put up with it until he’s gone. Then, of course, the next president…will be…very much like him…except probably worse….

Katie Couric is back, and she has not changed a bit. Quelle horreur….

Newt Gingrich says Hillary has lied about every significant fact regarding her private e-mail server. Yes, of course someone in Foggy Bottom should have detected that server in Hillary’s house and warned her she was in violation of the rules; as that never happened, Hillary can always claim she had reason to believe that what she was doing was either within the rules, or wrong but undetectable. Either way, there’s no excuse; neither ignorance of the law nor sluggish discovery of the crime confer any degree of immunity. Hillary knows that because she’s a lawyer — JD from Yale, 1973. She’s deceiving and lying in order to escape the consequences of her arrogant misbehavior. She’s not at all like you; she’s entitled….


When a rock-ribbed “right wing extremist” refutes the “Progressive” left, sparks are sure to fly. Reading this commentary could help you define your political posture more precisely.

Has The One Leader been a great president? According to the Wall Street Journal‘s columnist Gerald Seib, “By the middle of 2011, 67 percent said the country was off on the wrong track. By late 2013, that number had reached 78 percent. At the beginning of this year, 70 percent of Americans were dissatisfied with the state of the economy, up from 61 percent at the beginning of 2007, before crisis struck.” — No link, but if you use a good search engine and look for other reports of these statistics, you will see a number of similar reports on the discomfort of the nation.

Bill Nye The Science Guy is a braying ass. If you have any doubts at all about that, or about anthropogenic global warming as a result of carbon dioxide emissions, you should at the very least read the text at the link.

This reveals facts about the people who provide the USA with food made from chickens. Yes, the chicken is a disgusting bird; it is a dirty, smelly, noisy, and stupid creature. Still…what the video linked here reveals was supposed to remain secret, for reasons that will be obvious.

If these people are correct, genetically modified plants are bad for you, even if you don’t eat them. Ouch.

Here is more stuff only a few people are allowed to know about. It’s interesting, nonetheless (and no chickens were harmed).

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