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Month: July 2016

Number 437

Number 437 31 July 2016 …the will of the people can be said, albeit disingenuously, to be reflected in the action of those for whom they voted — “the people get the government they deserve” —...

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Number 436

Number 413 12 July 2016 Brilliant individuals are not only more valuable than legions of mediocrity; they are often more valuable than groups that include brilliant individuals. Iran The German intelligence agency tasked with...

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Number 435

Number 435 07 July 2016 …there is no moral, philosophical, or constitutional basis for the proposition that political majorities are “entitled” to rule simply because they are majorities. Will Hillary Withdraw?...

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Number 434

Number 434 05 July 2016 …if ever we are to attain a final theory in biology, we will surely, surely have to understand the commingling of self-organization and selection. We will have to see that we are the natural...

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