…if ever we are to attain a final theory in biology, we will surely, surely have to understand the commingling of self-organization and selection. We will have to see that we are the natural expressions of a deeper order. Ultimately we will discover in our creation myth that we are expected after all.

Money, Hillary, And The US Department Of State

The world has found out about Rajiv K. Fernando. That’s important. In fact, if you are a US voter who hopes to see Hillary back in the White House, you might be concerned that too many people are finding out altogether too much about Rajiv.

Use a good search engine to see what the internet knows about Rajiv: enter his name as a search term, and then add to it the words “hillary state department isab”.

Yes, this is how far Hillary will go to help those who help her. (“Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” -J. Unruh.)

Hillary partisans will have to find ways to dismiss the Fernando scandal as small beer, while Trump supporters will say it is yet more evidence that the next president of the USA really is dirty. Read one or two of the reports your internet search suggested, and ask yourself whether your personal ethics are going to influence your vote.

Security, Hillary, And The US Department Of State

It’s time to be reasonable about that e-mail server in the bathroom. Well, no, Hillary did not (as far as this newsletter knows) have her server in a bathroom in her house — it was the company she contracted with that was, shall one say, a bit unconventional in its location of hardware (source).

When she was confirmed as Secretary of State, Hillary had to have been given the security lecture. She had to have been told what was required of her as regards the privacy of all her communications. She had previously held no diplomatic post, so she was a newcomer and unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of genuine security. Her fame did not confer knowledge of the mundane how-tos of the diplomat’s everyday life. The Brahmans in Foggy Bottom would never have left her unaware of the essential issues.

Those obvious truths do tend to refute her whining that she was never told, that nobody ever said she could not have a non-State Department server of her very own, that nobody ever marked all the Secret stuff so it would be obvious that it should go nowhere near her server, and so on and on. A patriotically fastidious Secretary of State would be very protective of all e-mail, including notes from secretaries complaining about the broken air conditioning.

That server was an incredibly stupid idea. It is exactly the sort of goofy things the electorate can expect from President Hillary.

The attorney general of the USA says she will let the FBI decide whether Hillary should face criminal charges. That is window dressing. Of course the head federal prosecutor is embarrassed by her all-too-public chat with Slick Willy; it certainly does look bad. Who, after all, will insist that no unreported messages were passed? Slick was, of course, making sure he was remembered. Only a totally moronic female would have been unimpressed by a chat with the nation’s premier swordsman. Love him or loathe him, he is impressive.

This newsletter has said flatly that Hillary will never be charged, arraigned, or tried. That bears repeating.

Just how the allegedly incorruptible FBI will get the message remains a subject of speculation. Whence will the commandment proceed? Who would be willing to pass the word that indicting Hillary would be more than a simple career-ender?

The Clintons have a lot of money. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”, and in this case, “politics” means a lot more than TV and radio advertising. It means Byzantine connections.

This is being written before the revelation of Hillary’s fate by the authorities: this newsletter predicts that she will not be indicted.

Hillary’s Escape

This newsletter’s prediction was genuine; see Number 430, and scroll down to the headline, “Are You Sick Of This Yet?”

There are people in federal prisons whose oversights and errors were more trivial than Hillary’s; security is a very serious matter. Indeed, had she been an ordinary person — a colonel, say — she would certainly have been indicted, and very likely incarcerated. Yes, mistakes can be crimes, but — well, she’s Hillary, isn’t she? And that makes all the difference.

Consequences: the decision should have been made by a jury, not by police officials. When the office of the Attorney General of the USA refused to decide what to do, the FBI should have declined to play all the roles (investigative, prosecutorial, and judgmental). Its decision was a mistake, for the FBI’s reputation as incorruptible and apolitical has been tarnished. Of course Trump will insist that the system is rigged against the Little People, and present himself as a president who will eliminate the special privileges of the rich and politically connected.

A thoroughgoing cynic would say the Hillary defense will be attempted by suspects who were incompetent, willful, sloppy, heedless, and spoiled. When those people make mistakes that compromise national security, they can argue that equal justice demands they be excused, and that would stand the criminal justice system on its head. Why? Because the verifiable amount of damage done will then be the sole determinant of guilt and innocence, and that principle (“No harm, no foul”), which coddles incompetents, is pure insanity.

The Tramp Abroad Notes A Reaction To Brexit

Here’s a petition currently circulating to the EU Commission:

Letter to Council of the European Union European Commission

We are European citizens, but our country has voted to strip us of our citizenship.

Since 1993, British citizens have been European citizens, living under the laws and support of the European Union. For many of us, this EU citizenship is a birthright. Britain has just voted in a referendum to leave the EU, stripping all UK citizens of their EU citizenship.

Those of us who voted to Remain in the EU membership referendum are left without recourse, unable to retain our EU citizenship if we wish to stay a part of this great continental project, to travel and work together in a connected Europe. This is deeply unjust. We call on the European Union and the member states of the EU to offer a means for UK citizens to retain their European citizenship. This may take the form of a European Passport, or a fast-track to citizenship of a nation within the EU.

We are proud European citizens. We have supported and been supported by the EU for decades, and we fought to Remain in Europe. Please offer a way for us to stay.

Tom Gibson started this petition with a single signature, and now has 121,549 supporters.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Turkey is going downhill. Without tourism, the Turkish economy will dry up.

The Tale of The Bad Angel is astounding. Hollywood could not do better, so a fact-check website took a long look at the story.

Ordinary Links

This Link is valuable on three levels: first, it exposes some information about how gargantuan governmental surveillance of the general public is enhanced by Google. Second, it tells the concerned citizen to take that intrusive, harmless-appearing surveillance seriously. Third, it is useful to anyone who wants to get the most out of the Google search engine. You are welcome.

The Russians have claimed that Edward Snowden is today or possibly always has been one of their assets. No, you can’t believe that — just as you can’t believe anything that’s been said by or about Snowden. Only two facts in Snowden’s tale are certain: the USA has been hurt, and Russia has benefited.

This is heroism.

Here is a comprehensible introduction to the fundamental principles of astronomy that will be taught to future generations.

“Hottest year on record”, and other nonsense, debunked.

The criminal justice system of the US state of California is in need of reform. Watch this “I knew there was something wrong” video, and then move on to its second half.

Following this internet thread will lead you into the first phase of a genuine revolution in astronomy and geology that focuses on the sun’s role in the generation of temblors. True science is never fully settled; it is eternally contingent, and there are always previously undiscovered phenomena to explore. Here is an opportunity to watch as science is informed and updated by original thinkers.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Stuart Kauffman.