Brilliant individuals are not only more valuable than legions of mediocrity; they are often more valuable than groups that include brilliant individuals.


The German intelligence agency tasked with the protection of the nation’s constitution, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, reports that “…the Iranians have violated the letter of the deal via a clandestine effort to obtain ‘high-level’ nuclear technology without permission from the United Nations Security Council”. (The source used by this newsletter, Commentary, intends its report for subscribers only, but this newsletter’s overseas contributor, The Tramp Abroad, discovered that you can download the German intelligence agency’s report in English from here.) The Iranians are reported to be pestering German industries for advanced nuclear technology, and the Germans realize that is not permitted by the agreement The One Leader and the medal-tosser made with the mad mullahs.

Hillary, The Freedom Of Information Act, And Vladimir Putin

Do check to see whether the Wall Street Journal has put this commentary behind a pay wall. If it is not freely accessible, read this newsletter’s summary, which follows.

Hillary has a long history of hiding her documents from the access which is mandated by the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, as was revealed in a May, 2016 court case. Rather than use government channels of communication, Hillary prefers to resort to protocols that are “private” — even though the law requires a significant measure of transparency. She literally does not want her adoring public to know what she is doing, both as an ordinary citizen and as a public servant. For years, she has evaded public-disclosure laws as a matter of common practice.

As a direct result, her secrets are almost certainly in the hands of the Russian government. That assessment comes from the FBI, which is painfully aware of how vulnerable Hillary’s amateur server was. That means Putin can hammer Hillary at will. Whether he will depends on two circumstances: first, the nature of Hillary’s secrets, and second, whether Putin has any motive to manhandle Clinton or her country.

The Police And The New Cameras

Copwatch and related organizations

All rogue police officers know that someone might collect and preserve objective evidence of their illegal acts. Tiny video cameras are ideally suited to that task. The best ones provide for “Live streaming”, which means that even if the camera is destroyed, what it saw before it was shattered has already gone directly to the internet or to a server.

This technology delights citizens who want to defend the constitutional rights of the individual. Accordingly, “CopWatch” groups have come into existence. They monitor and record the behavior of the people who police their neighborhoods. The volunteer observers take frightful risks — dealing with angry cops can be dangerous — in order to remind everyone that in public, no one has a right to a legal expectation of privacy.

The bad cop’s instinctive response to the CopWatch effort is intimidation and the prohibition of photography as “interfering with the police”. Even making a video of a government building’s exterior has been (falsely) claimed to be illegal.

Immigration issues

The law states that that an immigration officer may ask questions of anyone as long as the officer does not restrain the freedom of an individual, not under arrest, to walk away. Detention for questioning requires the person to remain, but only briefly. In order to detain someone, the officer must have reasonable suspicion that an infraction is likely; initiating an arrest requires a greater level of suspicion. Obviously the interpretation of degrees of suspicion is fertile ground for angry disagreement.

That means that simply informing the public of the letter of the law is small beer. The only way to combat bad policing is to present courts with hard evidence — video — of officers’ malfeasance.


Obviously cops have a problem. New procedures and a lot of answers are required if the police are to adapt to the easy availability of incontrovertible evidence of exactly what happened and what was said. Of course no federal immigration supervisors, no local police chiefs, and no county sheriffs in the USA want to see their departments made infamous on the internet. As abrasive as it may appear, the CopWatch phenomenon is beneficial because ultimately, it militates against problems.

In unadmitted attempts to obsolete monitoring conducted by citizen groups, some police departments have made the video body camera a required part of the uniform. The device records everything the officer wearing it does and says. Those cameras would probably have prevented the two recent police killings (one in Minnesota, one in Louisiana) that supposedly touched off the Dallas assassinations.

Yes, there is a problem, and it’s not new

Here are some videos you might find informative: in your browser, enter “YouTube”, and then in YT’s search window type copwatch2016. Alternatives include police abuse of blacks, immigration checkpoint refusal, detained, and false arrest. Then spend a few minutes in an unfamiliar and scary universe that is just a short distance away.

By the way, the famous video of Rodney King being beaten by Los Angeles policemen was edited (by TV station KTLA), removing the out-of-focus opening of the unedited video that showed King literally charging the police. Too, it is often ignored — conveniently, this newsletter suggests — that King was not beaten badly enough to have to spend the night in the hospital.

The Murders In Dallas Were Terrible. Now Consider This

This was the headline at the top of the front page of the June 7, 2016 issue of USA TODAY:


Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

(The Tramp cautions that this video contains very impolite language.) A black mother has her say. Ed.: highest recommendation.

Do black lives matter to blacks? I have not cross-checked the figures found here, but I have a gut feeling that they are probably correct. Here are the five most important facts Milo pointed out:

1. It would take 40 years worth of blacks killed by cops to equal the number of black killed by other blacks in one year.

2. Less than 400 people a year are killed by cops, 61% of them are white. 32% are black.

3. Black males are 58% of those killed by justifiable self defense. 75% of those are by other blacks.

4. Blacks are 27% more likely to attack whites than vice versa; blacks are eight times more likely to attack Hispanics.

5. 90% of murdered blacks die at the hands of other blacks.

This video is very revealing. Even though it is from RT, the people (prisoners, Kurdish YPG fighters, even Syrian kids) in it come across as credible. The message is that Erdoğan, the top Turk, is to blame for the creation, or at least the growth, of ISIS. (For the fastidious: Thisappears to be the same version, while this is the shorter version.)

Turkish Airlines does it again. Next: if only they could qualify for an award because the Turks have the “Best Prime Minister in Europe”….

A Cold War relic is found and restored.

“If nominated, I will run; if elected, I will not serve….” — Do we have a semi-Shermanesque candidate running for POTUS?

The assembly language code that got the USA to the Earth’s moon is now available for public scrutiny.

Here’s information on the work of Nikola Tesla, inventor and futurist: first, a video, and then an article on the man’s life and work: Part Iand Part II.

Jim and Peri, who live near İzmir, have created a nice website for learning Turkish. It is, however, more than just a learning opportunity: there are lots of other interesting things to peruse, including many facets of Turkish culture and current events.

Votes for Bernie Sanders were deleted — whited out — in San Diego County, California. Documentation: Initial, Secondary, and Final.

Ordinary Links

Attorney General Lynch refuses to talk about Hillary’s misadventures (Surprise!!), and the Republicans turn purple. — Related: Hillary is sick of talking, too. So her lawyers want to prevent anyone from questioning her under oath.

Perhaps one can get the truth about how many people of what race are killed by the police in the USA…or is this a question sullied by ideologically-inspired fakery, just as anthropogenic global warming is? This newsletter requested a free e-mail copy of a report that appears to be authoritative and definitive. If you are interested in having a copy, see this web page.

This video tacitly endorses the scholarly work of Prof. Hamburger (his book is reviewed here) and proposes Congressional action that begins to correct the unconstitutional imbalance that currently prevails in the USA’s federal government. Highly recommended.

Global warming: hottest ever, proving that the Gore Cult is right. Well…maybe not. Have a look.

Be fair: listen to what the other side has to say. (“Househood” means household.)

Here are some interesting ruminations on the significance of cyberwarfare. Will NSA officials actually be indicted for having set the Stuxnet virus on Iran’s nuclear weapons shops? That’s just one of the possible ramifications that are already working themselves out, and it’s a trivial consequence of using computer code as a weapon. The linked video is highly recommended.

Reader RB recommends you ponder this disturbing article that appeared in The Daily Beast.

Newt and Van Jones discuss the bloodshed in Dallas. Recommended.

A New Black Panther plot to slaughter cops? It’s an old nightmare, and most people, including the Obama administration, have dismissed it as absurd.

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