Modern society… especially in America, tends to be fractured and in need of the liberty protected by law. It therefore is worrisome that administrative power consists of consolidated power outside and above the law. Far from clearly advancing the development of modern society, this sort of power appears to impede it.

When Hillary Says “Erase”, She Means It

If you look at the website maintained by the folks who sell “BleachBit“, you will understand why Hillary’s loyal servants used that product. It does not just erase email messages — it destroys them. Yes: that does mean Hillary knew she would be in deep trouble if those messages ever saw the light of day. Unfortunately the Russians very likely have them all….

Addendum: Three people are intimately familiar with the installation and maintenance of Hillary’s insecure and unsanctioned email server. Paul Pagliano set up the server in 2009. Today he flatly refuses to obey a congressional subpoena to testify in the matter; he won’t even show up. Two men who know a lot about the server have appeared after being subpoenaed, but both refused to say anything. They cited the fifth amendment to the US constitution. Pagliano could testify without risking prosecution, as he has been granted immunity. So — why in the world is he defying Congress? All three men are among Hillary’s apparatchiki, and they are True Believers of the first water. — For more information, see this,

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Cult Has Been Forced To Change Its Fabulous Narrative

The amazingly small amount (approximately 0.0012%) of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by human activity is still being blamed for a future catastrophe, of course. Cults do things like that; failed crops and illness were once blamed on witches.

It’s a fact that the climate is becoming colder; that’s due to a solar cycle. The natural expectations in cold times are more snow and ice, more destructive storms, and severe challenges to humanity.

Accordingly, the cultists are saying that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the cause of dangerous storms, heavier snowfalls, and static or even increased glaciation.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s a bit complex, and there are reasons for the cooling that have absolutely nothing to do with carbon dioxide, whatever its sources. The point, as far as the anthropogenic global warming cultists are concerned, is still simple: we humans are doing the wrong things, and we had better impose legal restrictions on ourselves, or there will be hell to pay.

This might be called a perfect prophesy. It begins with the fact that the future — a cluster of cyclical events that are far beyond mankind’s influence — is certain. That means the prophesy can’t possibly be wrong.

The problem with this hoax is that it’s a classic case of the false attribution of a cause. Of course villagers will die and crops will fail, but neither witches nor anthropogenic carbon dioxide can possibly cause those events to occur.

To understand the facts, watch this video. You will learn about cosmic rays, what an albedo is (no, it’s not a new Spanish sports car), and why there will be so darn much snow and cold. The clear explanation provides references.

The Democrat Party Should Tell Hillary To Go Away; Biden Could Beat Trump

Everybody likes Uncle Joe, even if he did manage to convince this newsletter that he was a hopeless alcoholic. (It was a surprise to realize that the sappy behavior was not caused by overindulgence.) Sure, Joe has other problems, and some folks just can’t get used to his ways, but this newsletter says that if the nation can put up with Slick Willy, it can easily cope with a very, very friendly guy who behaves, er,spontaneously.


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Here’s a reminder that freedom can always be abused by rascals: The New York Times won’t care about this, but you should.

Bias much?

Take a close look at the US left’s lockstep attitude toward gender politics.

Victor Davis Hanson on Trump — the money quote: “Apparently Trump represents something well beyond Trump per se. He appears to be a vessel of, rather than a catalyst for, popular furor at ‘elites’ — not so much the rich, but the media/political/academic/celebrity global establishment that derides the ethos of the middle class as backward and regressive, mostly as a means for enjoying their own apartheidstatus and sense of exalted moral self, without guilt over their generational influence and privilege.” Read it all here.

What’s “gaslighting”? It’s an interesting neologism.

A rational note on immigration.

What fun it is to make fun of the stupid people!

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Media duplicity? Same newspaper, same date, 1 September, 2016; same picture, but apparently with different headlines for different markets. Close followers of the WSJ responded immediately stating that the two different headlines were from two different issues printed at different times of the day. It was pointed out that in the upper right of the masthead there are a number of stars which indicate the edition in question (apparently, e.g., early morning, midday, afternoon, evening). So one headline apparently referred to Trump’s conference in Mexico with the Mexican president and the other headline referred to the speech that Trump made later the same day in Arizona.

The Second World War still threatens Germans today: in 2015, 1,908 bombs were deactivated in the state of North Rhein-Westphalia alone. Ralf Jäger, the Minister of the Interior, stated that thousands more unexploded devices remain undiscovered in the ground. At least once a week one hears on the radio that people from a certain neighborhood have to be “evacuated” for a couple hours while the bomb disposal team defuses a bomb or makes a “controlled explosion”. Here’s an instance from Berlin.

Hillary Clinton and election fraud? How could that be?

Even though it was not directly hit, the White House was also a scene of chaos on 9/11.

“Holy Sufferin’ Servers, Batman!”

It’s 9/11, and we are in the only plane in the sky — a fascinating account of what happened that fateful day.

“Social media” sites seem to be just as manipulative as any other media.

This is WJC’s and HRC’s plan for the Middle East — which also explains how to simultaneously fill the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. It’s interesting that this editorial was published in an Erdoğan-leaning Turkish newspaper.

Here’s an instance of that “special relationship” at work. The owner of this website/blog must have very good contacts within the object of his report.

The truth about Fethullah Gülen and his community (cemaat = jemaat).

Here’s another view on “celebrating” 9/11.

Is this verse of the US national anthem interpreted incorrectly here, or is it an antique but still powerful embarrassment?

Just how did Erdoğan get more popular than ever? Here’s a good article by a journalist with a keen eye.

Crazy sects in Turkey: Fethullah Gülen’s “cemaat” (community) is often referred to as being a sect. There are many sects in Turkey. The leader of one very well-known sect is Adnan Oktar, a.k.a. Harun Yahya (Aaron John). Here is a short documentary about his philosophy regarding women. This is also available at the same website. For more information about Adnan Oktar, see this, and his website .

The Turks are apparently starting to use a public relations agency to improve their image and explain to the world what happened on 15 July. To prove their point, and probably to help convince the US Government to turn over Mr. Fethullah Gülen, they are trying to convince the US public that it could happen in the USA, too.

While there are some interesting insights here on modern Turkey, the author has a few details mixed up.

What did you mean by that word? Maybe you need to consult a dictionary or find someone to consult. — Whoops! That word consult is already on this list!

Existential comic relief….

There are thousands of Turkish spies in Germany and Austria. This needs to be investigated further.

What is the hourly cost of operating a military aircraft? It’s probably much more than you would think.

WJC and HRC have a plan for the Middle East and how they can simultaneously fill the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, according to this interesting editorial that was published in an Erdoğan-leaning Turkish newspaper.

French-born guitar prodigy shreds the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. She is now seventeen, but was fifteen when thisvideo was recorded.

Here’s a quote from one of my good Muslim friends: “Being a good Muslim is not about praying five times a day or reading and memorizing the Quran; it is about being a good human being. If you are a good human being, then you are already heading in the right direction of being a good Muslim. A mullah can pray five times a day, but if he is an asshole or a fundamentalist, then praying does not mean he is a good Muslim. A man might pray five times a day, but if he is unkind to his family, then praying does not make him a good Muslim.” Now: if he could just become an imam, and spread the word….

Read this book, and your understanding of timing, navigation, distances and other geospatial concepts will definitely change. It is hard to put down. The author has written an engrossing volume on a very complex subject that he has rendered thoroughly understandable to a non-engineer or non-mathematician.

Figure this one out….

The editor of this newsletter asked whether this might be true. The answer is yes, and…it’s an incredibly stupid situation. Unless, of course, the German government knows that something is going to happen. The government’s views have been sharply criticized. See the reportshere, here, and here.

Here is a sample of the art of Mohammad Abbas, a Syrian painter, whose take on people is as interesting as his take on animals. The commentary is by Chirine Lahoud.

This bandit won’t tell us any secrets. Perhaps he has none….

Here’s an interview with the former head of the German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), which is like the NSA and CIA combined. If you live in Germany and use a mobile phone, you just have to accept that it will be tapped. Of course that begs an important question: are land lines less likely to be tapped?

Surviving in Auschwitz: the linked reports, which are mostly in German, are not for the faint hearted, but will interest historians. This is the long version; here is the shorter version. The Quazer website has the same shorter version, along with other interesting videos.

On the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death…I hereby present Damian Lewis as Antony in Julius Caesar. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

Ordinary Links

Zap! Well, that’s what anthropogenic global warming will get you….

Reader JW offers a glimpse of Thailand’s clouded future.

Yes: “Clinton’s health scare exposes what voters dislike most about her: The cavalier way in which she lies compulsively and reflexively.” That from Commentary, here.

Reader JW asks everyone to speculate on big data, Google, and the end of free will.

You did not get the full story on this shooting. Here it is.

This could prove disastrous for Hillary.

This documentary is, from the first, extraordinarily fascinating; do give it a chance. Set aside an hour and forty minutes.

This information is so anomalous that it will be ignored by the great majority of astronomers. If it were studied objectively, rather than explained away by resort to irrational guesswork, it would be very likely to advance science substantially.

Booksellers are making the most of the passionate debates provoked by the contest between Trump and HRC. Claims abound. For a quick look at the real lists, see this and this.

Should Snowden be pardoned?

This news item probably defines the struggle over voting rights as well as any brief report possibly can. It deserves your close attention if you are a US citizen.

If you are a US voter who is thoroughly fed up with the two major parties, disgusted by the two major candidates, and amazed that most voters are not thinking of replacing ballots with pitchforks and torches — you are ready for this.

A few organizations evaluate the ethics and effectiveness of charities; Charity Navigator is a well-informed and objective example. Just for fun, consider how those folks clarify their refusal to rate The Clinton Foundation. Actually, Billary dodged a bullet — because their influence-peddling gimmick arrogantly mocks the very concept of true charity.

Colin Powell and Hillary: he’s OK, but she’s a liar, according to Commentary.

Anthropogenic global warming is a faith-based myth that facts cannot touch. As an example of the futility of trying to counter faith with science, here are the approximate but studiously ignored dates for the coming cold period.

Reader JW suggests this appraisal of the situation in Thailand. It’s probably as accurate as any thumbnail sketch can be.

The role played by the sun in the earth’s weather is always ignored by “man-made climate change” alarmists.

Is capitalism morally legitimate? Collectivists would say no, but that response is not rational. The linked interview is a rapid-fire debunking.

Here’s more grist for your Hillary mill; this time, Colin Powell is involved.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Philip Hamburger.