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Month: October 2016

Number 445

Number 445 21 October 2016 To lose oneself completely in a spontaneous flood of music is one of the great human joys: one isn’t creating, but being created — in fact, one no longer exists. At the same time,...

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Number 444

Number 444 19 October 2016 The notion that FDR harbored fascist tendencies is vastly more controversial today than it was in the 1930’s, primarily because fascism has come to mean Nazism and Nazism means simply evil....

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Number 443

Number 443 18 October 2016 …on July 10, 2011, in Henderson, Nevada, …local police informed homeowner Anthony Mitchell that they wanted to occupy his home in order to gain a “tactical advantage” in dealing...

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Number 442

Number 442 17 October 2016 Whereas judges once heard independent actions against executive officers, they now are the final participants in an appeals process that oversees administrative agencies. The result is that...

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Number 441

Number 441 13 October 2016 Ever since al Qaeda was smashed in Afghanistan in late 2001, al Qaeda leaders found haven in Iran. This meant that the world’s preeminent Sunni terrorist organization had an operational base...

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