Ever since al Qaeda was smashed in Afghanistan in late 2001, al Qaeda leaders found haven in Iran. This meant that the world’s preeminent Sunni terrorist organization had an operational base within the world’s preeminent Shi’ite country.

Hillary The Insuperable

It’s obvious: watch this additional evidence that reveals Hillary yet again as a serial liar.

As bad as that is, what is even more disturbing is how Hillary’s labyrinthine connections and stifling hauteur have perverted the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There are rumors to the effect that a lot of FBI agents realize the integrity of their previously sacrosanct bureau has been besmirched by Director Comey.

When Attorney General Lynch avoided deciding whether to prosecute Hillary, Comey might have bravely defended his agency. He certainly should have told Lynch that prosecutorial decisions are utterly inappropriate for the FBI, and that he and his people would refuse to make them. When he did not take a principled stand, he gave credibility to the perception that Hillary is so well-connected that she can shrug off criminal charges.

Later, in testimony before a Congressional committee, Comey indicated that he believes Hillary never lied when she was questioned by the FBI. That astounding statement confirmed the FBI’s unfortunate abject submission to political power. (See this video again, and follow it with this.) First Lynch was victimized; then it was Comey’s turn. Hillary has tremendous clout. In many instances, she does not even have to make telephone calls.

Many in the US news media feel they have to be very careful with this story. That means reportage and commentary often ignore the implications of the facts. See this from the New York Times.

Here is a more objective report. A few newspapers appear to grasp the seismic impact of the facts, as this example demonstrates.

Dump Trump?

Donald Trump once delivered himself of some vulgar remarks, and now they are costing him dearly. As a direct consequence of his politically incorrect and adolescent boasting, his slim chance of surprising Hillary has disappeared.

Is that a fair assessment? Aren’t very serious issues at stake here? How can some antique, moronic and vulgar fantasies impact today’s disputes?

Of course Slick Willy’s arguably psychopathic (and genuine) adventures as a serial philanderer are infinitely more disgusting than anything Trump ever said — or would say today. That does not matter. The problem is much more serious than Trump’s partisans understand; in fact what is happening is almost — not quite — beyond the grasp of the Republican party’s canniest strategists.

Trump has been proved to have committed heresy: his sin long ago was to besmirch verbally the majesty of The Goddess. Such iconoclastic blasphemy is not to be tolerated. Sinful words once uttered are eternal, and there is no statute of limitations.

Consider, for example, the views of Jonah Goldberg. He is the author of a book you should read (review here), and when he speaks, all Republicans and many folks outside the party should listen carefully. His wisdom is truly seminal. In a recent column published in the Los Angeles Times, Goldberg insists Trump’s moral rot requires that he be abandoned. Some would argue that would mean conceding to Hillary, but that point is blunt: Trump will lose and would lose even if he had never uttered his heretical words, so his immediate withdrawl would matter not at all — unless, of course, the Republicans could replace him with a probable winner.

Indeed the proposal of a swap does invite stubborn speculation: perhaps the vice-presidential candidate could move up, and be replaced by a familiar face. That could convince the voters that the GOP takes feminism seriously.

Halt! Never mind such fantasies; selecting Trump’s replacement would be a bruising and humiliating demonstration of cynical machine politics. It could even destroy the vulnerable Republican party.

Goldberg: “The GOP took to Trump because of its failures, and failed all the more because it took to Trump.” Perfectly, precisely true. But…so, what?

So…imagine that the Republicans try to forget Trump, and at the same time resort to a loser’s desperate strategy: they plot to hamstring President Hillary on all issues. If that four-year struggle proved workable, the GOP would have defended the nation from Hillary’s blood-sucking pay-for-play “donors” to the Clinton Foundation, as well as from The Dragon Lady’s facile prevarications, documented ineptitude, and balmy tampering.

Republican sabotage would certainly be an ethical response to the machinations of a president who is obviously a conscienceless, cynically calculating sophist who lusts after money and power.

Ah, but again reality intrudes: of course the problems with this “Hillary is our target” intransigence are overwhelming. If that policy could be implemented — which is unlikely, given the overall weakness of the Republican party — it would provoke innumerable presidential vetoes. All movement toward desperately needed reform might well be halted. The nation cannot benefit from a bitter, wrathful, die-hard struggle between the president’s apologists and the rest of the nation.

Reconsider, therefore, the current imbroglio: first, was it ever the case that Trump might win? No. As this newsletter has noted, the “swing” voters do not perceive Trump as they perceived Ronald Reagan. Further, Trump has been a disappointing candidate. A more focused and experienced nominee would have devastated Hillary by now, for she and her baggage are vulnerable.

That missed opportunity means that now the Republicans do not have enough time to explain Hillary to the voters.

That’s bad news for the nation, because one can predict how Hillary will administer the executive branch; her record as Secretary of State is known, and her campaign statements are a mix of boilerplate and appalling Utopian designs. As Obama did, she is counting heavily on her utterly irrelevant genotype to recommend her.

Well. If you want to be served intelligently by a federal government you can trust, you could decide to wait for the Republican Party to heal. If you choose that patient but madding strategy, you can hope that either the Republicans will eventually force the Democrats to come up with a principled and qualified candidate for the nation’s highest executive office, or you can pray for the Republicans to meet your needs. Either way, you will have to wait at least four years.

Could the current disaster have been avoided? Yes, of course. And how might that have happened? Two still-unrealized possibilities once begged for popular support: first, the Tea Party might have won elections at local, state, and national levels, or a third party might have grown large enough to challenge the major parties.

Instead Obama flogged his plans. His notable achievements will include the neutering of the Republican party, and the sanctions-ending pact with Iran that gives that regime the ability to expand its terror network and build nuclear weapons.

Afterword: you might be interested to re-read the main Item in this newsletter’s Number 438, here.

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Here’s commentary that certainly should explain a lot of what the editor of this newsletter is so upset about!

It’s time for a little perspective.

“Oh, waiter! — Some ice, please.”

Hillary, the candid candidate, is as far from disingenuous as…well, that faux marble statue over there.

Some people simply do not understand what “Freedom of speech and press” really mean. Those idiots are dangerous.

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This is what my British friends have been telling me ever since the Brexit vote: The United Kingdom will have to deal with twenty-sevencountries, large and small, who are pissed off. And the smallest ones (Malta, Luxembourg, Estonia) wield as much voting power as the bigger ones (Germany, France, Italy, Spain).

Germany: a suspected terrorist in police custody evidently hanged himself…or not…. Whatever happened, the incident betrays at the very least a total loss of control in a Leipzig jail. Germans are wondering just what the police did…or possibly did not do. The story so far. There is more here, and in this article.

Ordinary Links

ISIS has a plan, and it’s not to be taken lightly. It could easily affect Europe and the USA.

Revisionist history can be fascinating, and this lecture is particularly credible. Recommended.

How do you think Hillary would react to this, and do you believe Trump would agree with her?

Compare Trump’s vulgar boasts, recalled from over ten years ago, with Slick Willy’s slimy misbehavior — which Hillary blamed on “the bimbo explosion”. (There is no link here, because the recent revelations are all over the news media….)

This is what the governing elite thinks of the US public.

The mess in Washington is one natural result of carelessness and fatigue. It’s no wonder: many previously eager Obamites are, like Loretta Lynch, exhausted and dispirited. Too, the prospects for principled governance under Hillary are not good, and even some doctrinaire Democrats must sense that. This mess, for example, should surprise no one. Then: just when genuine change is needed most, the Republican Party let the nation down. The USA is accordingly about to find itself led by the least imaginative and most corrupt team that is available. Hang on, everyone; this will be a nauseating ride.

Authoritarian collectivists always want to watch the public closely, gathering information that will allow them to identify and track deviants. Whether that activity is constitutional in the USA is always a matter of heated dispute — but what are you going to say to a governmental operative who wants to photograph or otherwise record your car’s license plate? And what could that activity have to do with the second amendment to the constitution? That those questions can be asked means there will be some additional disputes over the definition and practice of proper policing.

A Nazi hunting other Nazis for Israel? There is not much detail here, but the full story would make an interesting book.

Which is worse for a candidate: (a) attacking an opponent for saying something astoundingly stupid eleven years ago, or (b) knowingly andprovably lying about a rival?

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Michael Flynn and Michael Ledeen.