Whereas judges once heard independent actions against executive officers, they now are the final participants in an appeals process that oversees administrative agencies. The result is that administrators feel liberated from the constraints of law, and judges feel bound to make the administrative system work.

Hillary Suffers From Parkinson’s Disease

A careful look at the public record indicates that Hillary is afflicted and hindered by Parkinson’s disease (PD). Before you accept or reject that claim, do see these videos: One, Two, and Three.

This newsletter noticed one of the indicators of PD and mentioned what it erroneously called her strabismus (definition of the term) in Number 438 (here).

Intellectual impairment caused by PD varies greatly, but there is no valid reason why a person who suffers from the disease should be acceptable to the electorate, especially as president of the nation. PD increasingly and unevenly degrades the functions of the brain; that heightens the probability that a US president suffering from the disease would become incrementally dependent on influential unelected figures.

History suggests strongly that Hillary’s disability will continue to be meticulously hidden from view and publicly trivialized. The cases of F. D. Roosevelt and J. F. Kennedy are particularly enlightening: every effort was made to prevent the public from realizing that FDR could not walk, and Kennedy’s excruciating pain was treated as none of the public’s business. Because their physical impairments did not impinge on their decision-making, the considerable secrecy surrounding their incapacities was inconsequential.

Hillary’s case is different from those examples of presidential disability. She will suffer increasing intellectual impairment as the disease advances.

For information on how PD affects mental capability, see this. (NB: There is another video in the next Item; it is even more significant than the four videos suggested so far.)

The intensely important thing about Hillary’s case is why the press has decided not to report it. A layman can see that Hillary has a health problem. Instead of consulting with physicians and reporting honestly, the press has deliberately hidden the facts. Collusion with Hillary’s campaign can only fuel claims that the press is a monolithic partisan player in US politics.

Footnote: The New York Times Magazine of October 16, 2016, devoted two articles to Hillary. In neither was there any mention of the alarming incidents and symptoms that reveal her PD. She was, however, described in one article as having a brief and unimportant coughing episode that distressed everyone in her entourage.

The Implications Of Hillary’s Health: The Government And The Media

Though Hillary and Obama have been and still are rivals, overall their programs are parallel. Obama feels that his incomplete revolution must carry on, so he intends to create a very important role for himself as a chief adviser to Hillary’s True Believers after Hillary retires.

Then there is Attorney General Lynch, who acted as she did because she knows Obama is not retiring from the fray, and that her future role in it can be seminal. The understanding she reached with FBI Director Comey was grossly unethical, and both parties to the pact know the consequences they would face if the collusion could be proved in a court. The Department of Justice was, in other words, profoundly compromised by the scheme. It acted as part of a long-range policy that aims to push the GOP off a cliff and scatter the never-say-die Individualists. That strategy begins with an extraordinarily improper attempt to shelter Hillary from prosecution.

Meanwhile, overweening pride in the wisdom of reporters and editors has corrupted journalism; the media’s view of themselves as instruments of a partisan mission erodes their objectivity. The only exception, Fox News, has little clout compared to its competition. Collectivists are willing to put up with Fox because they want to be able to say that freedom of the press is still granted to lunatics. Of course the ruling elite knows to dismiss Fox with a wave of the hand.

Accordingly, the major media are often silent when they might report news that is unfavorable to Hillary. On rare occasions, they are exposed as secretly complicit with her campaign, as this video clearly demonstrates.

Some observers will insist that current media bias, self-censorship, and corruption hint at the impending birth of a one-party state. Facilitated by slogans that exploit race and gender — propaganda rooted in fascistic political correctness — a monolithic state could easily be more repressive than even its creators can imagine.

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“… this election is packed with nothing but liars, which makes it all that more painful for us voters. [The] two candidates are both bald-faced, bold-faced liars who have been lying to the American public for decades.” … “Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson [said] that choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between a heart attack and cancer. Problem is, no matter who wins, we’re the ones who’ll be sickened to death …” (Source.)

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