…on July 10, 2011, in Henderson, Nevada, …local police informed homeowner Anthony Mitchell that they wanted to occupy his home in order to gain a “tactical advantage” in dealing with a domestic abuse in an adjacent home. Mitchell refused the request….the police broke down Mitchell’s front door using a battering ram. Five officers pointed weapons at him, ordering him to the ground, where they shot him with pepper-ball projectiles.

Hillary’s Hoodlums

Thanks go to The Desert Rat’s website, Headline of the Day, for alerting this newsletter to a report of what some of Hillary’s operatives are doing. Call up this web page and follow the story….

It is obvious that the US news media overwhelmingly support Hillary’s campaign. Over the years, scholars will probably try to gather and interpret the data left by all the news broadcasts, internet pages, editorial opinions, columnists’ remarks, “social media” artifacts, magazine articles…in short, everything that can be ascribed to what is often simply referred to as the media. It might even be noted by some researchers that the media was a term that expressed the misapprehension of the public that all of those distinctly different ways of communicating were somehow a single thing: media is often misunderstood in the USA to be a (shudder) singular noun.

Of course what matters here is the willingness — no, the eagerness — of the Clinton campaign to go to any lengths necessary to see Hillary’s coronation come to pass.

To some US citizens of advanced age, that might seem a nearly trivial desire. This newsletter suggests that there was a time when the head of the executive branch of the government was not as overwhelmingly important as he is today. When Truman defeated Dewey, the feeling of the losing side was that a good man had been defeated by a vulgarian, and when Stevenson was defeated by Eisenhower, some wondered why such an articulate and dignified gentleman was bypassed for a soldier who had done his job well enough to win, sort of (remember Berlin, and ramifications of not taking it). The citizens often just shrugged off their losses, and carried on with a rancor-free everyday life, while the winning side did not celebrate by symbolically spitting on the losers. Those were simpler times, even though ideology was creeping in around the edges of the political contest.

Before that era, Wilson’s administration was seismically significant. Yes, before that there were very serious arguments over the coinage and various reforms, but Wilson set them all aside when he forced the US into a twentieth century that few could possibly have expected. Wilsonian governance was a new environment, and it took many who lived in it a half century or more to realize that. In fact many citizens today do not understand just how fundamentally alien Wilsonian fascism was, and how persistent it would be. Those who wish to discover the significance of Wilson’s presidency should read Jonah Goldberg’s excellent Liberal Fascism.

Today the questions that linger over the US presidency begin with the assassination of John Kennedy. Did Johnson do it, or was it the Mafia? Who really ran Oswald? Was J. Edgar Hoover really a transvestite homosexual?

With those speculative queries comes a mesmerizing fear of conspiracies. 2016 is a year that brims with them; most are unadulterated rubbish. What matters today is not the things that just go Bump! in the night. The real conspiracies to fear are these:

First, collusion between the news media and a political party or candidate. If one cannot trust the newspapers and TV networks, whom can one trust?

Second, the political coalitions that can swamp parties and run campaigns do in fact mock and distort the processes of governance. Technically adroit rascals can rig elections, negating democracy by rendering vote counts inaccurate.

The tragic fact is that Hillary’s unethical effort to get back into the White House — and bring her dissolute husband with her — is an affront to the electoral process. It was obvious years ago that she is utterly shameless. What decent woman, after all, tolerates a husband like Slick Willy?

Worse, it is possible that her campaign’s ethics have sunk to the lowest level in US history.

That is the nation’s burden, for she can’t lose. Even Trey Gowdy has failed to bring her to heel. So…what the USA needs now is a colossal dose of heaven-sent Good Luck….

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The email wars continue, while many in the FBI are outraged by Comey’s bizarre reasoning. That and more is on view here.

The Desert Rat reminds everyone that “climate change” (previously called anthropogenic global warming) is, according to Hillary’s chief strategist John Podesta, a political issue that has no link to science. That is because the crucial ethos of Hillary’s campaign is defined by her staff’s attempts to determine how to use issues of all kinds as means to an end. If it cannot be shown that advocating Position B on Issue Number Four will not produce a measurable political advantage, then another position must be selected and flogged. Science, ethics, facts, and reason are all secondary or trivial. The only proper focus is on how the Hillary campaign can package, manipulate, and duck all manner of problems, quandaries, disputes, and differences so that the voters will be impressed by Hillary’s sagacity. That policy, in this newsletter’s opinion, is sophistry of the lowest order. See this web page for a discussion of an outrageously cynical document.

Finally, relax with this: it’s a rabid anti-Hillary rant that might even include some facts. Its purpose here is simply to entertain you, no matter what your feelings about Hillary are — so by all means laugh at it or thrill to it. Just put your feet up and let the video inspire some colorful fantasies.

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