The notion that FDR harbored fascist tendencies is vastly more controversial today than it was in the 1930’s, primarily because fascism has come to mean Nazism and Nazism means simply evil. Saying, for example, that FDR had a Hitlerite fiscal policy was not only regularly discussed; it was often cited as evidence in Roosevelt’s favor.

A Word On The USA’s Politically Correct News Media

The picture published under the headline of an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times is an unflattering view of Donald Trump — but it’s the content of the text that hits hardest. The author is one Max Boot, who is described as a “senior fellow” at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former foreign policy adviser to John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Marco Rubio.

The headline: “Nazi echoes in Trump’s tweets”.

Yes, you read that correctly. To what Nazi echoes is Boot referring?

The list begins with (1) the Reichstag fire that Hitler used to destroy his opposition, continues with (2) comparisons of Trump’s anti-illegal immigration posture to Hitler’s attempt to exterminate Jews (Boot does not mention Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles and many other groups), and concludes with (3) the claim that sending Hillary to jail for security breaches and lying under oath would be very much the same as Hitler’s imprisonment of his political enemies.

Well. Hillary broke the law, and that law was supposed to apply to everyone — so Boot’s comparisons between Hitler and Trump are, from the first, fundamentally flawed. Moreover, Trump has never implied that Hillary should be tossed into jail summarily; rather he wants to see her investigated objectively, indicted properly, and tried by a jury of her peers. That does not describe stereotypical Nazi practice.

It gets worse. Boot claims that “What Trump is doing is dangerous. He is creating his own version of the ‘stabbed in the back’ myth propagandized by German rightists after World War I.”

(Recall, please, that when World War I ended, not a single Allied solder, sailor, or airman stood on German soil — POWs excepted, of course. That fact made it much easier to sell Hitler’s lie about a knife the in back.)

Further, understand that Hitler was not on the political right — he was a National Socialist. His politics and tactics were infinitely closer to Stalin’s than they are to those of today’s US conservatives. Like a good US Democrat of 2016, Hitler wanted to use the government to “improve” society. He was a collectivist-statist authoritarian first, and a socialist second. He rejected the economic theories and ethics of the political right because they promoted too much individual Liberty.

Finally, and most regrettably, Boot’s poisonous prose gets to the heart of the matter: the Nazis, he writes, claimed that Germany “…had been betrayed by Jews and Marxists on the home front. Trump is assigning blame for his potential defeat to a shadowy cabal that includes such groups as international bankers and ethnic minorities”.

The reader is left to supply the words that Boot cannot quite bring himself to put on paper. Yes, according to Boot, Trump is similar to Hitler in a very scary way, for today’s GOP candidate is using code words to express Jew-hatred. Trump can be understood (by the politically sophisticated) as obliquely reminding his hate-drenched followers that Jews are clannish, genetically degenerate and secretive villains who have plotted to cause the nation’s problems.

The folks at Commentary might wonder why Boot is so confident that his comic-book simile is viable.

And the upshot of the vile ideas that Boot has dressed up in precise, deniable terms? You should be forgiven for concluding that Boot is guilty of hyperbole at least, and libel at worst.

Fact: there is evidence of collusion between the Hillary campaign and many, possibly all, of the major US news media. You recall that some of that evidence was provided in Number 443 of this newsletter.

Further, Boot has wasted his time (and taken a chance of being called out as a crackpot) by delivering himself of his carefully-parsed screed. He need not savage Trump as a Jew-hater, Nazi clone, racist, or would-be dictator…. And why, exactly, is that? Because from the first, this newsletter has correctly pointed out that Trump never had any hope of winning. The flaw of his campaign was fundamental and insuperable: he could not possibly attract as many Democrats — “swing voters” — as Ronald Reagan did.

Eventually some observers might realize that one truth to be abstracted from Trump’s candidacy is that the majority of the news media and the Clintonistas have always been glib partners. That should tell the thoughtful voter something immensely important.

What, then, of the future? Well, never mind attempts to compare any contemporary political figures to Hitler, or Tammerlane, or Sergeant Preston of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And while you are at it, Mr. Boot, grow up: stop implying that political figures you do not like are crafting diabolically coded hints suggesting that Jews are really the problem. No sane person believes that rubbish.


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